Disable or turn off images appearing on address bar of Google chrome after Chrome 75 update [Guide]

If you are using latest version of Google chrome, Chrome 75 you might have noticed that whenever you type the text of famous figures, icons/ names on the address bar, an image appears on the address bar with search result.

Disable or turn off images appearing on address bar of Google chrome after Chrome 75 update [Guide]

For example: If you type Call of duty on the address bar, you can see the Call of duty image appearing, the same can be applied to all other famous figures and sports ( Try typing famous personality like abdul kalam or sport like cricket you can see the images 😃😃 displaying before the search results).

Though it was a cool new feature, lot of users dislike the feature and want to disable this images appearing on address bar of google chrome latest update 75 fearing it might consume lot of data.

So, if you are one of those, who dislike the feature, you can disable by following 3 simple steps.

Since, google uses a feature called Omnibox, disabling it will disable the feature.

Confused ?, don't worry just follow the below steps.

Disable or turn off images appearing on address bar of Google chrome.

1) Copy and paste the following bold letters on the address bar and press enter.


2) In the right corner side, you will see option like Default or Enabled, just click on the option, and select disable.

3) Restart Chrome.

That's it..

You can see the feature being turned off now.

Google Stadia live stream is here - Watch press conference to find Stadia release date, Price and much more..

Google Stadia is the upcoming google's cloud gaming service which was likely to be unveiled in next few hours. Despite several leaks about stadia's price, stadia's features and release date, gamers are excited to watch stadia press conference to find what google actually has in its arms.

Watch the live stream of google stadia to find the exact price, features and release date and other information.

Happy Gaming.

Windows 10 Insider preview 18912 iso download links are here..

Windows 10 insider preview 18912 (20H1) iso images are available for download. We had seen what's new in this Windows 10 insider preview 18912 on this post. Some fellow friends who were interested to test this new build are continuously checking for links to download iso for this latest build 18912. So, i decided to post it here.

As usual, If you wish to download windows insider preview 18912 build iso for free, despite bugs then you can use this third party links available on the web.

Just download and install it as usual. If you are an beginner and wanna install without any errors, then you can follow the video i created for creators update, which will still work for this build.  But remember, even though its from verified source, they are third party links, so download at your own risk.

Youtube Video Link 

Third party ISO Links..

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18912 ISO image x64 bit (64 bit)

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18912 ISO image x86 bit (32 Bit)

Try to give to feedback Microsoft, if you wish as it might help them provide better service.

Thanks to Wzornet for sharing the files. 

If you have any other links, kindly let us know in comments, as it might be helpful for some.

WhatsApp silently removes share to Facebook option in WhatsApp beta 2.19.163 for Android

WhatsApp beta 2.19.163 was now available for Android beta users. There is nothing new in this latest version of WhatsApp, but Share to Facebook option that we found on the WhatsApp 2.19.161 version seems to be removed in this build too.

Share to Facebook option will be displayed when you select the message, followed by More option in groups. This option was available on WhatsApp 2.19.161, but it was actually broken/bug as nothing will happen when you click the option. 

There are no other new options we had found as of now, so you can skip this build too.

Note: When i decomplied this app, i found lot of cpde reference for Facebook, So, you can expect WhatsApp to implement some new things that might redirect us to Facebook App very soon. 

In the Mean time, if you had found any new features kindly let us know through Comments.

Windows 10 Insider preview 18912 now available (20H1) for fast ring Insiders.

Windows 10 Insider preview 18912 was released for fast ring Windows Insiders who signed up for Windows 10 Insider program. This Insider preview was the latest version available now. 
Windows 10 Insider preview 18912 now available (20H1) for fast ring Insiders.

Is it worth a try ?

There was one new feature available on this build,in the form of Narrator. Whenever there was a text like "Click me" in a web page, now narrator has the option of letting you know where that hyperlink will take you to, when you press Caps + Ctrl + D..   

Microsoft Says, Narrator will send the link to Online service, will analyse and will read the title of the page it was linked to, to make it possible and as usual you have the option to turn off the option.

Apart from that, there are some bug fixes for last build's biggest problem unexpected GSOD's, color filter,etc. This build also has several issues but i guess it won't cost so much problem like previous one.

You can read the complete information on Official blog.

Your Phone's Sensor can be used to track you without your Permission using calibration fingerprinting attack, Says new study

Whether you are using iOS or Android device, you can be tracked without your permission according to the recent paper published by IEEE Security team.

Called Calibration Fingerprinting attack, this new type of attack can be executed with just the help of sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer found on your mobile. And they successfully overcame the problem of device not being stationary too.

Researchers says, your phone's sensors can be easily accessed, when you visit a website using java script and with the help of a native app and that is because it doesn't require any special permissions to access sensors despite several security features included in Android and iOS to prevent device fingerprinting. 

A calibration fingerprinting attack infers the predevice factory calibration data from a device by careful analysis of the sensor output alone. Such an attack does not require direct access to any calibration parameters since these are often embedded inside the firmware of the device and are not
directly accessible by application developers. We demonstrate the potential of this new class of attack by performing calibration fingerprinting attacks on the inertial measurement unit sensors found in iOS and Android devices.
Natural variation during the manufacture of embedded sensors means that the output of each sensor is unique and therefore they may be exploited to create a device fingerprint, explains the post.

They demonstrated the attack by generating GyroID for the device (which they accomplish for iOS using code written in swift) and even if there is any shake during the process of generation, it will analyse another 100 raw sample data, and if needed another 100 until it succeeds, and to complete all this data process requires just 0.01 Seconds explains the POC.

This new study shows how we are vulnerable to latest technologies, and explains the need for improvised security.

You can read this complete paper here.

BeiTaAd : 100 Million Plus Android Users found to be affected by BeiTaAd adware plugin

Despite Google's lot of efforts to provide better security for its Android users in terms of blocking harmful apps entering on Play store, some apps still continues to evade the shield and affects users.

One of those was uncovered today, by security researcher Kristina Balaam from lookout.com.

In a blog post, Kristina has reveled that 238 apps contained a plugin called BeiTaAd, and this adware plugin has caused serious issues to Android users by displaying out of app ads.

The issues include aggressive display of ads even when the screen is locked (Lock screen ads) and preventing the users to attend even phone calls by making the phone unresponsive to actions.  

It was now discovered that, lot of app developers has already included this SDK to display ads on their apps, without any big inspections, because of only one reason, "It was from the trusted Chinese company CooTek ", which developed the infamous 100 million users using Touchpal custom Keyboard app.

The good news is, this plugin was successfully removed and the apps that used this plugins earlier were updated to latest version without the plugin, which provides relief to some users but there are some other users who are yet to update their apps, and their privacy might be at risk warns Google .

If you are using one of those 238 apps, we recommend you to update those apps to the latest version to prevent your device getting affected.

You can read the complete list of apps that are affected on their official blog (Link opens in new window)