How to Link Windows 10 License to Microsoft Account [Tutorial]

How to Link Windows 10 License to Microsoft Account [Tutorial]

Windows 10 the great Operating System (at least Microsoft claims,) has a lot of new features. With

we already said, your Windows 10 Activation Key will be automatically linked to your hardware.

Some of us are aware,about this feature, but other's still don't know about this,which made me to

write this post.

In this post,let's see how to link your license Key to Microsoft Account.

What you need?

You need an Microsoft account and an stable internet connection.

How to do it ?

1) Press Windows + I key which will open Settings page.

2) Click on Update & Securtiy

3) Click on ACTIVATION

"You can see your windows activation details there,like your Windows was Activated"

If you see your Windows was activated,then follow the below remaining steps,else connect your PC

to validate/activate your PC.

4) Now,go to Settings page( which you can reopen using windows + I Keys)

5) Click on Accounts

6) Select Your Info

7) Now,on your right pane you can see either one of the two Options

i) Sign in to your PC using Microsoft Account 


ii)  Verify your identity on this PC

If you are usually sign-in using Microsoft Account then,you will see the (ii) Option,click on Verify

Else, if you see (i) Option,then Click on Sign in to your PC using Microsoft Account.

8) It will display the a new window,fill your details..

9) Click Sign-in.

10) You will prompted to enter your current password,enter you current Windows Password on that box.

11) Click Next.

12) In the next step,it will ask whether you wish to set up PIN,click Skip these step or set up PIN which is Optional.

That's it..

Now,visit the Activation window (Step 3),you will see,"Windows is activated with a license linked to Microsoft Account" or something like details there..

you can also visit the link to find the list of your details about

this,if there is your device then license integration is successful..

That's it..