Microsoft wants your contribution ! i.e; Your Windows 10's CPU Power to help find COVID-19 Medicine

Microsoft wants your contribution ! i.e; Your Windows 10's CPU Power to help find COVID-19 Medicine

Are you the one, who wish to contribute to discover Medicine for Covid-19? then Microsoft has an invite for you.

All you need to do is to donate your CPU power!, that's it..  If you are using Windows 10, then its pretty much very easy. Your PC has a inbuilt virtualization option known as Windows Sandbox and Microsoft says, we can use that to find cure.

Sandbox ? What it is? 

Sandbox is a kind of virtualization concept. i.e; Isolated environment. 

You can run any Apps, or code inside that protected box. All those things will be running only inside that box, and will not leave from that box.  It is difficult to bypass Windows Sandbox environment for a normal malicious code. So, it won't do any harm to your PC

Ok, Who is at the back ?

Folding@Home, one of the World's leading research community who fights every day to find cure for cancer, Alzheimer,etc  is at the back of this Operation. And they will use your CPU power to break the Protein code of this Covid-19 virus. 

My pc is small, will my contribution will still work? or Will my contribution will alone going to discover cure? 

This Organization's power is actually bigger than the world's top 7 supercomputer's combined but still not able to decode the entire information of the virus, they still need more power to decode and to find the cure. So, i guess there is no better reason needed than this. Every single contribution is important.

Got it? How to do it?

All you need is to download this powershell script.  After that you have to run this following command on your Powershell.

Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\install_folding_sandbox_on_host.ps1

It will automatically download the latest Folding@Home app on your system on a Sandbox environment and will contribute to the project.

Windows Sandbox allows you to contribute time on your Windows 10 PC towards fighting COVID-19. Here is how it works: using Windows Sandbox you can run the open-source Folding@Home app to help simulate protein dynamics. Folding@Home is one of the most popular distributed computing projects bringing together citizen scientists who volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers to fight COVID-19 and other diseases. For more information about the project itself, please visit the Folding@Home Knowledge Base. - Microsoft Said in its post. 

Don't think bad about the Bypass word in the above command. Consider it to be a just a keyword used in the programming language to execute the script(Powershell will not allow downloaded scripts to run by default) learn about some simple commands in this post.

If You can learn about the Folding@home, then visit the link here.

Together we can! Let's fight to save the World from this virus :) 

Today's Question - How data is sent wirelessly from one place to another when there are lot of devices/ interruption?

Today's Question - How data is sent wirelessly from one place to another when there are lot of devices/ interruption?

Today's Question : 

How data is sent wirelessly from one place to another ?

I guess i can put it out this way...

If you are making a call to your friend/family member who is in different place then how actually you are getting the same message they said on your device? For example : If they said " Hey buddy, ! How are you ? ", then how you are hearing the same message they spoke on your phone? when there are lot of buildings, other persons devices in between?

-Feel free to check on Google, bing, Stack exchange or any forums but remember while answering just answer it on your own words (don't think that your English will be bad, its OK! )

Just give it a try on comments!

Today's question is an Interactive Forum like Page where we ask some interesting as well as some basic question to our readers like you. If you are the one who knows the answer then you can post your answer to the question on Comments. Remember, your answer should be easier for beginner's to understand, as famous scientist Once said " If you can't explain it to 5 year old Kid, then you haven't understood enough"! Just Kidding! just try to explain in a bit short and not to techy for everyone to understand.

-Answers will be posted on April 9,2020
Google to publish your location data in anonymized way to control covid-19

Google to publish your location data in anonymized way to control covid-19

While the nation's are fighting very hard to control the ongoing corona disease, Google has came forward to support the government Authorities by sharing the location data of users in an anonymized way meaning, it will not expose the exact user but it will share in such a way that more people are in this area to control the spread of virus, Google said in a blog post published today titled "Helping public health officials combat COVID-19"..

If you have any question like what will happen? will my locations will be shared, then Google assures you don't need to panic. Because all the information is sent in anonymized way and will not reveal personal information at any point.

Here is what Google Says..

The reports use aggregated, anonymized data to chart movement trends over time by geography, across different high-level categories of places such as retail and recreation, groceries and pharmacies, parks, transit stations, workplaces, and residential. We’ll show trends over several weeks, with the most recent information representing 48-to-72 hours prior. While we display a percentage point increase or decrease in visits, we do not share the absolute number of visits. To protect people’s privacy, no personally identifiable information, like an individual’s location, contacts or movement, is made available at any point. 

Even though Google was criticized for being the biggest data collector in this world next to government, sharing this information at this moment is much welcomed by Many countries in this world, as it will help a lot to control the spread of virus and We hope the data will be anonymized as google claimed.

In the mean time, if you don't want your data to be shared then you can turn off the location history on your Google account, as the only data that is going to be shared are of users who have turned on location history on their device, which is off by default.

However, if you want to delete your entire location history, then you can delete it from timeline.

Be safe :)

April Fool, 1 2020 - Here are some future technology Google's prank videos we wish would be nice if exists in this world.

And there was a separate fan base who would wait for Google's April fool Video every year.  I would say that's because of two reasons. One being their videos being too difficult to decide whether they had developed such technology or is just a prank video. 

