Shutdown problem in Windows 10 Laptops & desktop [Solved]

Windows 10 the best Operating System for User Interface, it has variety of useful features but the

problem is they hadn't take care of the basic things like shutdown, bluetooth,etc. Either those options

won't be available or they will keep freezing. One of such issue is the shutdown problem.

The shutdown issue is because. Windows 10 uses a new technology known as "Hibernate shutdown"

which will help our PC's kernel ( heart of Operating System) to simply hibernate resulting in faster

shutdown and faster startup.

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Do you need third party softwares?

No,just configure the following option on your PC

What you need to do ?

Just follow the below steps, note if you are currently struck on the Shutdown window,then

Press and hold Power button for 10 seconds, it will Shutdown your desktop and laptop

if that fails,remove your battery if you are using laptops or turn off your power Supply allowing it to

turn off.

After,that restart your PC as usual, and follow the below steps.

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Power Options

3) Select the top most result.

4) On your left pane,there will an option called "Change What Power Button does",click on it.

5) Click on Change Settings that Are unavailable on the Window that Opens.

Under shutdown settings,there will be option called Turn on fast startup (Recommended),

Uncheck the box

Turn on or off Fast Startup in Windows 10

6) Click Apply

7) Click OK.

If you need you can re-enable it later using the steps shown in this post..

That's it..

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