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CES 2024 Review - Things you seen on Terminator, I Robot movies mayn't be much far ! [Check out some best products here!]

If you are fan of Hollywood movies especially for the genre where Machines will take control of the World kinda of Ones (like terminator series, I, Robot etc ), then CES 2024 had dropped you a hint that our World is Moving towards A.I vs Human Conflict very soon then expected!. 
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Don't U-turn make Zero turn! - Says Hyundai Mobis on #CES 2024 #MOBION at CES 2024.

Don't U-turn make Zero turn like a Crab! teases Hyundai, titled #Movement Re-defined Hyundai Mobis introduced new concept vehicle Mobion (M obis + ON) on CES 2024. Yes as excepted its a Car too😄! But with a slight twist on wheels. 

Happy New year!!

2023 was a roller coaster for few of us! But as we step up in to 2024 things does change not only to our ages but also to who we are! It doesn't matter whether there going to be election in 50+ countries this year where the geo politics might completely change or (remains unchanged)! Risking further inflation rates or job switches due to rise of A.I.. What you know for sure is you had lived overcoming every obstacles! And you will continue to be! So let's not worry about the future as we have the power to create and change whenever required and move towards better financial goals and improved quality of life my dear friend!

Dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem Error in Kali Linux [ Solution that Might Work]

dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem this is what the message i got when trying to install updates to Kali linux latest version how to fix it.? Before i go for the solution, i know few of you reading this blog had couple of doubts on whether i'm still alive as the number of posts that i wrote has reduced a lot from days to Months to now years. A Big Sorry! As i'm getting busy with the so called life on the other end, i'm unable to focus much on writing posts.  then why all of sudden this post  about dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem   error message.? simple, the answer is when i read the emails (which of-course, some readers of this site still do) this is the question i got from many of blog readers. I thought of coming back with New Year wishes for 2023 post but decided this needs to be addressed before that! So, this post.

What is AWS and How to Make Money ? #Learn AWS Series for free (Part -1)

What is AWS?  Why AWS ?  Is there a way we can make Money using AWS ? What is it to Work on AWS? Why AWS is So successful ? Does AWS requires Coding knowledge? Are you AWS partner ?  Is AWS better than Azure ?  Does your tutorial for AWS free ? Will your guide help me in becoming Aws Certified Professional, as i'm unable to afford it? tons of questions like this! in this past week! from our blog readers! 

Shall we start AWS tutorials as part of our blog (as usual for free..) #Learn AWS?

  Hi family, Welcome back.! Thanks for the Continuous Support, even though i started writing contents with a brief gap in between.! Surprised to see more and more questions flowing to the inbox when i started writing back just couple of posts in this week, asking whether i'm back, why there were so much gap in between and whether there will be posts as usual😅.. I was slightly busy, and that was a result of long gap. I Will try to blog as usual, whenever i have time but will make sure to publish one post everyday or atleast once in 2days.