Cortana appears on Windows Store, A rare move that might separate Cortana and Windows !

Cortana appears on Windows Store, A rare move that might separate Cortana and Windows !

Microsoft's Assistant Cortana, has appeared in Windows Store today, the rare move that rises questions whether Cortana will do everything like before or will it be a part of upcoming 19H2 build OS. 

              Starting Windows 10 May update 2019, Windows 10, Version 1903 Microsoft has separated the Cortana and Search bar. But recent spot by Verge shows,

Microsoft might have planned to allow all users to manually install Cortana in its upcoming build or it could be also because of providing instant updates only to Cortana..

We are not sure, why Microsoft decided to provide separate app on Windows Store,all of sudden as there is no official Comment as of now..

But, One thing is for sure, if Cortana was further separated then users might start installing other assistants that are better than this will be proved soon.

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Microsoft Edge Preview now officially supports Tracking prevention - Here is how to turn that ON

Microsoft Edge Preview now officially supports Tracking prevention - Here is how to turn that ON

Tracking Prevention is now officially coming to Microsoft Edge chromium powered Preview builds, the feature that exists in Many popular browsers. As a testing phase, this tracking prevention is currently available only from Microsoft Edge Preview build which was released today.  

Microsoft, has included three modes Basics,Balanced and Strict for users to fight back against harmful web tracking mechanisms. By default, the Balanced Option will be turned on, which means it will not block tracking aggressively. So, If you want more privacy then you can switch mode to Strict using following steps..

How to turn on Tracking protection in Microsoft Edge preview builds

This feature is currently available as Experimental feature, so first we need to turn on it first..

1) Open the browser, on the address bar type

edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention and hit enter.

2) It will highlight the text and on the right corner side, there will be a drop down..

Click on it and select Enabled.

3) Restart Browser.

4) Once you restart the browser, type/copy paste the following on the address bar.


5) Now, it will display the options we talked earlier, Basic, Balanced and Strict.

Select Strict.

That's it..

Your browser will block most of the third party trackings.

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Microsoft starts pushing ending Support Message to Windows 10, Version 1803 Users..

              If you are using Windows 10, Version 1803 You will Soon see " You're currently running a version of windows that's nearing the end of support. We recommend you update to the most recent version of Windows 10 now to get the latest features and security improvements" Message everywhere especially in Windows update section of Settings App.

This is because Microsoft, wants all its users to use the latest version of Windows 10, Version 1903, which still has bugs like display driver issue, Bluetooth connectivity issue, sandbox issue, and more issues that are discovered everyday.

So, you can ask do i need to upgrade to Windows 10, 1903? I would say Ya, you can upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 update, as it contains more features like light theme.

When is Windows 10, Version 1803 Support ending date?

But, you have time, wait for Microsoft to fix the bugs, because the Official support is ending only on November 12,2019 meaning you will still get support till that time..

So, Just ignore the message and Enjoy this stable edition (1809 is the bugful edition, bugs are being discovered even today, so skip it and install 1903 which is safe compared to 1809)

Unable to Start Sandbox error code “0x80070002” in Windows 10, Version 1903 [Bug]

Unable to Start Sandbox error code “0x80070002” in Windows 10, Version 1903 [Bug]

Windows Sandbox failed to start error code “0x80070002”.

If you are using Windows 10 May 2019 Update [Windows 10, Version 1903], whenever you try to open sandbox it will display ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND with error code “0x80070002” and will fail to start.

Many users has experienced this issue, especially non English Windows 10 users. If you are the one who is experiencing this issue, then don't worry, because it was actually a bug. 

First try to change system time, because most of the users has fixed the issue by simply changing the system time, so give it a try..

If you are still unable to do that, then wait for an Official fix from Microsoft, because Microsoft is already aware of this issue..

Here is What Microsoft Says..

Windows Sandbox may fail to start with "ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0x80070002)" on devices in which the operating system language is changed during the update process when installing Windows 10, version 1903.
Affected platforms:

  • Client: Windows 10, version 1903
Next steps: We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.

In the Meantime, if you found any solution to this problem, Kindly let us know in Comments.. 

