October 2016

How to install Paint 3D on Windows 10 PC when it was not available on Store [Guide]

There is a great buzz around the Microsoft's Paint 3D application since Microsoft's Word on their

October 2016 Event.This is because Microsoft had tried their best to bring the all new build of

Windows 10 which is Windows 10 Creators Update coming on March 2017.

How to install Paint 3D on Windows 10 PC when it was not available on Store [Guide]

Though the company had introduced some other Softwares and hardware devices,the Paint 3D app

was the one which got attention on the Software Part..

Most number of people are looking for such an awesome app that will replace the version of app we

are currently using.

I had explored the Paint Preview app already in this video.


But i hadn't mentioned how to download and install on your PC.that made me to write an another

tutorial about this Paint.

First things first..

Though this app was now available on Store,you can't get this if you are living in countries other

than USA,UK,Canada,Newzealand and Australia as they are the only Countries it was made

available Officially(While Writing this Post)

So,what we need to do,to overcome the above limitation is you need to change your location.

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type location

3) Select Change your county or region..

4) Select your Country from the list on right pane.

5) After changing your location,

visit the following link


If the above link doesn't worked,then

Change your region to USA using above steps,and open your store..

On the search bar,type Paint3D and Select Paint 3D from the drop down menu.

Note: If there is no such drop down menu,then change your location to one of those as said earlier..

i tested and it displayed only when i changed my country on settings,so give it a try...

Click on Get button.

Sign in with your Microsoft Account if needed..

It will start downloading once you clicked on it..

The thing is it won't install on some PC's,what we need to do on such time is,

First check whether you are in correct region(if not see the above steps and change your location)

If you are on the correct region and if you still receive some error then you need to update your

PC to latest build.

Sometimes,it will go another step forward and will prompt you to sign up for Windows Insider to


I recommend you not to sign up for insider if you are novice to computers as you will be served with

updates again and again periodically.

Also Most Importantly Microsoft will be no longer become responsible for your System's

crashes,data loss and Other things that happened because of installing Windows Updates once you

sign up for the insiders program.

So,its better to wait till March 2017 (that's when Windows 10 Creators Update was scheduled for

release) when you are prompted to become an Insider.

If you are not prompted to become an insider then simply install it as usual like you install other apps.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

How to Stop Windows Defender from Running Alongside antivirus programs in Windows 10 [Guide]

If you are in Windows 10 Anniversary Update(1607 Build) then you may had probably noticed about

this.Windows Defender Was running alongside of your antivirus program.

Windows Defender will automatically turn itself off when we install some third party antivirus

programs.Yes,that happened for a long time since the beginning of modern era Operating Systems.

But in Windows 10 Anniversary Update there are some changes made my Microsoft.

Microsoft never wants to leave their Users completely depending on third Party Antivirus

Programs(though,they are far better than the Software provided by Microsoft) So,they had made a

simple change on its Antivirus Program.Despite getting a new Icon and new UI(Which they had

planned to initialize in Windows 10 Creators Update) the antivirus have the functionality which can

be used for our Purposes.Yes,it has a facility to run alongside our AV Programs.

If it founds any other AV programs it will turn itself Off as usual,but it will silently performs some

actions it was programmed to be made(in the name of Automatic Maintenance) when an option was


But such things are not liked by Some of Our Users,as it will Consume some RAM and will continue

to display its icon on the tray.So if you are the person who wishes to disable it Completely,then here

is an tutorial that may be helpful for you..

Just follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Windows Defender

3) Select Windows Defender Settings that's was showing on the search(System Settings)

4) You may see "The Settings for Windows Defender is not available because it is turn


How to Stop Windows Defender Running Alongside antivirus program in Windows 10 anniversary Update

Scroll down,till you find the option "Limited Periodic Scanning"

You may see the message "Even if you are using Another Anti virus program windows defender will

continue to periodically scan and notify you about the treats on your PC" under that there will an

button that shows ON.

5) Slide or click on the left side of the option so that it shows OFF.

That's it..

You have done.

