Windows Apps folder missing in Windows 10,Where is it located? [Solved]

Windows 10 apps has certain improvements in their User interface,we had already noted some

changes in their UI especially in the UAC( though it is actually not an app),Calculator and Some

other apps.But the real question is where it is located? While they are located in system folder in

earlier version of Windows's such case is replaced in modern version of Windows Operating

System.Lot of people seems to ask where the windows 10 apps are actually located. So in this post

i'm gonna show how you can find the windows 10 apps folder location.

So,where it is ??

The reason behind,we are not able to find the windows 10 apps folder location is,simple it was

hidden by default.

1) First,we need to un hide it.

Visit this location C:\Programfiles

2) Click on the view tab.

3) Expand it

4) It will drop down menu with some options,on that here will be a option called Hidden items.

5) Check the box(Hidden items)..

6) Now,also click on the Options

7) It will open Folder Options window,on that,click on the  View tab

8) Scroll down and Make sure,

Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended) box is unchecked.

If,it was checked,then uncheck the box,

9) Click on Apply

10 ) Click on OK.

Now,scroll down on the program files,you can find the WindowsApps folder below to your Windows

Sidebar folder

Alternatively,you can find the location by executing the following command on the powershell

1) Open any Windows App,for example : Calculator

2) Launch powershell

Type the following command

get-process calculator | dir

3) Hit enter..

it will display the location and where it loads from..

That's it.