July 2017

Kaspersky launches its free antivirus "Kaspersky free Antivirus" Worldwide, here is When you can actually get it..!

Kaspersky is one of the top antivirus companies involved in developing the stronger mechanism to tackle future cyber attacks. This company's products are always rated to be best by most of the people all around the world. Finally, the company has launched their Free Antivirus, in the name of "Kaspersky Free", which of course can be used free of cost.

So, what are the features that will be missed in this 
kaspersky free antivirus edition ?

This Antivirus will also work like a regular normal antivirus, but features like "Parental 
control",  Online Payment Protection, VPN will be missed, because they are available 
especially for Premium users. 

So, when you can actually get it ?

Kaspersky, has planned to launch the antivirus on four phases, on different areas. 

Here is the complete list..

Was, already launched on ..
Russia, Ukraine, China ,Finland, Sweden, Normay and denmark


US/Canada, Carribean, Kazhakistan, Belarus.

Launching on Early september on following countries.

Middle East,  Africa and Turkey.

In the late september, 

Brazil, Latam, INDIA, Hong Kong, 

In October,

UK, Dutch, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal,  Israel, Maghreb, Benelux,  Easter europe, 

Japan, South Korea.

And finally for Vietnam and Thailand this antivirus will be launched only on November.

So, what are the features of Kaspersky free antivirus ?

As of now, the Kaspersky free antivirus features all the essential items like 

  • File antivirus (scans system), 

  • Web Antivirus ( Scanning incoming Web traffic), 

  • IM Antivirus (Scans IM messages)

  • Mail Antivirus ((scanning mails)

  • with additional options to boost Performance  and auto updates for best defense.

Overall, With the above features the company had tried to build their best free antivirus.

So, what the company actually needs in return ?, Nothing!, Only your data 

That too for  Machine learning,  the company said in a post.

Hope it is helpful.