Now,Windows Defender will be turned off and it won't start its scanning until you uninstall that

third party App.

Change Registered Owner name in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

In this post,let's see how to change the registered user name of Windows 10 PC...

Though this tutorial is for Windows 10 PC users,it will work on all edition of Windows namely

Windows 8.1,8,7...

So if you are using Operating System other than Windows 10,you can also try this it, will work


OK,let's see how to do it..

Just follow my steps..

                                                                 [Video tutorial]

1) Press Windows + R Keys on your Keyboard

2) Type Regedit

3) Click OK/Hit Enter.

4) If UAC Pops out,Select Yes...

It will open this Window(Registry Editor) On that do as follows...

Note : Editing incorrect registry will lead to your System to become unstable,so follow my steps

to check whether you are in Correct path.

5)Some of the Options may differ like differ in folder names,it's not necessary to care about..

Just Stick it to the following path,which will be same for all Windows OS's..


7) click on Software

8) Scroll down and Click and expand Microsoft

9) Now,again Scroll down,Click and expand Windows NT

10) Click on CurrentVersion

11) Now,you can see somethings on your Right pane,

on that find and Click on "RegisteredOwner"

Important: Ignore all other things,because an small change in that will seriously

affect your PC..So only click on that "RegisteredOwner"

12) Now,change the Value data ,delete everything on that field

13) And start typing the name you wish to set as registered name..

For example: If you want to register the Product under
the name of "logesh" Simply type "logesh" on that
value data field box.

"You can set any name,even yours..!"

14) Click OK.

15) Now,recheck to check whether changes had happened or not..

For that,

Press Windows + R Keys,you will get Run Command

Type Winver or Winver.exe

Hit enter/OK.

You can see the new changed name there,if not then

Re follow the above steps and make it yours :P

That's it..

How to enable WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Any Android device

WhatsApp has introduced its much awaited feature video calling feature for android.

Here is how to install and make a video call on your Android device..

WhatsApp video calling is not a hoax or spam, Whatsapp doesn't require any seperate video calling

apk,to enable whatsapp video calling feature or for activation you just need to update your whatsapp

in playstore in different way

Check the below video for details...

Don't forget to Subscribe for Updates..

Thanks for watching.

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Meet Microsoft Teams - the competitor for Slack which Microsoft gonna unveil Soon

Looks like Microsoft has made the app Skype teams which would be a better competitor for the

slack.The thing to remember is,this is the same Microsoft which came forward to buy slack(the team

messaging app) but it seems now its gonna kill that.with this.

I looked in the official page for downloading this app it seems to be alive,but when i clicked on the

dowload the app it redirect the webpage to teams.skype,com/downloads the url which is yet to gonna

live (while writing this post).

But one thing we can confirm is,the new app will be called as Microsoft Teams and not Skype team

as reported earlier.

[Also See : Microsoft's new Paint Preview App,what's inside??,we got full app :P]

Microsoft team vs slack

The link for the microsoft teams is at teams.microsoft.com which you can visit to see updates in

some time.At the time when i visited,the website simply displayed we are restoring(Something)...etc

message,may be it can be restored on some time .

The download link for microsoft team is available

at https://teams.microsoft.com/dl/launcher/launcher.html?url=%2f_%23%2fl%2fhome&type=home

which redirects to teams.skype.com/downloads page.

More details about how this will look like,and how it works can be confirmed only after microsoft

officially unveils it.

Since Microsoft event is gonna happen very soon we can expect this would be in their list of new

things that the company gonna unveil.

i hope they would..!

What to do you think about this Microsoft teams?? Will it become a better alternative to Slack?? Let us know in comments...

How to Stop Windows 10 from installing unwanted store apps [Tutorial]

Does your Windows 10 downloads Candy Crush and other unwanted apps automatically?? then here

is your guide to disable.

let's see how to stop Windows from auto downloading of Windows Store Apps..

Follow my steps..

[Video Tutorial]

There are two methods using which we can use to solve the problem.

One is based on regedit and another is based on command..

Let's see how to do that..

