How to lock your computer after certain login attempts in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update Tutorial]

If you wish to lock your computer after certain login attempts,then here is an tutorial..

This will not only prevent others from guessing your passwords but will also make them difficult to

enter the password even though it was correct..

Please Note : Follow the steps carefully as it will turn reverse (even if you had entered password

such times then it will lock for some certain time) so proceed with caution.

Just follow my Steps..

1) Press Windows + X Keys and Select Command Prompt ( Admin)

If UAC pops "Yes."

[Video Tutorial]

See : How to Fix 'Yes' Button grayed out in Command Prompt,how to fix,if your 'Yes' was grayed


2) You will get Administrator : Command Prompt window,on that do as follows.

Type net accounts,it will display something like Lock out threshold,lockout duration,etc..

3) We are gonna change this settings " Lock out"

type the following..

net accounts /Lockoutthreshold:5

this will set the number of attempts,in our case its '5'

if you wish to set the attempts to 7,then set it to 7 which will give you 7 chances

Now we need to set the duration for resign-in

i.e.,how much duration our PC needs to be in locked state..

4) For that type the following command

net accounts /lockoutduration:10

[When you tried this for first time,it will show some error, you need to change that to 30 instead of 10 for now to fix the error]

where 10 represents 10 minutes,setting 10 will make your computer to be locked for 10 minutes.

You can set the duration on your wish like 5 minutes or 15 min

but never forget it will make you to wait,even if the person who entered password incorrect was no

other than don't choose high numbers..

5) OK,the next step we need to do is we need to make windows monitor the time,so

type the following command

net accounts /lockoutwindow:10

This command will make us to tell the Operating System the time we need to reset

always set this time to smaller than the lockout duration for better results

Now,You had successfully set the lock time for your PC

but make sure whether you had set correctly..

Type this command,which will display the results

net accounts

there,you can find some change in Lockoutthreshold and duration which indicates you had successfully configured.

If you wish to turn off this ..then,simply type the following


net accounts /lockoutthreshold:0

Typing '0' will turn off..

Enjoy :P.

That's it..


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