Touch pad not working in Windows 10 [Fix]

Touch pad not working in Windows 10 [Fix]

When you install Windows 10 the first problem you see will be no touch pad or mouse pointer (that

was the case on my friend's acer laptop) first i checked whether actually touchpad was there

(by following the step to install the windows 10 manually, the mouse pointer appeared there,but not

when i booted into Windows 10 desktop). I fixed by following the most common steps i will do

when such error happens, Which i like to share in this post, So if your touchpad was not working

then follow the steps in the below post.

Requirements... :

You don't need additional third party softwares,but you need internet connection to download driver from internet.

How to do it ..

Just follow the steps.

Use Tab keys to move between options,and enter to select.

1) Press Windows + I Keys.

2) select  Devices

3) Select Mouse and Touchpad settings on the left pane

4) Now,on your right pane, you will find the option Addtional mouse settings, click on it.

5) It will Open Mouse Properties, click on the Device settings.

6) Makesure, the device was enabled if it was disabled,then

select the device and click on Enable.

7) Select Apply,

now your mouse pointer will appear, Click OK and Close the window.

Update device software..

1) Open device manager.

[ Press Windows + R Key,Which takes us to run Command.

Type devmgmt.msc Which Will take You to device manager.]

2) Click on the name of your device( You can expand the mice controllers and other 

pointing devices)  right click,select Update driver software.


3) Connect your PC to internet and select Search automatically for updated device software 

4) wait for some time it will update the latest driver software.

5) Restart your PC.

That's it..

I hope it is helpful.

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