July 2015

Replace Command prompt (cmd ) with Powershell in Windows 10 [Guide]

Replace Cmd(Command Prompt) with Powershell that's what we're gonna see in this guide.

But, before we replace cmd with powershell in Windows 10, i guess it would be good if i say why we have to replace this or What is first Powershell means..

Here, we go.. Answer to What is Powershell in Windows 10 ?

Powershell is one of the best tool we can use to reprogram our windows System. It 

is nothing but the script like environment used in Windows system instead of regular Cmds(Command Prompts). We Can Use Powershell for editing the scripts of 
Windows Files,Registry Files and Lot More.... 

One main advantage of powershell is ,it is very different from Window's basic Command prompt,We can achieve some tasks Which are not even to possible to run using CMD by using powershell.

Which was introduced in the Windows XP era, It became popular in Windows 8 Period 
as they are served inbuilt in Windows PC's.Of course, Powershell is particularly useful for Programmers and IT Professionals as it supports both Linux commands and Windows commands. So, if you know Linux then you can use your default commands like man, rm etc commands using Powershell.

How to replace cmd with powershell ??

Below are the steps to Replace Command prompt With Powershell in Windows 10.

Just Follow the following Steps ... 

Step 1: Right Click on TaskBar

Step 2: Select Properties.

Step 3: Go to Navigation Tab in taskbar and Startmenu Properties.

Step 4: Check on Replace Command Prompt With Windows Powershell in the 

Menu When i Right Click the Lower-left Corner or Press Windows +x Key.

Step 5: Click OK 

Step 6: Click Apply to Save Changes.

Step 7: Thats all Your Command Prompt Was Successfully Replaced with Powershell.

That's it...

If you want to replace powershell with CMD then do the same steps vice versa.

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How to find your system specs in Windows 10

Speed up Windows 10 laptop and PC running x64bit and 32 bit OS [How to guide]

Speed up Windows 10 running x64 bit and 32 bit (x86) both laptop and desktop PC - how to ? that's what we're gonna see in this post. Windows 10 is the most advance version and latest Version from Microsoft is well known fact. But unfortunately as it was power and resource hungry it will cause our PC to work slower than expected particularly if you had migrated from Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can see the difference very well. So, first let's see how to speed up windows start up or booting process. As per my analyse your system is booting slow,  because of some start-up apps that gets configured automatically to start when our PC Starts.

If your booting speed of Windows is slow,then you can speed up it by disabling Start up apps.

Disable Start up apps in Windows 10 using Task Manager :

Step 1: Right Click on Taskbar.

Step 2: Click on Startup.

Step 3: Click on the App and Select disable.

Step 4: Disable All Apps, For Faster Boot

Step 5: Enjoy...

2) Update Your PC

Windows has lot of bugs ever since it was released till now 1903 & 1909. Microsoft keeps on fixing those bugs through Windows update. So, run Windows update periodically if you have good bandwidth. 

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3) Disable unused services :

Sometimes, disabling startup programs won't help much like disabling startup services so disable them for better and faster PC experience.

[See: How to disable unused and unncessary services]

4) Upgrade your PC

Windows 10 Needs the Proper System Configuration like atleast 4GB RAM if you are running 64bit OS. Poor system configuration might cause your system to boot slower and run slower..

If your system configuration doesn't meet up with the recommended configuration to run windows 10,then go back to previous version of windows or upgrade your PC.

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Find System specs or configuration in Windows 10 [Any Version] [Howto guide]

How to find system configuration in Windows 10?

                 This is the question my friend who bought a new Laptop asked me. I was little bit surprised when he asked me, that strange question "Dude how can i check system configuration in Windows 10?" Even though i don't know the exact reason why he asked that question i guessed he seems to have asked just to confirm whether the Specs that the shopkeeper said matches with the one that was on his system or not. though at first, he said he just asked me to know about this, he later agreed that he asked me only for the above reason.

I asked him to google it or bing it. But he can't find the exact result that added much surprise to me. Then i realized the reason for that was windows 10 being new OS and there are very less tutorials available on the internet which directly says, the point without confusing users. Hence i decided to write this separate post on how to find system specs in Windows 10 which will work for any build version. So, keep reading if you are on similar kind of issue.

Do you need any Software to find System configuration in Windows 10 ?

No, that might be the answer from me. Because we can find the System info our PC without any software in easy steps without any utility.

There are many ways, i had sorted as best as I could for beginner's to understand. 

Just Follow the Steps Below...

Method 1: Using Run command to find System configuration.

Step 1: Open Run Command By Pressing Windows Key + R Key.

Step 2: Type "msinfo32" on it.

Find System Configuration in Windows 10 [Any Version] [Howto guide]

Step 3: Press Enter/Click OK.

You Will Get Your System Configuration.

