"Fast and Furious crossroads" game set for May 2020 release (Check out the trailer Here)

Fast and Furious game titled "Fast and Furious Crossroads" was teased today by the developers of project cars , the Slightly Mad creators. This game's trailer was released today and looking at the trailer i can say the game seems to be a mixed version Of NFS and Fast and Furious Movie based story line.  Dom, letty and Roman might be the lead characters of the game and definitely will be the action packed adventure game with little bit less graphics ( Need to confirm the actual game graphics :( )

Fast and Furious CrossRoads Trailer (below):

The game is set for May 2020 release and will be released on PS4, PC, Xbox One. I will update the  post as soon as the game is available.

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Top trending searches of 2019, revealed by Google! (Here are the trending searches of 2019)

Disable "Your Windows 7 PC is Out of Support" notification in Windows 7 [Guide]

"Your Windows 7 PC is Out of Support " as of January 14, 2020 support to Windows 7 has come to end, the full screen notification started to popup on Windows 7 PC users. Though we know that the support for Windows 7 is coming to end on January 14 continuously seeing the alert sometimes causes frustration. So, in this post let's see how to disable or turn off " Your Windows 7 PC is Out of Support" notification on Windows 7.

You don't need to be a pro or afraid just follow the steps correctly on your PC.

Disable "Your Windows 7 PC is Out of Support " notification in Windows 7 [ Guide]

Disable Your Windows 7 PC is Out of Support - How to Fix [Guide]

1) Open registry editor. ( Press Windows logo + R key -> Regedit -> Enter) 


2) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\EOSNotify

3) There will be a Dword DiscontinueEOS under this EOSNotify option, just double click it and set its value to 1 -> Hit Enter to save.

If there is nothing called DiscontinueEOS then right click -> Select New -> Dword(32Bit) -> Type DiscontinueEOS and set its value to 1.

That's it you have successfully disabled or turned off the end of support windows 7 notification, meaning it won't appear again.

Note : You can also disable/turn off the scheduled task named EOSNotify which will also works.

Hope it is helpful :)

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Fix Event ID 455 ESENT error in Windows 10 version 1903 [Guide]

Fix Event ID 455 ESENT error in Windows 10 version 1903 [Guide]

After installing/ upgrading to Windows 10, version 1903 lot of users are facing the error message ESENT-455 on their PC. This issues still arises even after multiple restarts. Though it was one of the known issues, here is an guide to fix  Esent-455 event viewer error message in Windows 10, build 1903.

Fix ESENT-455 Event ID error Message in Windows 10, 1903 [Guide]

Just follow the steps below..

1) Run CMD as Administrator

2) Type cd config\systemprofile\AppData\Local 

This will change directory/ navigate to the Local folder.

3) Now, we have to create new folder called TileDataLayer. For that,

type mkdir TileDataLayer and Hit enter.

4) Now, again we have to create another folder called database. 

So, Kindly type cd TileDataLayer -> and then mkdir Database

Hit enter.

Restart your PC, you can see the Esent-455 event id error message not appearing again.

Hope it helps.

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Top trending searches of 2019, revealed by Google! (Here are the trending searches of 2019)

Top trending searches of 2019 was revealed by Google today in its blog post titled we need a hero, as the year is moving towards the end with just two and half weeks left for the start of 2020. Every year, Google will collect the data of searches made on its search engine and will categorize based on the popularity. I.e., higher the searches for the particular topic, top will be the spot.

 "The data will be collected from various sources and Google will publish them in the month of December. This 2019 year's trending searches was revealed today by Google"

As expected, Disney plus secured the top spot in US.

Here are the trending searches from all the categories on a global level..

Top Searches

1) India vs South Africa
2) Cameron Boyce
3) Copa America
4) Bangladesh vs India
5) iPhone 11
6) Game of Thrones
7) Avengers: Endgame
8) Joker
9) Notre Dame
10) ICC Cricket World Cup


1) Copa America
2) Notre Dame
3) ICC Cricket World Cup
4) Hurricane Dorian
5) Rugby World Cup
6) Sri Lanka
7) Area 51
8) India election results
9) 台風 19 号
10) Fall of Berlin Wall


1) Antonio Brown
2) Neymar
3) James Charles
4) Jussie Smollett
5) Kevin Hart
6) Billie Eilish
7) Greta Thunberg
8) R. Kelly
9) Joaquin Phoenix
10) Jordyn Woods