1) Press Windows + R -> Type regedit - > Hit enter.

2) Navigate to following registry..


If you have no Option named WindowsStore,then

3) Right Click on the Microsoft area

4) Select New - > Key.

5) Name it as WindowsStore.

6) Now,again right click on the right pane and Select Dword.

Note : You must select DWORD even you are using 64 bit edition of Windows 10.

7) Set its name as AutoDownload and its value data to 2.

8) Close the Window...

If you are using other builds(especially 10586) then the above mayn't work for you sometimes..

So,you need to follow the upcoming registry tweak...

9) Navigate to the following registry..


10) Now,right click on the Windows folder and select New-> Key

name the key as CloudContent

and follow the remaining steps..

Create a new DWORD on the right pane and name it as DisableConsumerFeatures

Set its value data to 2 or 1.

2 will work in most cases..

If the above method seems hadn't worked in your Windows 10 Build 1607 anniversary Update edition,

then try these steps..

11) Press Windows + R - > type Secpol.msc

12) Select Application Control Policies

13) Expand Applocker on left pane.

14) Click on Packaged App Rules

15) Now,on your right pane,right click and select "Create new rule"

16) When you clicked it will open a new window with Before you begin,Permissions and some other options on left pane

17) Select Permissions tab.

18) On the right pane,you can find Action button select Deny on that and click Next.

[Video Tutorial]

19) On the next Window,select the dot Use an installed packaged app as reference.

20) Click on  "Select "

21) It will pop up another window,on that scroll down and check the box "Windows Spotlight"

22) Click OK.

23) Again click on Create.

24) Restart Your PC for Changes to take effect..

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.


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[Fix]SxStrace error Side by Side configuration is incorrect in Windows 10

This error will occur because the vc++ was unable to perform its required operation,install visual c++

redistributable particularly vc++ 2008 (you can find the download links on official link :

or simply google or bing search to find the official link) if you had already installed try reinstalling it..

if that hadn't helped try this.. Method 2 : ======== 1 )Open regedit.. 2)Navigate to this section(by expanding each section) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide\Winners\x86_policy.9.0.microsoft.vc90.crt_
(if there is no such thing,check this location

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS\Winners\x86_policy.9.0.microsoft.vc90.crt) 3) Expand that too, you can find a Key 9.0,click on it. 4) On your right pane there will be some entries,click on the "Default" which will pop you a data note that down in some place like notepad. 5)Now,look on other items( on the same right pane listed under this default) find the highest number. 6)Note that down too.. Now,again go to default which you see on step 4.change the value data value with this one(step 6's value) if higher. Click Ok and exit Restart your system. If that doesn't worked,try this Method 3: Also run sfc utility.. ========================== Run CMD AS Admininstrator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXgIzMRSt8g Type sfc/scannow Hit enter.. It will begin its search and will correct if there is problem with any windows file.. But re/installing the vc++ file may fix the problem in most cases.. Hope it helps.

Hide or Remove Power button from Sign-in Screen in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Remove power button from Windows 10 lock screen that's what we're going to see in this post. We are not going to use group policy editor / gpedit., Instead we will use registry tweak. You might have already known that there are many ways to shutdown and sign out our PC. Particularly,in the latest editions of Windows the option to shutdown is vast a. One of the way which may make the user to loss some work is by using the power button of lock screen.

This can hurt,when we had locked our PC to prevent access to others and the person who even don't know the password can simply shutdown our PCs using the power button located on our lock screen
or login screen which may result in loss of our unsaved work..

So in this tutorial let's see how to fix that...

Hide power button from appearing on lock screen - How to [Guide]

OK,let's see how to do this..

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type Regedit.

[If you have difficulty in following below steps,check the above video tutorial Created for you]

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to the following Registry Key..


5) When you on the right area,you can see shutdownwithoutlogon  text (DWORD) on your right Pane.

Double click or single click on that item,when you clicked it will show the value data as 1,Click on it and change that to 0 from 1.

6) Press Enter.

Note: If there is no such DWORD exists,then you need to create one..

