Disable Media Keys in chromium based Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 [How to guide]

How to disable or block media keys in Microsoft Edge browser ? or how to stop Chromium based Microsoft Edge from accessing hardware keys ? this was one of the question that me and one of my friend had when we heard that upcoming Chromium based Microsoft Edge will also use Media Key functionality. 

Confused what it was? let me clarify what Media key is..

If you are using the latest version of Chrome or Chromium based browser you might have noticed that whenever you press Media control keys on your keyboard chrome will start reacting to it.. For example: if you press forward button or Skip button on your keyboard when an Youtube video is playing, chrome will either forward the video or will skip and will play the next video, based on the type of key you press.

Though this Media key controlling feature is useful, many users started complaining that, whenever chrome is active they are unable to use the media key feature on other apps.  Lets take the audio app as an example, when chrome is active, you will not be able to use the forward button or stop button, as chromium based browser will take complete control of it, you might sometime need to force close the chromium based browser to use such apps, which might cause some irritation and looking for alternatives.

So, here is how it is..

How to disable hardware media keys on Microsoft Edge..

The solution is pretty much simple, since this Microsoft Edge is also powered by Chromium, you can follow the same process followed for chrome here..

1) Open Edge browser.

2) Type edge://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling on the address bar (For chrome, replace edge with Chrome, for example: chrome://flags...)

Disable Media Keys in chromium based Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 [How to guide]

3) You will see Hardware media key handling text being highlighted and next to the text, on the right side some option like Default, click that and select Disabled.

That's it, restart browser and enjoy.

Google's RCS is Coming very soon to Android users, Users of UK and France are going to receive this week.

Google's RCS (Rich Communication Services) is reportedly coming soon to Android users without waiting for Carriers to make a decision.  

Before we get in, first let's know What is RCS?

RCS, stands for Rich Communication Services. This service is going to be our next generation messaging protocol, which means its going to replace our existing SMS system.

The messaging app we use right now, is really outdated as technologies to send audio, gif video,etc keeps on developing and we all know that existing default texting app doesn't support this techs. 

Google thinks, this leads us to use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and other Social Media apps, that's true too. To overcome at least some of those challenges we're in need to update the existing ones,which is easier said than done, as it depends on lot of things especially carrier, this is because whenever an sms needs to be received by recipient, it should first reach the carrier, and then carrier should forward the message. i would say, this proves Carrier's role is inevitable in SMS system. So inorder to implement this next gen tech's we need carrier's support, (which some will do,and some won't). Hence Google decided to directly pitch in. 

This new app is more or less a kind of chat app, and will be available for every Android user soon, but not by default to all, as google says, its a opt-in process and it doesn't want to push users directly like iMessage did. As a testing phase, this RCS will be available to users in UK and France this week, and will slowly be expanded to all over the world. If you are eligible user, you will receive a prompt to upgrade to RCS Chat when you open the Android Messaging App, you just need to select yes, that's it you will be opted in.

The disadvantage of this RCS is it doesn't support full end-to-end encryption, although the message was said to be encrypted in transit. Which technically means anyone can read your stored message and can be given to government if they asks. Google has a temporary solution for that, as it clarifies that it will delete the message once the receiver receives the message, with one exception to gif and videos which will be deleted a bit late.

As it was said to be available only in UK and France as now, the expect date of availability of this service in other parts of the world are not yet revealed, so you have to wait for sometime. And we hope Google will reveal those dates very soon. With Many users prefers apps with end-to-end encryption we think this decision will be revised soon by GSMA, which controls the standard.
Black Screen after installing KB4503327 Windows update [ Easy Fix]

Black Screen after installing KB4503327 Windows update [ Easy Fix]

Some users started experiencing Black Screen after installing KB4503327 Windows update released for Windows 10 October 2018 or Windows 10 Version 1809. If you are one of them experiencing this issue, then don't panic. This is just a bug, which Microsoft Officially confirmed and fix is already in works.

We are investigating reports that a small number of devices may startup to a black screen during the first logon after installing updates.

Microsoft says, this bug will cause black screen only when the first time system reboots and won't happen again on subsequent reboots. So, you don't need to worry even if you are experiencing this issue right now..Luckily, there was an easy fix that you can try and it will work for sure.

If you want to download KB4503327, then we recommend you not to do because of the above issue.

OK, lets see how to fix this black screen issue .

1) Press Ctrl, Alt and Del Keys simultaneously/together.

2) In the lower right corner,you will see power button click that, and select restart.

