How to screenshot in Windows 11 on both desktop and Laptops! - How to [Beginner's guide]

How to screenshot in windows 11 and where are screenshots saved in Windows 11 location? that's what we're gonna see in today's post..If you think do we Seriously, need a Separate article to explain how to screenshot on Windows 11? yes, We do! Because as usual, we actually start from basics;and our blog readers do require this..! So, if you want to know how to print screen in Windows 11 laptop and desktops then this guide will help you because the process is same for both desktop and laptops..

Kali 2021.3 released ! How to download & Upgrade for free to Kali Linux 2021.3 Latest version [Guide]

Kali Linux 2021.3 was now available for download and upgrade for free. As usual, there are couple of new tools released in this new edition of Kali 2021.3 version. Though i'm yet to Xplore the tools released in this version, as per the developers site, this are the tools that are added on this latest version: Berate_ap,CALDERA, EAPHammer , HostHunter , RouterKeygenPC, Subjack ,WPA_Sycophant (I had included the link as it is, so that you can Just click and view the tools directly from official servers). 

Hibernate Windows 11 - Hibernation option missing from Start menu of Windows 11 [Solved]

Hibernation option missing from Start menu of Windows 11 - How to fix the missing option to get Hibernate option in Windows 11 Start menu that's what we will see in this post. You can use this guide on both Windows 11 laptop and desktops.

Activate Windows 11 - How to Check Windows 11 Activation Status

How to activate Windows 11 and How to check Windows 11 is activated or not? that's what we will see in today's post. The main reason to check whether windows 11 is activated or not is because, most of the features of the Operating System will be restricted without Activation, which can be done with Activation Key and KMS.

You can use this guide to check Activation status of Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro any type of editions and versions

Windows 11 for Senior Citizens ? - Do u need to Upgrade? Here is your guide!

Windows 11 for senior citizen? or Does Senior Citizen need to upgrade to Windows 11 ? , that's today's post all about. You may look the title and think about why such a post? the answer is simple, we got a question from one of our site family member!. And its our responsibility to answer! After reading the question, i was lightly shocked because his question was really a valid one.. 

Single click or double click to open an item/file/folder in Windows 11 - Turn on or Turn Off [Solved]

How to enable or disable single click mouse in windows 11 that's what we're gonna see in this post. Today, i received a question from one of our blog reader .. Logesh, i had accidentally changed some option to open files/windows from double click to single click mouse button  , which is making my PC to open an item with a single click,  though it was the one i actually want, this is not working on all options. So, can u guide me how to change this mouse double click  in windows 11? in other words, i just want to turn off or disable single click on Windows 11. Thanks..