1) Right Click on the empty area of right Pane and select DWORD(32_bit)

2) Type shutdownwithoutlogon and set its value to 0.

Now,visit your lock Screen again,you can find there is no power button..

That's it..

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How to install Instagram on Windows 10 PC [Incl.Windows 10 Anniversary Update] [Tutorial]

Instagram is an social app loved by most of us.It became favorite app right from its launch.It later

gained more users after it was bought by the social media giant Facebook.

If you are a fan of  Instagram then here is some good news for you.the developers of the app had

officially announced its availability for Windows 10 PC's.

In this tutorial let's see how to install instagram on your Windows 10 PC.

Works on all edition of Windows 10 including Windows 10 Anniversary Update build.

Just follow the upcoming steps..

[Video tutorial]

1) Login to your Windows 10 PC.

2) Press Windows Key,type Store

3) Select the top most result i.e.,Store

4) It will open your Windows Store app,on that do as follows..

on the search bar (which will be located below to X Close mark.) type Instagram

[If you have difficulty in finding those,check the video tutorial created for you]

5) It will show some results,select the top result Instagram.

6) Click on Get.

7) It will start downloading,wait for sometime till it downloads

the download speed depends on your internet connection.

8) After downloading,it will show launch option,click on it..

It will launch Instagram..

That's it.


Paint Preview Explored - What's inside??

Microsoft Paint Preview is the new App scheduled to release very soon.We got an insider news that

this app will be improved and will replace the standard paint that we are using in our Windows


The exact build details for feature this the feature to be available is not yet released,so we don't know

when we can use the app officially.

We got this app and decided to test how it works..

Surpringly it looked like an neat software app but it still lacks some features which most number of

people use in image editing softwares like photoshop,coreldraw,etc..

Check the below video to see what are the options it has..

I will post more details about this app when it was available....

Subscribe and stay tuned for Such Updates..

How to enable task manager disabled by Administrator [Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial]

Taskmanager helps in varies purposes.we can start a new program,end task,find how much ram or

cpu being used by an process and so on using this task manager,due to this (we can control our whole

system using task manager) some administrators begin to disable this task manager as they may had

thought disabling task manager may help them to provide shield from some computer intermediate


Everything has its own way (if there is a lock,then there must be a key..!)So,in this tutorial let's see

how to enable task manager disabled by your administrator.

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows Key

2) type gpedit

3) Select the top most result "Edit Group policy"

" If you have no group Policy,then check this 

4) Click on User Configuration

5) Now,again expand Administrative templates.

6) Click on System ( On right Pane)

7) Now open "Ctrl + Alt + Del options"

8) Double click or single click Remove Task Manager,

9) Set it to Not configured from enabled( Just click on the Not configured dot.).

10) Click on Apply -> OK.

That's it..

Now,open your Task manager again you can see it Opening Again.

How to install Google Noto Fonts in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Google had launched the world's best collection of font family known as Google Noto for languages

that were in the writing format.Since it is an open source project we can download and install any

font of our language.In this article let's see how to install this awesome font on our PC.

Some facts...

Google Noto was launched to overcome typo language errors which they called tofu.You may had

seen that error (a little square box appearing instead of texts while entering some texts in sites,which

is because of the language not recognized error) to rectify the above error this five year project was

made into success and was launched officially.

It supports nearly 800 languages..

Since it is an Open source project as mentioned earlier,we can use this fonts for any projects free of


OK,let's see how to install it..

[Video tutorial on how to do it]

You need 472MB of data to download the entire fonts collection(whether you need or not .!)if you

have no such data or if you think spending such amount of data is waste,then,

We have an alternative option  which is, downloading only selected fonts(which won't take MB's.)

Well,here is how to download and install it..

1) First Visit this official link.


2) If You planned to download entire collection then you can make the process done,by clicking on Download All fonts option.


3) Click on the search bar

4) Type the name of the language for which you need the font for..Example : English,Algerian,Tamil,telugu,etc..

5) Press Enter Key.

6) Scroll down,it will show the list of fonts available for that language,

Click on the Download button.