1) Jussie Smollett
2) Kevin Hart
3) Joaquin Phoenix
4) Keanu Reeves
5) Lori Loughlin
6) Lauren London
7) Rami Malek
8) 沢尻 エリカ
9) Brie Larson
10) 新井 浩文

1) Avengers: Endgame
2) Joker
3) Captain Marvel
4) Toy Story 4
5) Aquaman
6) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
7) Frozen 2
8) Green Book
9) The Lion King
10) Aladdin


1) Old Town Road
2) 7 Rings
3) Shallow
4) Señorita
5) Memories
6) Into the Unknown
7) A Whole New World
8) Sunflower
9) Sexy Lady
10) Bad Guy

TV Shows
1) Game of Thrones
2) Stranger Things
3) Chernobyl
4) When They See Us
5) The Umbrella Academy
6) The Mandalorian
7) बालवीर
8) Euphoria
9) मोटू पतलू
10) Dead to Me

Source : Google

Had you searched anyone of the above list in Google ? let us know in comments..!

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Now you need to enter your Date of birth on Instagram too as Instagram launches age verification..

Wt.social might be the future Social Media Network you can trust and use now to fight fake news..
Minecraft for Windows 10 errors temporarily out of gift codes !

Minecraft for Windows 10 errors temporarily out of gift codes !

Error! It looks like we've temporarily run out of gift codes for Minecraft for Windows 10. Don't worry though, more codes should be on their way. Please check back later! this error message when clicked on redeem button is driving the Minecraft fans crazier than we think.

Minecraft the game which claims to have more than 112 Million active monthly players, has released a game called Minecraft for Windows 10 back then for free. This edition of Minecraft was designed especially for Windows 10 enabling cross-play support. Users from XBOX, android, iOS and many other platform can join and play this game anywhere anytime (Like a multiplayer game).

Users of Minecraft were unable to redeem the gift codes for the past two weeks. Even when they tried the above error message will popup!

So, what is the solution ?

I checked on different forums, and sites and found that, there was an issue with the developer's end itself. If you are one of the affected one, the Only solution available at the moment was to contact the contact Mojang Support and wait for their reply.

Again, don't expect a quick response, as already the support team might got so many emails and they are working on the fix. So, wait for the official fix, i will update the post, when i have more info.

--Good day :)
Uninstall Opera from Kali Linux - How to remove Opera from Kali Linux latest version

Uninstall Opera from Kali Linux - How to remove Opera from Kali Linux latest version

Uninstall opera from Kali Linux or how to remove opera from Kali Linux latest version that's what we are going to see in this post. 

We used to install lot of programs on our device running on Kali but when we decided that Particular application is not working as expected or is no longer needed then we will go ahead and uninstall it. Though it is not an easy task like clicking an option on Windows its simple if you know the commands to do that. So, in this post let's see how to uninstall opera from Kali Linux

Remove opera Kali Linux [Guide].

 First, we have to find out the Opera's name as per our system, as there are chances we might have installed opera beta as well as Opera stable, so we will find it out that first.

1) Opera terminal

2) Type dpkg -l *opera* and hit enter.

3) When you ran the above command, it will show the package on our system like "Opera-stable" or "Opera-beta" or some other name.

4) Once you found out the name, then run the following command (The package installed on my system is stable version, so if its stable on our system as well , then run...

sudo dpkg -r opera-stable command. 

Note : If your system has different package name like opera-beta then replace opera-stable with the above command, (For example : sudo dpkg -r opera-beta) and hit enter..

That's it, now you had uninstalled opera from your Kali machine.

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Now you need to enter your Date of birth on Instagram too as Instagram launches age verification..

Now you need to enter your Date of birth on Instagram too as Instagram launches age verification..

Instagram has finally rolled out age verification process to prevent underage people from joining the network. So, if you are creating a new user account in Instagram, then you need to enter date of birth and age from now on, the company said in its statement. As usual, the default age is set to 13 years.

If you re a existing Instagram user, you don't need to worry as of now, as you don't need to confirm your age now.

           "Your birthday will not be visible to others on Instagram, but you’ll be able to see it when viewing your own private account information"

This changes are now live for new account creators, the Officials quoted this step was taken to ensure the underage kids are safe on social networks, and they are continuously developing new features for better privacy and offer education based contents .

And as you guessed, this tech can be still bypassed by smart kids, as there are no verification happening in the background, but insider sources says, that the social network giant has formed a team to ban the accounts if they feel the user is underage based on various mechanisms, we hope it will flag now existing more than 1 million+ underage users.

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