Method 2: Using Control Panel

Step 1: Goto Control Panel.

[Click to See : How to Open control Panel]

Step 2: Click on  System.

Step 3: You Will Get Your System Configuration.

Method 3 : 

Step1: Right Click on This PC.

[ Click to See: How to Make Windows display This PC icon on desktop]

Step 2: Click on Properties.

Step 3: You Will Get Your System Configuration.
Find System Configuration in Windows 10 [Any Version] [Howto guide]

The Above are the easiest methods using which,we Can find  System Configuration of Our 


                                                      "Hope it is helpful"

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Steps to Reserve Windows 10

How to reserve Windows 10? that's what we're going to see in this post. Microsoft announced,Windows 10 will be free for those people,Who Use genuine Version of 
Windows.They can reserve the free Windows 10. So here is an article which describes 
steps to reserve the free upgrade.

Requirements for Reserving Windows 10 Or installing Windows 10 are...

The System's which supports Windows 8 and its later edition 8.1 Will Completely Support 
Windows 10,reads a statement issued by Microsoft.So If you don't Know how to reserve 
Windows 10 then continue reading this article,first check the requirements to Check whether Your PC will Work fine,when you install Windows 10.

The Following Are the Requirements...

System Hardware Requirements for Windows 10:

The system with following configuration will be compatible for Windows 10

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.

RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

Free hard disk space: 16 GB.

Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver.

A Microsoft account and Internet access(not Mandatory).

If your system meets the threshold, then

Follow the steps below to Reserve Your Copy Of Windows 10. 


  • You Can reserve Your Copy Using Get Windows 10 App.

  • The Get Windows 10 App Will Be Located On the taskbar of Windows...
  • Click on the Small Windows Button Located On the Taskbar.
  • When you Click you Will Receive the Message as shown in the following picture
"Reserve Free upgrade"

  • Click on "Reserve Free upgrade" 
  • Enter Your Email Id and Confirm It..
  • That's all, you Will Be Upgraded When Windows 10 is available in your country.

Comment Regarding Any Issues...

Download Windows 10 iso file from Microsoft for free - How to guide [Updated]

How to Download Windows 10 iso latest version directly from Official Microsoft site? asked my friend who is new to PC world especially Windows World. But as per his interaction i found, he knows to download chrome, firefox, etc browsers and other download managers to save the iso file that was about to be downloaded. A Kind of guy who knows what he is doing! Anyway, that doesn't matter.. So, here in this post, i like to share the ways to download Windows 10 iso file for free. So, all you need to do is, just click on the link mentioned and wait for few minutes. As its a direct download link of Windows 10 iso, you no need to waste your precious time by downloading media creation tools.

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But before that, let's see..

What is Windows 10 and how it is different from other Windows editions ?

Windows 10 is an Operating System developed by Microsoft which will hit the floors on coming July 29,2015. Microsoft already Said that,this Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows,and it Will Only Sends Updates to the User instead of developing another version. This is not a newly designed Masterpiece just redesigned version of Windows Vista and its successors like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. 

So, basically if you had used Windows in the past, you will have a whole different experience in terms of UI. 

Lets See about new features that will feature in this brand Windows 10...

What's new in Windows 10 ?

A New Brand Start Menu - Taken from Windows 7.

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  • Starts 10 times Faster Than Other Windows Editions.
  • Has the Best Security, than other Windows editions. 
  • The Brand New Microsoft Edge , which might Replace Popular Internet Explorer[IE]
  • All in One Cortana( Next Generation Ready).
  • Best Multi Tabs - You Can Snap 4 Apps all at once
  • Best Virtual Desktop
  • Brand New Windows Store.
  • Pin not only Apps,But Also Playlists,Tools,etc...
  • A step forward to Artificial Intelligence - Your device Can respond What You instruct 
  • And The Xbox -For Those Who Loves gaming..

and the list goes on and on..

So, here we go...

Download links of Windows 10 latest Offline iso files:

This links are updated when i updated this post, the links will be working until Microsoft updates the iso file with a brand new version. So, use it as fast as you can else we need to download windows 10 using media creation tool or using the method mentioned here

Download Windows 10 version, 20H2 iso October 2020 update (x86 32Bit)
Download Windows 10 version, 20H2 iso October 2020 update (x64 bit)

[Also see : How to find whether my device will support 64 bit version of Windows ]

Hash :

English 64-bit6C6856405DBC7674EDA21BC5F7094F5A18AF5C9BACC67ED111E8F53F02E7D13D
English 32-bit414E227D8A51EAF657B494778838A76B1DC0674EBF946B1827DDF93C225F4E70

Want Installation help or to know how to install Windows 10, check out this video on Youtube 

After installing Windows 10, you might be surprised to see desktop icons being not there.. See this post on how to enable desktop icons in Windows 10, you won't be disappointed..:)