Wait for system to restart, and you can see the issue was fixed.

That's it.. 

How to Start WSL 2.0 in Windows 10 and Insider preview Version [Guide]

How to Start WSL 2.0 in Windows 10 and Insider preview Version [Guide]

Microsoft announced the launch of WSL 2 [Windows Sub system for Linux version 2] in recent Windows 10 Insider preview 18917. But lot of users want to know how to start the WSL 2. So, i decided to write this guide.

What is Windows Subsystem for Linux ?

To say in beginner words, I can say if you want to run Linux inside Windows OS, then you can use this feature inbuilt into Windows 10 Operating System. This Windows Subsystem for Linux was shortly referred as WSL. And the second version was now available for insiders now. You don't need to download WSL 2.0 Separately as it was now inbuilt. WSL 2.0 release date for normal Windows 10 users was not yet known, i guess it might be released in the upcoming Windows 10, which is under development. 

Enough said, let see

How to launch WSL 2 in Windows 10?

First, let me be clear, if you want to run this WSL 2, then you need latest Windows 10 insider preview, the current one is 18917. 

2) Press Windows (Logo) key and type Turn Windows features on or Off.

3) Select the top most result, which is "Turn Windows features on or Off", Scroll down and check the Windows Subsystem for Linux checkbox and restart your system.

Now, we need Linux distro, so visit Microsoft Store, once it launches type Ubuntu on the search bar and hit search, it will display the search results, on that select Ubuntu -> Get.

4) Wait for it to Install, wait for sometime/ till it completes.

5) Once it completes, now our real conversion works starts now.

6) open Powershell 

7) Type wsl --set-default-version 2 which will set your default subsystem version to WSL 2.

8) Now, type wsl --set-version ubuntu 2 and hit enter running that command will convert our existing Ubuntu to version 2.

Wait for few minutes, till it displays Conversion Complete.

Close the powershell and enjoy the new version.

Disable or turn off images appearing on address bar of Google chrome after Chrome 75 update [Guide]

If you are using latest version of Google chrome, Chrome 75 you might have noticed that whenever you type the text of famous figures, icons/ names on the address bar, an image appears on the address bar with search result.

Disable or turn off images appearing on address bar of Google chrome after Chrome 75 update [Guide]

For example: If you type Call of duty on the address bar, you can see the Call of duty image appearing, the same can be applied to all other famous figures and sports ( Try typing famous personality like abdul kalam or sport like cricket you can see the images 😃😃 displaying before the search results).

Though it was a cool new feature, lot of users dislike the feature and want to disable this images appearing on address bar of google chrome latest update 75 fearing it might consume lot of data.

So, if you are one of those, who dislike the feature, you can disable by following 3 simple steps.

Since, google uses a feature called Omnibox, disabling it will disable the feature.

Confused ?, don't worry just follow the below steps.

Disable or turn off images appearing on address bar of Google chrome.

1) Copy and paste the following bold letters on the address bar and press enter.


2) In the right corner side, you will see option like Default or Enabled, just click on the option, and select disable.

3) Restart Chrome.

That's it..

You can see the feature being turned off now.

Google Stadia live stream is here - Watch press conference to find Stadia release date, Price and much more..

Google Stadia is the upcoming google's cloud gaming service which was likely to be unveiled in next few hours. Despite several leaks about stadia's price, stadia's features and release date, gamers are excited to watch stadia press conference to find what google actually has in its arms.

Watch the live stream of google stadia to find the exact price, features and release date and other information.

Happy Gaming.

Windows 10 Insider preview 18912 iso download links are here..

Windows 10 insider preview 18912 (20H1) iso images are available for download. We had seen what's new in this Windows 10 insider preview 18912 on this post. Some fellow friends who were interested to test this new build are continuously checking for links to download iso for this latest build 18912. So, i decided to post it here.

As usual, If you wish to download windows insider preview 18912 build iso for free, despite bugs then you can use this third party links available on the web.

Just download and install it as usual. If you are an beginner and wanna install without any errors, then you can follow the video i created for creators update, which will still work for this build.  But remember, even though its from verified source, they are third party links, so download at your own risk.

Youtube Video Link 

Third party ISO Links..

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18912 ISO image x64 bit (64 bit)

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18912 ISO image x86 bit (32 Bit)

Try to give to feedback Microsoft, if you wish as it might help them provide better service.

Thanks to Wzornet for sharing the files. 

If you have any other links, kindly let us know in comments, as it might be helpful for some.