Call of duty Modern warfare, Black ops cold war, Assassin's creed, Decay 2 will not work or will hang on Windows 10 insider build 21286!

Call of duty Modern warfare, Black ops cold war, Assassin's creed, Decay 2 will not work or will hang on Windows 10 insider build 21286!

Windows 10 Insider build 21286 has been released this week. And in our last post, i had shared the official iso download links of this preview build 21286. But, i forgot to mention that, this popular games call of duty Modern warfare, Black ops cold war or Assassin's creed or Decay 2 which are being played by most of us, currently! will cause a Major issue on this latest developer build. 

Hence we as well as Microsoft recommends you not to install this build, if you want to play those games.!

When you tried to launch this games on this Insider build, it will just hang or won't opens at all. So, if yours is not opening or crashing after installing this build, then u don't need to worry! All you have to do is either try restarting or you just have to roll back your pc to older build and pause the update post that is the only way to make lt work.

Here, is what Microsoft Says..

  • We’re working on a fix for an issue Insiders have reported where certain games like State of Decay 2, or Assassin’s Creed, may hang or crash when launching.
  • We’re investigating an issue where Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War may not launch starting with this build. If you play these games, you may wish to pause updates until the issue is resolved.
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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21286 iso official download links are here [2021 Edition]

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21286 iso download links? a comment reached my mailbox, then i realized Microsoft has released this new Windows 10 Insider build, 21286 to dev channel. This is 2021's first Insider build and latest Windows insider build which contains some new features tweaked to make the users stay with Windows for future.

Microsoft has moved the news interface to its taskbar a worth welcome move. All you have to do is, just hover your mouse on the taskbar, boom! your news feed will open, through which you can stay updated.!

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21286 iso official download links are here [2021 Edition]
Image credit: Microsoft

Other than this, this insider build 21286 also contains couple of other improvements in Storage section. In addition to new command. Diskspace is now going to be a command using which you can analyze everything in command section.

This is not a upto mark build as it contains more bugs, it contains couple of new features, so still worth a try on virtual environment or on your old PC.!

Okay, here is the link for the Official Windows 10 Insider build 21286 for you to download. 

Windows 10 Client Insider Preview - Build 21286 English

This link will work for sure, but sometimes, the links might have been broken. So, in case if its not working, then follow this steps below.

  • Visit this Official Microsoft site
  • It might ask you to sign-in sometimes, so sign in if you haven't.
  • Select Edition of your choice.
  • Download your preferred language
  • Confirm, and enjoy..

Researchers create new Cakie and Breakie recipes based on Artificial Inteligence's suggestions!

Are u the one who is little bit bored of eating same kind of dishes and want to try something different but afraid that, it will go wasted?! Now, you needn't to worry! We got a new hope..!😼

A team of Google Researchers, had used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make new baking dishes. "Cakie and Breakie."

I know Cake, but what is this Cakie ? got you!, i too got the same feeling when i first read that term.! later found that, its a hybrid of Cake and a Cookie , And Breakie is just a bread cookie hybrid. 

All those crazy ideas, started because of the lockdown implemented on most of the countries, as they don't know what to do like us at that time (sometimes), just kidding! 

We started off by collecting hundreds of cookie, cake and bread recipes. Then we converted all of their ingredients to ounces and whittled them down to a few essential ingredients (yeast, flour, sugar, eggs, butter and a few other things). 


After collecting the data sets, they had used AutoML tables, a no code google cloud tool, and let it train for the recipes. Interestingly, it might take 3-4hours for the Machine to learn to build that master class recipe.

Post, that it will give you the suggestions, on how much is the ingredient you have to use to get that new Awesome recipe Cakie or Bakie, whatever u give as a data.

Check this below Youtube Video on how they did and for more information..

Here is how can make "Breakie"

Makes ~16 bread-inspired cookies.


  • 2 teaspoons active dry yeast
  • ¼ cup warm milk
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 1 and ¼ stick unsalted butter, room temperature
  • ⅓ cup chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and lightly grease it with cooking spray.
  2. Make the bread part: Heat milk in microwave until it is warm to the touch, but not hot. Dissolve yeast in warm milk and set aside. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon. Add the milk and yeast mixture to the flour mixture and stir until combined. Add the lightly beaten egg to the flour mixture until combined. When you’re done mixing it may seem like there is too much flour. That’s ok, set this mixture aside for now.
  3. Make the cookie part: In a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine room temperature butter with both sugars on medium speed until smooth. 
  4. Slowly incorporate flour mixture into butter mixture, about a cup at a time. Stir in chocolate chips.
  5. Form dough into balls (in our recipe test the cookie dough balls were 2.5 tablespoons, or 50 grams if you have a kitchen scale) and place a few inches apart on your baking sheet. Bake 13 - 15 minutes until breakies are golden brown on the outside and start to crack slightly on top. Let cool on a wire rack. 

