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Wish to know about this blog and me ??, then here it is..

I'm Logesh, the founder and creator of this blog. I started this blog ( as Windowsexploredforu.blogspot.com) on July 27, 2015 in a mission to share information i know on my free time . The information  i share may be of any type for example : it may be about latest things that happen on this world, some rare findings, windows 10 tutorials & Linux guide,etc..

But,i like to point out, the contents provided here will be mostly about tech and Windows/linux, especially about Windows 10 and Kali Linux because i love to customize and solve errors that happen on PC.

My Life ?

Like others, i too have a personal life which is full of Up's and downs, and other things ??

Sorry, i'm a closed book.

My beliefs and My vision..

I have a strong belief that learning new things everyday will help me in self development, so i learn

something new everyday ..! whether it's through my fellow bloggers or common people like you.

I just wish to learn something new and share it with others so that they to can know something new !.

the way i learn depends on time.

Am i in Social Media or how can you connect with me ?

I'm primarily visible only on Google Plus


But when this blog started growing i was asked by our readers to enter into Social medias like


Later, some friends requested me to Post Videos.. So i created a YouTube channel which currently has morethan 1.3K+ family members (Subscribers)

You can view or subscribe to our channel using the below link.


So, if you wish to connect with me, just add me to your circles on Google Plus or follow me on any

of the above social media or Write an email to contactme@logeshwaran.org ..

Why my posts are short..!

I thought explaining things, without key information and in a long way is useless, because it is

waste of time for both you and me..

(Which gives you the ability to understand the information in short amount of time.)

So, most of my post will be short and sweet, unless it really needs some long post.

Where i'm from and what i love the most..!

I'm From the beautiful country named INDIA. i love people who have talents irrespective of their

nature, height, size,country,religion,etc..

What did i own ? and what doesn't...!

All the content posted here are written by me expect one or few, but the items i cover like Windows,

OneDrive, Chrome, etc.. are trademarks of their respective companies like (GoogleMicrosoft,etc) I

don't Own anything except the contents and this blog..

So, this blog is the only thing i own.

Am i a certified Professional Of Microsoft  or is this sponsored blog...?

To answer this question, i would say No ! because this blog or i wasn't not certified or sponsored by

Microsoft, google or any companies even though our blog are referred by users from Microsoft,

azure and other popular sites.

So, what this contents are served for ?

All the information provided here are for educational and informational purpose Only, i just love to

share information, so i created this blog and i will continue to post about it..

Anything else about me or this blog ?

It would take More than 50 pages if i started saying about it.. since i lack time most of the time i

wish to end it here..

If you feel something needs to be corrected like, the way i write posts or any suggestions to improve

our site, don't hesitate those things are always welcomed ! So, write an email to the above email id or

Just leave a comment in this page itself.

"If everyone decides to keep the useful information they found/discovered with themselves, then we mightn't have known now even how to survive or What treatment we need to apply for that particular illness"

Thanks for Stopping by :)

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