How to enable touch events in Microsoft Edge [Tutorial]

Touch events are the One that triggers when an event occures,which means when an application

needs to responds to touch,then there must be the touch events coded inside the Application.

Every application that we use in the touch screen will have touch events code enabled in it,which is

responsible for everything that happens/receives in the form of touch..

As said,Microsoft Edge too has this option "Touch events" but they are turned off by default in most

of the PC's we use now.So in this tutorial,let's see how to enable Touch events in Microsoft Edge.

Just follow the below steps..

1) Launch Microsoft edge.

you can do this by pressing windows key-> Typing Edge -> Select the top most result " Microsoft Edge".

2) The Edge browser will Open,then on the address bar( where we type the URLs like www,,,,type the following line


3) Hit enter

4) Wait a second,edge will load and will displays some options..

Scroll down to Experimental features,

then to Touch ( Which will be under that experimental features)

There will be an option called "Enable touch events",and below that there will be an box,with some

text,click on it and select Always ON (or) Only When a touch screen is detected

How to enable touch events in Microsoft Edge [Tutorial]

5) Close the browser and reopen it ( Restart your browser)

Now,you can see it responding to touch..

That's it..✌