Credits/Source: Google blog

It might give a weird feeling for some, but You can definitely give it a try. What do u say?

Kali 2021.1 Release date - When Kali linux 2021.1 is gonna release ? We have some info!

2021 has born, which means the people/ business community has to prepare for the future by releasing new versions of their product, (which they were developing on past couple of months to an year!) to the people they trust and people who trust them.! 

Kali Linux, which has a separate fan base when it comes to security community is ready for the upgraded next version named Kali Linux 2021.1! Yes,After rolling out successful 4 builds(2020.1, 2020.2, 2020.3 and 2020.4) on the past year along with major changes like Zsh replacement, and appreciated undercover mode) Looks like the developers are all ready for the release of this next edition!.

So, when this Kali 2021.1 is going to release and what are the new features? 

There are few information available like it will be mainly tool focused when it comes to the features and changes when i checked on their git repository and their site, but i will wait for the official reveal. No spoilers, Sorry!. If you are keen to learn, you are welcome to check this link

Regarding the release, the developers has said that they are planning to release Kali Linux 2021.1 on coming February month and the day is Tuesday!

 Further details, will be updated on our website, once its available. In the meantime, if you wish then feel free to check this Related posts.

How to install gnome as desktop Environment on kali linux Latest version and How to set gnome as default desktop environment in Kali Latest version.

Oops, something has gone wrong. Please contact your software vendor. Network Manager needs to be running,no WiFi adapter error in Kali Linux [Solved]

Do you know you can Change grub wallpaper/background image/theme in Kali Linux latest version? here is an guide for you...

Happy New Year to you.. #Family!!

            Folks who said i'm still in 2020 but you went to 2021 (a year ahead because of timezone), you can't say that old joke now! Because its Official, New year has born for all of us now at this Moment..!

I wish a Very Happy New Year to all our readers (aka) the Family of Logeshwaran.Org!! Last year was a quite a bad year for us because of this virus! Few of us had lost our loved ones but most of us had lost the power of our own WILL (power) and stopped believing in hope, which has the magic power of changing the things!! Trust me, 2021 is not gonna be the best year like we used to have! But..., But! we can make it the best , i would say better than the best when we can regroup ourselves, and come back stronger.! 

< Our friends and family members would say,let's enjoy the present, without thinking about future, because tomorrow is uncertain! Yes, tomorrow is uncertain, but remember we are waking up everyday since our birth till now when we go to sleep, which is nothing but the so called tomorrow. So, let's not fool ourselves by those creepy dialogues.!! Let's enjoy the moment, but let's also make sure we are preparing for future in the same time, which is nothing but focusing on doing which is best for next day on the present time!!

Yes,! Vaccines will be ready, governments will be ready to sponsor those things, but sometimes u might need to spend all your money to get those high priced vaccines because we are being pushed to a state where people started saying Only if you put vaccines you will survive! Stop listening to those people! Though Vaccines might help us prevent those virus, it is not the case that only if you take vaccines you will live!! Because, we had survived for past couple of months before this vaccines were discovered, by practicing good hygiene and taking food as medicine! Let's not forget that! and Also death will come in any form not only by virus., Remember that!

Don't think that i'm against this vaccines! I'm not against the Vaccine drive, i just say, its not the only source for you to live and only if you take that, you will live!! You will Live, when you started to Live! 

You might be in poor financial situation as most of us had lost our precious jobs and businesses, which made some of my friends to take difficult decision of quitting and ending the life! 

If you belong to one of those, i urge you to stop thinking in that way! Instead let's pause for a moment and think, how we can overcome this! Ask yourself the answer, because you already know that!! you might need to spend some time alone to think about that, that's okay too! If you wanna travel, then travel! Remember,the top 10 richest man, still doubled their income even during this pandemic time!, think like them, when they can, you can too, you just have to think, that's it! 

if one door closes, the other one will open, but only when you hit the door, not just you left thinking that the door was already closed!  

