Disable TaskBar thumbnail Preview in Windows 10 - How to

Disable TaskBar thumbnail Preview in Windows 10 - How to

In our last post,we had seen how to disable the tab preview thumbnails of Microsoft EDGE,it seems

to be working despite updates.In this Post let's see how to disable the thumbnail previews we see on 

the taskbar of Our PC.Normally we can see the app's content when we just (place our mouse pointer) 

hover the app on the taskbar,in this post let's see how to disable them,if you don't like it.

How to do it?

We are just going to edit some registry which will help us to get the result..

Just follow the upcoming steps..

First backup your registry,before doing the following task ..

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type regedit

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to following Key..


5) Now,click on the advanced folder(key),expand it..

6) Now,on your right pane,you can find something like Default, AutoCheckSelect, DisablePreview, etc..

7) Now,right click on the empty area of right pane it will display options like

Collapse,New,Find,Delete,etc.. on that 

select New - > DWORD(32-bit) Value..

Note: You need to choose DWORD even though you are using 64bit version of Windows.

8) Name it as ExtendedUIHoverTime

9) Now,double click on it and set its value data from 0 to 40000.

Where 4000 represents the value in milliseconds which means,windows will delay the preview for 40 seconds..

if you wish it to set it to minimum value,then simply set it the value of something you wish for 

example: if you wish to delay it by 20 seconds then you can use 20000 instead of 40000.

10) Click OK

11) Close the window.

 If you wish to disable this and revert the changes, in future then simply set it 0(while on step 9) or 

you can even delete the registry ..

That's it..