December 2020

Call of duty Warzone Season 7 version 1.30 is now live and available for download!! Check out the Size and what's new here!

Call of duty warzone season 7, the much expected one by COD Modern warfare fan club is now available for download for PS4, PS5, and PC.

Warzone has a separate fan base, for its engaging realistic battle royal matches, Plunder blood money, King slayer and other things like bunkers!. There were initially rumors that Season 6 will be the last one due to the release of Cold war. But Activision confirmed in its blog with the unexpected twist, the integration of all three battle systems! So, Whether you play the Modernwarfare or Cold war your ranks and everything will be synced across games making it super exciting!

So, What's new in Season 7 of Call of duty Warzone version 1.30?

I Won't reveal much details because it needs to be experienced.! However, there are couple of things that i will reveal which will make you to long for more. There will be a new gulag and new MAP Rebirth Island and new operators. As usual, this Season 7 of warzone also has 1300 battle pass COD points with free weapons and operators which can be completed once you started playing the game. 

Further details, check this official site! But as i said earlier, play to experience more instead of reading! that's okay but,

What is the COD Warzone Season 7 update size?

The update released for PS4 was around 21GB and for the PC its close to 23GB. I will update more details, once its available on other platforms.

Don't wait, just go ahead and enjoy live at sharp 11PST! In India, the Warzone season 7 is already released as well, but if you are unable to access wait till 11.30AM. 

How to join rebirth event/ load Rebirth Map?

Lot of our blog readers contacted me and asked how to join rebirth event or how to load rebirth map. Currently as far as i played,the complete map is available on new playlist resurgence trios.

And you will not see much difference in battleroyale expect gulag and helicopter layouts.

So, select that map and