Because Its not over till you decided to give up! Let's believe in our ourselves back again,and rework! thinking that you will be able to over change any situation irrespective of circumstances! Because you can and if you start, you will!! Victory will come to those who run, and only to those whose refuse to give up, don't be the person who gave up! Be the person who will never give up and will fight for what you want!! Let's fight for our dreams, the goals and let's make this 2021 awesome even if others say it will not!

Please take care of yourself, and our family..!

Happy New Year:)


Call of duty Warzone Season 7 version 1.30 is now live and available for download!! Check out the Size and what's new here!

Call of duty Warzone Season 7 version 1.30 is now live and available for download!! Check out the Size and what's new here!

Call of duty warzone season 7, the much expected one by COD Modern warfare fan club is now available for download for PS4, PS5, and PC.

Warzone has a separate fan base, for its engaging realistic battle royal matches, Plunder blood money, King slayer and other things like bunkers!. There were initially rumors that Season 6 will be the last one due to the release of Cold war. But Activision confirmed in its blog with the unexpected twist, the integration of all three battle systems! So, Whether you play the Modernwarfare or Cold war your ranks and everything will be synced across games making it super exciting!

So, What's new in Season 7 of Call of duty Warzone version 1.30?

I Won't reveal much details because it needs to be experienced.! However, there are couple of things that i will reveal which will make you to long for more. There will be a new gulag and new MAP Rebirth Island and new operators. As usual, this Season 7 of warzone also has 1300 battle pass COD points with free weapons and operators which can be completed once you started playing the game. 

Further details, check this official site! But as i said earlier, play to experience more instead of reading! that's okay but,

What is the COD Warzone Season 7 update size?

The update released for PS4 was around 21GB and for the PC its close to 23GB. I will update more details, once its available on other platforms.

Don't wait, just go ahead and enjoy live at sharp 11PST! In India, the Warzone season 7 is already released as well, but if you are unable to access wait till 11.30AM. 

How to join rebirth event/ load Rebirth Map?

Lot of our blog readers contacted me and asked how to join rebirth event or how to load rebirth map. Currently as far as i played,the complete map is available on new playlist resurgence trios.

And you will not see much difference in battleroyale expect gulag and helicopter layouts.

So, select that map and


Cyberpunk 2077 postponed again to December!!

 We have important news to share with you, that's how the post begins bringing the tears on the gamers face who anticipates this game for so long.  First and foremost, please Accept our humble apologies the post continues.

Cyberpunk 2077, the open world Role playing game where your story will change based on the choices you make was in too much hype because of the company's previous title's and the kind of graphics it shows in the trailer! You will play as an mercenary who is after the immortality.

In the latest tweet, made by the company, the company says its project is delayed by 21 days. And it will now release on December 10, After being postponing again for the fourth time. Yes, the game was initially planned for April 16,2020 and then to September 17, and then November 19 now to December 10.

Check out the trailer here..

CD ProjekT further explains the reason for the delay is only because there was an challenge in shipping it to all the previous generation and next generation consoles and they want to provide best experience for everyone citing work from home conditions. 

Since Cyberpunk 2077 evolved towards almost being a next-gen title somewhere along the way, we need to make sure everything works well and every version runs smoothly

Whatever! every gamer's only wish is to play the game which is 99.99% bug free and as developers decided to delay only because of that, its worth the wait, what do u say! 

How to install gnome as desktop Environment on kali linux Latest version and How to set gnome as default desktop environment in Kali Latest version.

How to install gnome desktop environment on Kali Linux latest version and how to set gnome desktop environment as default desktop environment in Kali linux? a question i got from several blog readers needs to answered fast, as the number of people who contacted for the issue keeps on increasing as we still have gnome fans (including me)and people who don't want to use default xfceπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ(Just kidding, everyone knows its fast than others)!


Though I replied to most of them by guiding the steps i know, as most of them are still facing issues and users asking that question keeps on increasing, I decided to write a separate post for this. So, if you are the one who wants to know how to install gnome desktop environment on latest version of kali linux or just want to set it to default i hope this guide will be helpful for you.

But, if you are a new user, and want to know about gnome i recommend you to visit their official site for more information. 

Here we go..

How to install gnome desktop Environments in Kali Linux Latest version 2020

1) Makesure you are connected to internet.

