Iran builts Firewall to fight Stuxnet!

Iran builts Firewall to fight Stuxnet!

Iran government has announced that it has successfully built and tested the working firewall to block the famous stuxnet worm.

In case, if you don't know about stuxnet..

Stuxnet is a computer programmed virus, said to be jointly built by American and Israel Cyber group. This worm became famous after it attacked the Iran's uranium nuclear site and its program back in 2010. It mainly targets Microsoft Windows based systems with three modules, worm that executes main payload first, a link file that executes copies of the worm,and a rootkit to hide and prevent detection of the stuxnet.

This famous worm was now under control, and was blocked by recently developed firewall as per the recent comment from Iran minister.

Communications Minister, Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi says,
“Iran’s university scientists have developed a firewall for industrial automation systems to neutralise industrial sabotage such as that caused by Stuxnet in power networks, and it was successfully tested” 

Though Israel hasn't commented about the remarks made by Iran earlier (that Israel was involved in building the worm) , findings from symantec Corp about another version of Stuxnet back in 2013 says a different story.

You can read more about Stuxnet in this Wikipedia page.

Show "This PC" missing desktop icon in Windows 10 May Update 1903 [Guide]

Enable "This PC" missing  desktop icon in Windows 10 May Update 1903.

Show "This PC" missing desktop icon in Windows 10 May Update 1903 [Guide]

In this post, let's see how to show this PC  or my computer desktop icon on Windows 10 May update, the Windows 10, Version 903.

By default, if you perform clean installation, then windows 10 will boot into desktop with only one desktop icon which is "Recycle Bin". 

However, we had started using My Computer or this PC icon on the desktop to open file explorer in Windows 10 and its earlier versions. Hence, let's see how to restore this, this pc desktop icon on the latest Windows 10, Version 1903.

Show "This PC" Missing desktop icon on Windows 10 version 1903.

The steps are very easy, just follow the upcoming steps.

1) Press Windows(logo) key on your keyboard.

2) Type Desktop icons.

3) It will display Theme and Related Settings Option on the search results.

4) Select that, and it will open new window of settings App.

5) Scroll down on the right hand side, you will see the option "Desktop icons Settings", select that.

6) Now, on the popup window, check "Computer" check box.

7) Click on Apply.

8) Click on Ok.

That's it.

You can see the this pc icon on your desktop now. 

Windows 10 Insider preview 18898 ISO download links are here..

Windows 10 Insider preview 18898 ISO download links are here..
Windows 10 Insider preview 18898 was released to fast ring windows insiders. This new 18898 build is a part of upcoming 20H1 branch. This Windows Insider build has a small new feature for tracking disk usage. Yes, now you can track the disk type right in the taskbar itself. For example, if you have multiple disks, then you can view how they perform in the taskbar itself.

Apart from that, there are no other notable improvements/ features, but this build do have certain issues like realtek audio driver issue, anti cheat software issue and so on.

You can read further details, on official Microsoft blog.

if you wish to download Windows 10 insider preview 18898 build iso for free, despite bugs then i'm sharing the third party links available on the web.

Just download and install it as usual. If you are an beginner and wanna install without any errors, then you can follow the video i created for creators update, which will still work for this build.  But remember, they are third party links, so download at your own risk.

Youtube Video Link 

Third party ISO Links..

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18898 ISO image x64 bit (64 bit)

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18898 ISO image x86 bit (32 Bit)

Try to give feedback to Microsoft, if you wish as it might help them provide better service.

Thanks to Wzornet for sharing the files. 

Good day :)

World's first dual screen gaming laptop, (HP OMEN X 2S) launched by HP

Hp today has unveiled World's first dual screen gaming laptop at Beijing gaming festival. Named "HP Omen X 2s 15" this laptop sports dual screen one is of 15.6 Inch (a regular laptop screen like one) and another touchscreen right above the keyboard of 5.98 Inch Approximately. HP says, this first screen supports 4K, while the later touch screen supports upto 1080P, and the best part is you can perform different operations on different screens simultaneously (like you can play regular games on 1st screen, and you can check WhatsApp, Twitch Notifications on the second screen).

This laptop is powered by latest Intel i9 Processor, NVIDIA Geforce RTM 2080 Graphic card (DDR6) and 32GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD with latest WiFi technology.