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New Mac Malware found to exploit Apple left unpatched gatekeeper bug might arrive very soon..

New Mac Malware found to exploit Apple left unpatched gatekeeper bug might arrive very soon..

                     Though Apple claims, its systems are completely safe Security researchers continue to develop and break the protection shield everyday. One of the bug that will bypass Gatekeeper was released to public by Filippo Cavallarin last month, after he feels Apple doesn't care about that vulnerability was found to be used by hackers to develop new malwares.. .

What is Gatekeeper bug?

To say in simple words, Whenever you download a file from internet, this inbuilt gatekeeper mechanism (a security feature) will scan the file, and will not allow the file to automatically execute without your permission.

Cavallarin demonstrated (POC) how this can be overridden and make your system automatically execute the Malware on his blog (You can read POC here).

As soon as a bug that was left unpatched was released anywhere, there will be a group to develop the malware and ransomware to exploit those...

Security team at intego, has discovered 4 new malware samples that was found to use this unpatched bug in a different way.

Codenamed OSX/Linker this malware was found to use .dmg format (A common extension format used by all the Mac Apps) instead of Cavallarin demonstrated .Zip format. Making it very easier to spread. 

You don't need to Panic as of now, because this OSX/ Linker is still found to be in early development stage and was not yet found to infect systems. So apple might release fix for the Widespread.. 

You can read the complete post on their Official site.

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How to download and Install latest iPadOS beta..

iPadOS public beta program, how to enroll? or How to download and install iPadOS beta on my device? Will there be any charge to download iPadOS beta?, if you have any of those questions, then i hope this post might help you.

How to download and Install latest iPadOS beta OS

Don't think it was a complicated one and you can't do it, because it was a very simple process..

Just follow the below steps..

A Word of Caution:
Beta programs, even though they are fun to test, it might still contain bugs, so we recommend back up your data before we proceed further..

How to install iPadOS beta

1) Go to

2) Click on Sign up.

3) Now, it will ask you to sign in, just sign in with your apple credentials.

4) The next page will show the guide to install, read those else simply scroll down and select Enroll your device button.

5) Once you tap the option, the page will ask you to back up your data. this is very essential because this is the easy way which you can use to retrieve the data in case of any bugs.

6) Now, scroll down and click on Download Profile option.

7) If it asks for permissions, Allow it.. Now head to your Settings App, in the left side bar you might see Downloaded profile, tap/click that => install profile.

If it asks for End user agreement, accept it, then enter pin (If it asks) => Restart your device.

8) That's it, nearly 98% process completes, now after the system boots up, go to settings app => General -> Software Update..

It will display an update named iOS 13 which is nothing but the name of this new update, tap Download and Install button, wait for sometime it will download the OS, once downloaded you will see Install option, tap it.

The system will now reboot, wait for sometime, and enjoy the new OS.

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Windows 10 Insider preview 18922 Iso download links are here..

Windows 10 Insider preview 18922 Iso download links are here..

Windows 10 Insider preview 18922 iso how to download? How to install Windows 10 Insider preview 18922? Where can i download Windows 10 Insider preview 18922 ISO for free? if you have any of the above questions, then you are at the right place.

Windows 10 Insider preview 18922 was released for Fast ring insiders today. We already covered what's new in this Windows 10 Insider preview 18922 in our last post [here]. One of our friend( Our blog reader) contacted me, and asked whether there is any link available to download this latest ISO, for clean installation. So, i checked whole web and found some third party links like we usually do whenever there was an insider preview released for insiders, and i decided to share it here..

As a repeated disclaimer, this insider preview will have bugs, so if you want to test this Windows 10 insider preview build 18922 despite bugs, then check the below links..

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18922 ISO image x64 bit (64 bit)

Download Windows 10 Insider preview build 18912 ISO image x86 bit (32 Bit)

If you want instructions, on how to install this build, then check this video, which might still work[Video Link].

Try to give to feedback Microsoft, if you wish as it might help them provide better service.

But remember, even though the above links are from verified source, they are third party links, so download at your own risk.

Credits to wzornet for download links..

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