And other being they launching all their most popular service in April 1. Remember, Gmail? it was actually launched on April 1.

Though Google has disappointed us this year by cancelling the 2020's April fool pranks/jokes! there are still some future technology innovations videos that we wish if brought to life would be great, Who knows! they might be already working on it as well (as the future is not that much far). 

So, here in this post, i will share some of those videos  Watch if you are free and let me know which one attracted you a lot.

Here we go..

Mobile Screen Cleaner in the (Files) app

Google Tulip

Gboard Spoon

Google Cloud Hummus API 

 Google Play for Pets

Google Wind

Google Nose

 Coffee to the Home

Google Fiber to the Pole

What's your favorite?

KB4554364 fixes the VPN Bug, download and install now.! [Download link is here]

KB4554364 fixes the VPN Bug, download and install now.! [Download link is here]

KB4554364 was released as a fix for the ongoing issue of Windows 10 user's getting disconnected/ limited or no internet connection when connected to VPN. This news might be a good news in this Work from Home situation for lot of users. 

In a post published today, Microsoft said, "This non-security update includes quality improvements, and it will fix only these existing bug.

As of Writing this post, this update was not available via Windows update. It will be released today or soon.

But if you wish to download and install this KB4554364 then you can do that from Microsoft update catalog page linked below.

This update doesn't need any special instructions, just install like a normal one and restart if prompted.

KB4554364 Download link (Official)

And known issues as of now :)

Hope its helpful.

Internet archive gives all 1.4 Million Plus rare Books under National Emergency Library for free! - Grab your copy

Internet archive (better known as, one of the Organization who fights for the motto knowledge should be free is back again to help people who wish to gain knowledge for free. This time under the name of National Emergency Library by using the Covid-19 pandemic.  

I don't know what you are talking about, What exactly is this archive.Org ? is a non profit Organization, and they are actually working to preserve the digital copy of the internet (rare collections specifically), you can use this site to get almost any content which was now removed or updated. For example : If you want to know how google page looked like in 2001 then you can check that site, you will get it. Not only that, you can get a rare movie, song,etc which was not available on other sites there..

Imagine, how much data they might have, now😐😐

Why National Emergency Library ?

Internet archive gives all 1.4 Million Plus Books under National Emergency Library for free! - Grab your copy

As said earlier, this site has lot of rare books that are available and not available commercially so there was a system earlier where users can borrow books from others by joining waitlist , which some what not violates any copyright of the authors. But now due to this covid issue, the site says, waitlist time takes longer than usual, which is not acceptable. So, they had introduced this option where users doesn't need to wait they can access any books from their 1.4 Million + library collections for free.. 

This library brings together all the books from Phillips Academy Andover and Marygrove College, and much of Trent University’s collections, along with over a million other books donated from other libraries to readers worldwide that are locked out of their libraries.
And the next question, that comes in our mind, what ! Are the copyrighted contents served for free?

Hmm yes!, Copyrighted contents are contents are served for free ! We live in a society where everything was made up of Money. Of course, Money is needed for everything mainly to survive, i'm not denying that fact ! but there are people who can't afford $150 for a book, so this is for those people. 

Archive.Org also encourages users to buy books if you are in a position to buy books.!

We recognize that authors and publishers are going to be impacted by this global pandemic as well. We encourage all readers who are in a position to buy books to do so, ideally while also supporting your local bookstore. If they don’t have the book you need, then Amazon or Better World Books may have copies in print or digital formats. We hope that authors will support our effort to ensure temporary access to their work in this time of crisis. We are empowering authors to explicitly opt in and donate books to the National Emergency Library if we don’t have a copy.

If you are one of the author, doesn't want this to be done, then you can contact them directly to remove your book. ( Link.)  

And if you are the one who wish to get access to rarest books mainly of 20th century then its time for you to grab your copy! Go get it done here..

With this National Emergency Library, Internet archive's dream of making all the library at the user's finger tip is undeniable.

What do you say?

News bar beta spotted in Windows 10

There was a news that Microsoft was working on a new News Bar as it got many leaks past month, looks like the rumors are true, as its now official! the News bar is now available in Beta stage for everyone living in United states.

If you are living on other country, don't worry it will be launched soon to other areas very soon. 

What's this News bar all about?

Don't expect this to be a whole different app. Because there is nothing new, like you have a taskbar, you are going to get another bar on right side of your Screen. The difference and one useful thing is if you are the one who wants to have up-to-date information, then it will be very useful for you. 

It will reside on your right corner side of the desktop or left sidebar or top/bottom(above to taskbar) depending on your configuration and will continuously fetch all the latest updates from MSN and will display it like a story to you. If you are interested you can click and view the story.

News bar beta spotted in Windows 10

It also have many optional features, like minimizing if you feel its distracting and other features like changing the appearance, position, visualization etc..

How to change position of News bar in Windows 10 ?

If you like to change the position of News bar to bottom, rather than right side then you can change it in the settings, appearance section of the app.

All the stories that is displayed will open on your default browser.

You can get the app from this link.

As usual, don't forget to give feedback for the beta apps it will help the developers a lot.