This laptop also features Omen tempest cooling technology with 3 sided venting for 5 way airflow technology to make your laptop remain cool always.

The price of this HP OMEN X 2S laptop was not available at the time of writing this post but people predict it will have a price tag of above $2200.

More details, will be updated as soon as we have more information.

In the mean time, You can read the complete Specifications and feature on Official Site (Click to View).

When will i get Windows 10 1903 (May 2019) Update ?

When will i get Windows 10 1903 update?,Will i get Windows 10 May 2019 update ? this are the questions that lot of friends ask through our contact us page, and Microsoft forums. What i would say is, this could be because of some new features like light mode, a separate search and cortana, an upgraded action center with slide to control brightness and much more features found on this new version 1903. 

When will i get Windows 10 1903 update?

This new Windows 10, Version 1903 update was not officially out yet, but it was already available on MSDN forums, and through Windows Insider program. All you need to do, is either to visit your MSDN portal page, download the iso and do a fresh installation (if you are beginner, then you can watch this Youtube tutorial, which will still work for this new build) or sign up for Windows Insider program.

Release date for Windows 10 May 2019 update?

Or else we have another option, which is to Wait ! As Microsoft already confirmed that this new update will be released within 2 Weeks from now, you can either wait or you can follow the above steps to download the Windows 10 May Update ISO now.

Keep checking for updates on Settings App, because Microsoft has started inviting people to test this new build, you might get a notification soon, but remember Microsoft has changed the free Space quota to install Windows 10, so make sure you have enough free space for hassle installation.

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World's first dual screen gaming laptop, (HP OMEN X 2S) launched by HP

Don't have 32GB free space?, forgot Windows 10 version, 1903 says Microsoft!

Update WhatsApp immediately or get hacked ! Says WhatsApp [Updated]

Windows Terminal, a new open source application coming on Mid-June [Download code now]

Update WhatsApp immediately or get hacked ! Says WhatsApp [Updated]

Update WhatsApp immediately or get hacked ! Says WhatsApp [Updated]

Update WhatsApp immediately or get hacked, Says WhatsApp.

If you are using WhatsApp, then we recommend you to immediately update your WhatsApp version (both iOS and Android) to the latest version, this is because a vulnerability (a bug) has been found by Israeli security firm NSO. This bug which when used will cause your device to be hacked, with just a call on your WhatsApp. The interesting part of it is, whether you attend the phone call from that unknown number or not, a hacker can install spyware (a program that can be used to spy people) apps remotely, without your permission and can read your messages, emails, location, almost everything that you had given WhatsApp to access.

Here is what the description of the bug from Facebook, the company which owns WhatsApp now.

Bug : CVE-2019-3568 
Description: A buffer overflow vulnerability in WhatsApp VOIP stack allowed remote code execution via specially crafted series of SRTCP packets sent to a target phone number. 
Affected Versions: The issue affects WhatsApp for Android prior to v2.19.134, WhatsApp Business for Android prior to v2.19.44, WhatsApp for iOS prior to v2.19.51, WhatsApp Business for iOS prior to v2.19.51, WhatsApp for Windows Phone prior to v2.18.348, and WhatsApp for Tizen prior to v2.18.15.
If you are using earlier versions of WhatsApp, as mentioned above, then kindly update your App to save your privacy.

You can check your WhatsApp version, by opening Settings -> About WhatsApp.

Enable light mode in Windows 10 May update 1903 [How to Guide]

How to Enable light theme in Windows 10 May update 1903, that's what we're gonna see in this post.

Windows 10 build 1903 is shipping with a new theme called light theme. The difference between this light theme/ mode and other theme modes is only one thing, when you enable this light theme mode all your start menu, taskbar and action center will look a kind of white blue mix give you a pretty similar look like MacOS.

Enable light mode in Windows 10 May update 1903 [How to Guide]

So, if you want to enable or turn on light theme mode on Windows 10 May update 1903, then just follow the below simple steps..

1) Press Windows (logo) Key and i keys simultaneously, which will open settings app.

2) Click/ tap Personalization.

3) Now, you will see different options, select Colors.

4) In the right hand side, under the choose your color, there will be a drop down.

Select custom .

5) Select Light under "Choose your default app mode" and "Choose your default Window Mode".

That's it, now you can see the results.