How to Enable text to Speech (Voice) speak in Microsoft Office 2016 [Guide]

Speak in Microsoft Office that's the coolest feature loved by the Office lovers right from its

integration on the earlier versions of Office. But due to the rapid change in the User interface of

Office it seems to be difficult for most of us in finding the well known speak option as there was

couple of changes as said earlier.

So,in this post let's see how to enable the Speak in Microsoft Office 2016.

Though this tutorial was especially for 2016 edition,it stills works fine on other earlier Office


OK,let's see how to do it..

[Video Tutorial]

1) Launch Microsoft Office.

2) Open your project or simply simply blank document/window

3) Click on the quick access toolbar icon.

4) Select " More commands" Option on the drop down list that was displayed

5) It will open Word Options window,on that do as follows..

On the right pane,Under the choose commands from option,there will a box,click on it..

6) it will display some drop down options like Commands Not in the Ribbon,popular commands,etc...,on that select All commands

7) Scroll down and select Speak

8) Click on Add > > Button

9) When you clicked,you can see the Option added to Customize Quick Access Toolbar box..

10) Click on OK.

Now,you can see the Speak Option displaying near to the Save,undo,redo options on the Quick Access toolbar(the icon you clicked while on step 3)

Select the Text you wish to you speak/read and select the Speak button to read..

That's it..