August 2020

Zsh missing or unable to start on Kali linux 2020.3 after upgrade? - How to Start or fix missing Zsh on Kali Linux 2020.3 [Beginner's guide]

 Kali Linux 2020.3 was released a week before, and one of the big change announced by the team is  changing the default bash to the Zsh on the upcoming version of Kali Linux 2020.4 and Onwards. Though it will be default starting 2020.4 there are lot of users who just want to try what this zsh looks like because of its autocomplete and other features. One of our blog reader contacted me and want to know the steps. Though i guided him, i thought it would be helpful for other readers who want to use or try this.

Zsh missing or unable to start on Kali linux 2020.3 after upgrade? - How to Start or fix missing Zsh on Kali Linux 2020.3 [Beginner's guide]

So, If you are one of the person who feels that zsh is missing on your upgraded Kali linux 2020.3 or doesn't know how to start zsh or replace bash with zsh in this latest version Kali Linux 2020.3 then i hope it will be helpful for you too..

So, here we go..

How to start or fix missing zsh on Kali Linux 2020.3

The solution will little bit vary for users who did fresh install of Kali linux and who had just upgraded from previous version of Kali Linux 2020.2.

If you did a fresh install of Kali Linux 2020.3 then you can simply launch the zsh by opening terminal and zsh.

However, if you had upgraded and typed just zsh then you will get the following message.

This is the Z Shell configuration function for new users,
You are seeing this message because you have no zsh startup files
(the files .zshenv, .zprofile, .zshrc, .zlogin in the directory
~).  This function can help you with a few settings that should
make your use of the shell easier.

You can:

(q)  Quit and do nothing.  The function will be run again next time.

(0)  Exit, creating the file ~/.zshrc containing just a comment.
     That will prevent this function being run again.

(1)  Continue to the main menu.

(2)  Populate your ~/.zshrc with the configuration recommended
     by the system administrator and exit (you will need to edit
     the file by hand, if so desired).

--- Type one of the keys in parentheses --- 

So, what are we missing here? do we have to freshly install the Zsh even after upgrade?

No, we just have to run a simple command and then will be fixed because this is by default installed by our system when we upgraded to Kali Linux 2020.3

Just open terminal, and type or copy paste below command..

cp /etc/skel/.zshrc ~/

Hit Enter and now type Zsh and enter.

That's it..

I guess i don't need to explain what that command will do, if you don't know then nothing to worry, man is your friend hope you got that๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€.

You will see the Zsh being started..

Hope it is helpful. Happy breaking:)

Kali Linux 2020.3 Released and now available for immediate download/update.

Kali Linux 2020.3 is now released after nearly 2-3 Months and is now available for immediate download. So, if you are using Kali Linux then you can upgrade to this latest version 2020.3 with just opening the shell/bash and typing your usual commands. You know what i mean!

So, What is the new change they did?

What's new in Kali Linux 2020.3?

There are lot of improvements interms of packages, but here are some big changes they did in short...

Kali has decided to make Zsh as new default Shell for future...

Wait ? What ? Yes, you read that right! Kali team has decided to move away from bash to Zsh. While the changes are scheduled for upcoming Kali 2020.4 release, in this release, you will see both Zsh and bash being in your system after update and Bash will be still default, through out 2020.3. However, if you wish to change bash to zsh on Kali linux 2020.3 then you do using the following command.

chsh -s /bin/zsh

The above one is major news, other than that other couple of upgrades include..

2) Nethunter Supports Nokia 3.1 and 6.1

With the help of yesimxev, the developer team has brought the support of NetHunter app to more devices like Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 6.1.

So, if you are using the above device, go ahead and download the images from the site.

3) New Icons.!

For those, who gets bored easily by looking into the old icons and afraid to download new icon packs, thinking about security of that! Here is some good news for you..

You got new icons for tools!

4) Gnome's new file Manager theme.!

A new theme has been on the rolled out for the Gnome File Manager.

5) Other improvements..

And the list goes on,as it being a pretty big update so other improvements includes new mode for HiDPI support with just typing kali-hidpi-mode on your search bar and a new Win-KeX which is nothing but Windows + Kali Desktop Experience.

Happy breaking:)

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