2) Open terminal

You can find terminal by pressing Windows/Super key and typing terminal

3) Type the following command 

sudo apt update && sudo apt install kali-desktop-gnome

4) Hit enter.

That's it. It will download and will install the gnome desktop environment wait for sometime. Depending on the nearest server your OS it will take time. Don't worry I will cover the other popular question "how to increase download speed for updating Kali linux" on our upcoming post as well.

5) It will ask you to choose default display Manager select gnome on it.

That's it. 

Restart your system and you will see an option to switch the desktop environments on the lock screen, you can switch from there.

However, you can also run command and set it as default, for that.

How to set gnome as default desktop environment in kali linux latest version.

1) Open terminal again 

You can find terminal by pressing Windows/Super key and typing terminal or continue on the same terminal if it was not closed Your wishπŸ˜‡

2) Type the following command 

sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager

3) Hit enter.

Now, it will show something like There are 4 or 3(depending on the environments you have) choices for the alternative x-session-manager (providing /usr/bin/x-session-manager) and with * highlighted on it.

Enter the gnome's number and hit enter.

Restart your system.

Now, you can see Gnome as default desktop environment.


Remember, every master is once a beginner who refused to give up!! So, keep learning and breaking.

Install fonts on Kali linux Latest version - How to[Guide]

How to install fonts on my Kali Linux PC one of the question i received from our blog reader who wish to change and install fonts in the GIMP but as it loads only the fonts from the system directory he was unable to do so and contacted me.

To be very honest, i was little bit surprised by his question on "How to manually install fonts on Kali linux", as we don't need to do anything special here and being a Kali user its not a big task but anyhow decided to write it here as an post so that it can help some of our friends out there.

So, if you are the one searching for this steps, then i hope this article might be little bit helpful for you too..

Here we go..

How to install fonts for GIMP or How to Install fonts in Kali Linux Latest version.

To install fonts, you don't need any special kind of commands. All you have to do is to ensure the font format that is getting downloaded, rest the system will take care.

I will explain that with the following example..

Let's take i want to install a font called Allura in my Kali Linux.

Here is what i will do..

1) I will Visit (Which has a huge database for all the fonts)

2) I will search the font name i want. In our case i will type allura and will select Download Family button.

That's it the file will be downloaded in zip format.

3) Once its downloaded, double click on the zip that was downloaded which will open the contents that were inside the file.

4) Look for the file which ends with .ttf or some font type format.

5) Double click on it, it will show the new window with text something like "The Quick brown fox...."

and in the toolbar you will see "Install" just click on that, and wait for few seconds..

Install fonts on Kali linux Latest version - How to[Guide]

Boom!! it will display "Installed".

That's it your font was now installed successfully.

And By following the above steps, you can install any fonts on your Kali Linux PC and those fonts will  be automatically fetched by most of the apps like GIMP.


Zsh missing or unable to start on Kali linux 2020.3 after upgrade? - How to Start or fix missing Zsh on Kali Linux 2020.3 [Beginner's guide]

 Kali Linux 2020.3 was released a week before, and one of the big change announced by the team is  changing the default bash to the Zsh on the upcoming version of Kali Linux 2020.4 and Onwards. Though it will be default starting 2020.4 there are lot of users who just want to try what this zsh looks like because of its autocomplete and other features. One of our blog reader contacted me and want to know the steps. Though i guided him, i thought it would be helpful for other readers who want to use or try this.

Zsh missing or unable to start on Kali linux 2020.3 after upgrade? - How to Start or fix missing Zsh on Kali Linux 2020.3 [Beginner's guide]

So, If you are one of the person who feels that zsh is missing on your upgraded Kali linux 2020.3 or doesn't know how to start zsh or replace bash with zsh in this latest version Kali Linux 2020.3 then i hope it will be helpful for you too..

So, here we go..

How to start or fix missing zsh on Kali Linux 2020.3

The solution will little bit vary for users who did fresh install of Kali linux and who had just upgraded from previous version of Kali Linux 2020.2.

If you did a fresh install of Kali Linux 2020.3 then you can simply launch the zsh by opening terminal and zsh.

However, if you had upgraded and typed just zsh then you will get the following message.

This is the Z Shell configuration function for new users,
You are seeing this message because you have no zsh startup files
(the files .zshenv, .zprofile, .zshrc, .zlogin in the directory
~).  This function can help you with a few settings that should
make your use of the shell easier.

