How to remove 3D builder App from Windows 10 after Update [Tutorial]

How to remove 3D builder App from Windows 10 after Update [Tutorial]

3D builder is an very much useful application for creating the 3D objects for Creating 3D Images

and for 3D printing. With the development of latest technology,more number of people are going for

3D printer,which can print the images created using 3D builder app.

Though,its fun to create 3D images using 3d builder,this app won't be needed for everyone,so if you

are the one who don't like these kind of Apps, because of some reason,then here is an guide to

remove the 3d builder app that rises likes Pheonix after Windows Update/upgrade.

How to remove..

[Video tutorial]

1) Press Windows + I Key.

2) Select System

3) It will Open a new Window with display settings,on the left pane,find and click on the option

"Apps and features"

4) Scroll down and Select 3D builder

[Click on the image to view full size]

5) Expand it,there you can find an option "Uninstall"

6) Click on it.

If it asks for confirmation select 'yes'.

Method 2 : Using Powershell

1) Launch powershell

2) Type the following command

Get-AppxPackage *3dbuilder*

3) Hit enter

4) It will display the package name,copy that ..

5) Type the package name followed by the following command.

Remove-AppxPackage (thepackagename)

ie., Run this command

Remove-AppxPackage Microsoft.3DBuilder_11.1.9.0_x86(x64)_8wekyb3d8bbwe

Note: in the above command you need to do the following..

if you are using 64 bit edition of Windows then remove x86 from that command,

on the other hand,if you are using 32 bit edition of Windows then remove x64 from that command,

[See : How to check what bit version of Windows you are using right now..] for details

(or) Simply,run the below command.

Remove-AppxPackage *3dbuilder*

Hit enter

That's it.

Now,3d builder app will be removed from your Windows 10 PC,until you upgrade/update your PC.

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