Bash on Windows 10 - How to Install [Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update became success because they included a new feature that will

allow any Linux developer to use Windows 10 to test by using bash,a simple tool.

Though it was not the One everyone thinks,that it was Linux on windows 10 because,Microsoft

never included a complete Linux on Windows 10,and to be frank,we can say,Windows still lacks

some features of Linux.

Enough said,let's see how to install it..

First we need to enable an option in the developer mode of Windows 10

1) Press Windows + I Keys,which will open settings.

2) Click on Update & Security

3) Now,you can see different options like Windows Update,defender,etc..,there will be an Option For developers at the bottom..

4) Click on it..

5) When you clicked you can see varies options on the right pane,select "Developer Mode" (Install

any signed app...) Option,which will be under "use developer features"

Bash on Windows 10 - How to Install [Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial]

Click  'Yes' if it pops out a message whether you need to turn on developer Mode..

Restart your PC and follow the remaining Steps...

1) Open control panel

2) On the top right corner,there will a search box,click on it and type

"Turn Windows features on or off"

3) Select the top most result "Turn Windows features on or off"

4) It will open a new Window (App) on that scroll down and Find

Windows Subsystem for linux(Beta)

5) Check the BOX - > Click OK,

6) Now,restart again after it downloads.

Now,after restart you need to do additional work to install it completely..

1) Open cmd.

2) Type bash -> Hit enter.

Note : If the above step failed,then press windows key and type bash -> Select the top most result..

3) Type 'Y' to continue..

4) Now,create your User name and password and use it normal.

That's it..