You can:

(q)  Quit and do nothing.  The function will be run again next time.

(0)  Exit, creating the file ~/.zshrc containing just a comment.
     That will prevent this function being run again.

(1)  Continue to the main menu.

(2)  Populate your ~/.zshrc with the configuration recommended
     by the system administrator and exit (you will need to edit
     the file by hand, if so desired).

--- Type one of the keys in parentheses --- 

So, what are we missing here? do we have to freshly install the Zsh even after upgrade?

No, we just have to run a simple command and then will be fixed because this is by default installed by our system when we upgraded to Kali Linux 2020.3

Just open terminal, and type or copy paste below command..

cp /etc/skel/.zshrc ~/

Hit Enter and now type Zsh and enter.

That's it..

I guess i don't need to explain what that command will do, if you don't know then nothing to worry, man is your friend hope you got thatπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

You will see the Zsh being started..

Hope it is helpful. Happy breaking:)

Kali Linux 2020.3 Released and now available for immediate download/update.

Kali Linux 2020.3 Released and now available for immediate download/update.

Kali Linux 2020.3 is now released after nearly 2-3 Months and is now available for immediate download. So, if you are using Kali Linux then you can upgrade to this latest version 2020.3 with just opening the shell/bash and typing your usual commands. You know what i mean!

So, What is the new change they did?

What's new in Kali Linux 2020.3?

There are lot of improvements interms of packages, but here are some big changes they did in short...

Kali has decided to make Zsh as new default Shell for future...

Wait ? What ? Yes, you read that right! Kali team has decided to move away from bash to Zsh. While the changes are scheduled for upcoming Kali 2020.4 release, in this release, you will see both Zsh and bash being in your system after update and Bash will be still default, through out 2020.3. However, if you wish to change bash to zsh on Kali linux 2020.3 then you do using the following command.

chsh -s /bin/zsh

The above one is major news, other than that other couple of upgrades include..

2) Nethunter Supports Nokia 3.1 and 6.1

With the help of yesimxev, the developer team has brought the support of NetHunter app to more devices like Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 6.1.

So, if you are using the above device, go ahead and download the images from the site.

3) New Icons.!

For those, who gets bored easily by looking into the old icons and afraid to download new icon packs, thinking about security of that! Here is some good news for you..

You got new icons for tools!

4) Gnome's new file Manager theme.!

A new theme has been on the rolled out for the Gnome File Manager.

5) Other improvements..

And the list goes on,as it being a pretty big update so other improvements includes new mode for HiDPI support with just typing kali-hidpi-mode on your search bar and a new Win-KeX which is nothing but Windows + Kali Desktop Experience.

Happy breaking:)

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Kali Linux 2020 live default username and Password changed - Here is the new one for all latest versions

Change grub wallpaper/background image/theme in Kali Linux latest version [How-to]

USB Printer Port Missing after disconnecting Printer/turning Off your PC on Windows 10, Version 2004 and 1909 ? or After installing June 9, 2020 KB updates? - Here is How to fix !

USB Printer Port Missing after disconnecting Printer/turning Off your PC on Windows 10, Version 2004 and 1909 ? or After installing June 9, 2020 KB updates? - Here is How to fix !

If your USB printer port went missing after disconnecting your Printer or turning Off your Windows 10, Version 2004 and 1909, 1903 PC then you are not alone..! 

Ever since the latest KB updates were installed, Windows 10 users starting 1903 are experiencing a strange problem which has a pretty much easy fix. The issue is their USB printer port will disappear after turning off or restarting their Windows 10 PC/ Laptop. And it won't appear on Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners -> Printer server and Properties -> Port tab.  Result ? you won't be able to print. 

So, What is the issue ?

Here is What Microsoft Says,

  • If the driver for the USB printer contains a Language Monitor, the OpenPortEx callback function of the Language Monitor would not be called.  As a result, the user cannot fulfill operations dependent on the operation of the Language Monitor.
  • In the "Devices and Printers" control panel, when selecting [Print Server Properties] > [Port] tab, the port for the USB printer (such as "USB001") would not appear in the list of printer ports.  As a result, the user cannot fulfill operations dependent on the existence of the port

How to fix this USB printer Port missing on Windows 10 Version, 2004, 1909 and 1903 ?

The answer is pretty much simple as said earlier, you have to connect your Printer before turning on your Windows 10 PC. That's it? ya that's it..

