How to set Time Restrictions for User Account on Windows 10 [Anniversary Update Tutorial]

How to set Time Restrictions for User Account on Windows 10 [Anniversary Update Tutorial]

If your PC has multiple users and if you wish to set time limit for a particular user may be for your

child,then you can set time restrictions on their account.These will block the user account from 

running on that particular time,for example: if you had set it on Monday to Friday,then that person 

won't be able to login to the system on Saturday and Sunday,such case can be applied vice versa..

Enough intro,let's see how to do it..

Note: The Account must be a child account for this to work(Ofcourse you need Microsoft Account 

to manage)..

Just follow the below steps..

[Video tutorial]

1) Sign-in to your Account.

2) Press Windows + X Keys and select Command Prompt(Administrator)

3) You will be prompted to select "Yes" or "NO",select "yes"


Don't like this User Account Control popping out everytime??,then disable it by using the method used here...]

4) OK,now you will get a black screen window with C:\System32\

5) Type net user 

6) Hit enter

It will display list of accounts on your PC,

7) Now, we type the user name of that account,your time restriction on the following format.

net(space) user(space)  *Useraccount* (Space) /times:Days, Time.

You need to replace Useraccount,days & time with the name of the account and days and time you wish to set.

Where,you can set Days using the character..

M - Monday,T- tuesday,W-Wednesday,Th-thursday,F-Friday and Sa for saturday and Sunday respectively.

And for time you can set any time you want,but they all must be in 24 hr format.

For example: if i wish to set restrictions for  an user account lw for a particulat days monday -wednesday and the time is 9 to 11 and also for Friday 12.00 to 15.00,then 

8) I can,make that possible by running following command(match that with your case)..

net user lw /times:M-W,9:00-11:00;F,12:00-15:00

where 9,11,12,15 represents the hour hands and 00 represents the minute hand,if you wish to set 11:30,then replace the 00 with the corresponding minute you wish to set for which is 30...

9) Hit enter.

Now,you had successfully set the time restrictions.

To confirm,type net user followed by the user name

for example: net user lw

If you wish to turn off restrictions,then simply type the following command

net (space) accounts ( space) Useraccountname (space) /time:all

in our case,it's lw..

So running net accounts lw /time:all

will turn off all restrictions i had set on that user..

That's it..