How to auto Shutdown your Windows 10 PC at particular time😎😎😎

How to auto Shutdown your Windows 10 PC at particular time😎😎😎

Everything can be accomplished in Windows when we know the right way to do it, that's Why its

called user friendly Operating System. Windows 10 being the addition of new features have lot of

such things, one of such things is the ability to shutdown our Windows 10 PC at a specific time.

When you follow the steps shown below, it will create a shutdown timer in windows 10 PC. You

will then say hey, my windows 10 shutdown's automatically.

Do you need any third party Software?

No,we don't need an additional software to do this auto shutdown on Windows 10 PC as such

options are inbuilt inside our PC, we don't need an auto shutdown app for Windows 10, Also you

don't need to know shutdown commands to turn off Windows 10 PC and execute on cmd,  as i

had explained the easiest way in this post.

How to do it ?

Just follow the below steps..

[To assist you better,i had created the above video tutorial,refer it when you lost in any step]

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type task scheduler

3) Select the top most result "task scheduler (deskop app)"

4) Click on Create a basic task on the right pane.

5) It will ask you to select the name the task, type any name you want,

for example : type shutdown my precious PC

Click Next

6) Now,select the Trigger action when you need to shutdown whether you need to shutdown daily or weekly on that time.

Since, we are using the specific time in our guide, just choose "One time"

7) Select the date on the next window that appears and also the time..

" the time will be calculated by windows based on the system time"

How to Shutdown your Windows 10 Computer at particular time

8) If you wish you can choose "Synchornize with all my time zones option"

9) Click Next.

10) Now, it will display action, on that select Start a program and click Next.

11) It will now, ask you to select the Program /script on that type the following line.


12) Click Next.

13) Now,verify your details and select Finish to finish.

If you wish to change any option then simply,select back option to get back and edit.

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