Disable Edge extensions from installing in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update tutorial]

Disable Edge extensions from installing in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update tutorial]

Disable Edge extensions from installing in Windows 10 or Prevent Microsoft Edge installing extensions in Windows 10, that's what we're going to see in this post.

Microsoft Edge extensions are slowly gaining phase as there were continuous development of more extensions that are in the support list for Microsoft edge,also Thanks to UWP program,the recent change in that pushes more extensions to our Store..

When there were good,then there exists bad right? the same case can be applied to Edge,as Somepeople loves this extensions and some hate extensions.With we already described how to install extensions on Microsoft edge running Windows OS,i think its time to show to disable them completely.

Like others,this too has two methods,which does the job for us with easiest being Group policy editor and the intermediate being registry tweak.

I'm gonna explain the two methods now,choose accordingly which method suits best for you..

How to prevent Edge installing Extensions in Windows 10

1) Press Windows + R keys

2) Type regedit

3) Hit enter

4) The registry window will open,on that navigate to following folder(Key) by expanding


5) Right click on the Microsoft folder and select New- > Key

6) Name it as MicrosoftEdge and hit enter

7) Now,again right click,this time on the MicrosoftEdge and select New- >Key

8) Name this as Extensions and Hit enter.

9) Now,on your Right pane right click on the empty area,and select New - >Dword

Note: Choose Dword even though you are using 64 bit version of Windows

10) Name this as ExtensionsEnabled and make sure value is 0 in the value data field.

11) Close the Window and restart your edge browser and visit the extensions tab you can see it was grayed out and a message saying your organizations doesn't allow extensions.

Note: Some users said the above registry tweak is not working on Windows 10 Anniversary Update build,if you are on the list then don't worry follow the next way..

You're done..

Method 2 : Using Gpedit..

1) Press Windows + R Keys and type gpedit.msc

2) Hit enter

3) Expand Computer configuration - > Administrative Templates - >Windows Components - > Microsoft Edge

4) Look for an Option on your Right pane "Allow Extensions"

5) Click on it.

How to prevent installing Edge Extensions on Windows 10 [Anniversary Update tutorial]

6) Select disabled ->Apply -> OK.

That's it..

If you wish to allow extensions in future simply delete the registry key you created or change the gpedit setting to Not configured.

Hope it is helpful.