How to Open Powershell normally and through CMD in Windows 10 ✌[Guide]

How to Open Powershell normally and through CMD in Windows 10 ✌[Guide]

Powershell is one of the most strongest tool to go for, when you wish to do something that will
change your Operating System completely. There are lot of commands available inside the

PowerShell which makes it the strongest tool,also it provides an user like us an easy way to code or
develop as the commands are predefined,we don't need to remember those command things (cmdlets)
as there are lot of things inside it,making it hard to remember,but we can get those all stuffs by
running a simple get-alias command.

The beautiful part of Powershell is anyone can use it, which means the commands we do in Linux and

Unix,Command prompt of Windows will work perfectly fine in this Powershell.

Difference between PowerShell and Powershell ISE

Probably when we are asked to open Powershell for the very first time,we will be little bit confused,

because there will be two powershell in our System Powershell and PowerShell ISE.

There is not much difference in it,Powershell is used to run cmdlets directly, for example : we can

use the command "get-help" directly and it will display the result immediately., but when it comes to

make some script then its difficult to create on Powershell when compared to PowerShell(ISE)

because ISE version is simply used to make Scripts, there will be options to save that scripts,execute

after sometime and so on in ISE version,but in normal Powershell we can't save the script.without

using some editors like Notepad.

To be concluded, Powershell is like Command Prompt (cmd) where we can execute commands.

Powershell(ISE) is a tool that is used to develop Command Prompt like tools(Developer/scripting


How to launch Powershell ?

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Powershell

3) Click on it.

Remember,you need to run PowerShell as Administrator for most of the process to work.

to run Powershell as admin,simply right click on the powershell and select Run As Administrator.

You,can also launch powershell using cmd.

How to run Powershell through CMD

1) Open cmd

2) type Powershell

3) Hit enter.

it will automatically change your normal command prompt to Powershell environment,there itself.

That's it..