If you had already turned on, your PC then

1) Press Alt and F4 Keys Simultaneously.

2) Or Press Start -> Power -> Shutdown/ Turn off your PC.

3) Connect your Powered ON USB printer.

4) Turn on your Windows PC.

Any other Official Fix?

Currently, the above solution was suggested by Microsoft, and it claims they are working on a Official fix.

Don't know why Microsoft said, they will able to fix the issue only when the future version of Windows 10 Operating System was released. Yes, you read that right! You can expect a permanent fix only on the upcoming version of Windows 10 Operating System.

So, until then keep following the above steps.

Hope it is helpful :)
Using Always ON, Always Connected PC ? - You can soon expect the Windows 10 May 2020 update!, Installed already and experiencing Unexpected Shutdown or restart? A fix is available for you as well!

Using Always ON, Always Connected PC ? - You can soon expect the Windows 10 May 2020 update!, Installed already and experiencing Unexpected Shutdown or restart? A fix is available for you as well!

Even though Microsoft tried too hard to prevent lot of bugs by releasing various Windows 10 insider builds, there were many problems user's start to experience when they upgraded their intelligent PC to the brand new Stable Windows 10 May 2020 update also known as Windows 10, Version 2004. One of the main issue that is faced by latest technology laptop holders is their device getting restarted or shutdown all of a sudden unexpectedly.

Microsoft has found that problem, and had applied compatibility hold for such devices ( Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3,etc) but users in an urge to use latest OS has already installed the latest OS. Result ? They started getting lot of errors, and faced unexpected shutdown and restarts losing their work as said earlier.

If you are the one, experiencing that issue(unexpected restart or shutdown after installing Windows 10, Version 2004), then here is a good news for you. The good news comes in the form of KB4557957, that was released yesterday. Microsoft has addressed the issue on the above update so installing that will fix your problem.

So, just check for updates it will auto download the update. 

If you are using Always On, Always connected PC but hadn't installed the update yet or yet to receive the update! then get ready Mate! because You're Next! to get the Other bugs as Microsoft is going to remove the Safeguard hold in the coming Weeks.

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Running DISM Command Still shows Nothing fixed after repair in Windows 10, Version 2004? [ Here is why you don't need to worry!]

Running DISM Command Still shows Nothing fixed after repair in Windows 10, Version 2004? [ Here is why you don't need to worry!]

DISM command not working or does your Windows 10, 2004 both client and server edition shows corrupted files even after running DISM DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth ? then i hope this guide might be helpful for you...

                            Its been so long, since i wrote a post about Windows 10 (if you are a regular reader of our site, then you might even say its been so long, since you actually wrote a post buddy!, got you as well😁😁 ) here is a post i decided to write it because i guess most of you might have already upgraded your Windows 10,Version 1909 to Version 2004 and Might search for a solution for one of the most serious issue which we doesn't need to worry about when occurs. 

If you haven't already upgraded, then its a good news for you, because users who installed this Windows 10, version 2004 are facing a couple of issues, one of them is their DISM command which was believed to repair your PC has actually being corrupt!.

What is the exact issue ?

If you are a intermediate user or advanced user then you might have well known this command " DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth" and  DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /ScanHealth
this command which will fix your corrupted files, will now show your files are corrupted even after fixing the files in background!

Which means you won't know whether the file is actually corrupted or just got fixed :( 

So, what is the solution? why i don't need to worry?

Microsoft says, this is a known issue and they are actually working on a possible fix and we can expect a fix in the next one or two weeks.. until then if your PC is having problems, then Microsoft asks you to do one small thing, run the same command again! I'm not kidding, that was the actual temporary fix that was suggested by Microsoft.

Here is What Microsoft Says from the Official site...

DISM might incorrectly report corruption is still present after repair
After using the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe) command /restorehealth to detect and correct system corruption, you might receive a report from the tool that corruption is still present. This can occur even when it has been repaired. An example for using the /restorehealth command is: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Affected platforms:
Client: Windows 10, version 2004
Server: Windows Server, version 2004
Workaround: If you receive reports that there is still corruption, subsequent scans should indicate the true state of the corruption. You can verify that DISM has fixed it by rerunning the same command or by using the /ScanHealth command. An example using the /ScanHealth command is: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Just reran the command and find your true state of files whether it was fixed or not, until Microsoft fixes the issue..

Keep breaking:)