The download time will take some time depending on the size and your internet speed.

7) Click on the Zip file that was downloaded,open it.

You can try softwares like 7Zip,Winrar,Winzip to extract it.

8) Just click on TrueTypeFont file

9) Click Install button.

[You need some administrator permissions,if UAC prompts out,select Yes ]

10) When the Install button grayed out close the Window.

That's it..

You're done.

Comment if you have any doubts..

List of Motorola Phones that gonna get Nougat Update

Whenever a new version of Android comes out,there will be curious on which company smartphones

gonna get the update first. Motorola the company known for its high end devices wins the contest on

2015 Marshmallow and its previous launch.

Android Nougat was released nearly a month ago,and no companies had made the statements when

their manufactured devices will get the Android 7.0  update.

Unsurprisingly,Motorola wins this year Contest too as it had released a list of devices that it had

planned to upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat.

While the exact date of release was not mentioned as usual,we can expect the update in the month of

December or janvary  as last year.

Here are the list of Motorola devices that gonna taste Nougat..

Moto G (4th Gen)

Moto G Plus (4th Gen)

Moto G Play (4th Gen)

Moto X Pure Edition (3rd Gen)

Moto X Style

Moto X Play

Moto X Force

Droid Turbo 2

Droid Maxx 2

Moto Z

Moto Z Droid

Moto Z Force Droid

Moto Z Play

Moto Z Play Droid

Nexus 6

Via : Motorola

Surprisingly,the Moto G (2015) 3rd Generation has not been included in the list,may be the company

may had planned to release after releasing to the above mobiles..


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New Windows Explorer App - How to launch on Windows 10 [Guide]

Yes,the news is true.Windows 10 has a new Windows Explorer. If you are using a 14936 build

or later version of Windows 10 then you may had heard about this..This Windows 10 Explorer is

basically just a app that was ported from windows 10 Mobile.Microsoft is slowly gaining some

advantage through its UWP feature (Universal Windows Platform).It when completely successfully

will kill some great PC applications especially games because of its nature.Whatever it may whether

its for good or bad, people stick towards the modern thing which makes Companies to develop them

and invent something new,,!

OK,if you wish to try or launch this new Windows Explorer App which is an better replacement for

our classical Windows Explorer,then here is how your guide..

Requirements ...

We had tested this setting in different build editon of Windows 10,but the only edition it worked was

on the latest insider build.The build number it worked is on 14936.

So till now(While writing this post) if you wish to try or switch to the latest Windows Explorer,then

you need an PC running atleast 14936 build.

[See: How to Check build number in Windows 10]

You can update your build by signing up for Windows insider program.for which an easiest way is by pressing Windows key -> typing insider-> selecting the top most result(Windows insider program settings) - >  changing those settings.

So,install or update your pc to that latest build to try that(or wait till Microsoft releases it )..

How to do it ??

If you are on that build then launching that is an very simple process..

1) Right click on the empty area of desktop

2) Select New -> Shortcut

[Click on the image to view Full Size]

3) On the box that displays,type the following command

explorer.exe shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App

4) Click Next.

5) It will ask for name,name as per you want,you can use any name.

6) Click finish after you finished.

That's it..

Now launch the newly created shortcut you will get the new Windows Explorer App.

Hope it is helpful

Save Webpage or Website for Offline Viewing in Microsoft Edge...[Tip]

Saving a webpage for offline use is the most wanted thing for most of us,that's because it helps us to

view the website or information whenever we wish even though we don't have an internet connection

at that moment.We can use save webpage for offline Use by simple click in most of the browsers like

chrome and firefox,but such thing can't be done in Microsoft Edge (which Microsoft claims to be the

best browser for Windows 10 )

So,in this post let's see how to save a webpage for offline use in Microsoft edge..

Though MS edge doesn't have this facility to save for offline using Simple click,we can achieve the

above task in couple of ways..

Note : if you have any difficulty in following the below steps,check the video tutorial created 
for you which have some steps in detail..

[Video tutorial]

Method 1 :  Using Print ..

1) Open the webpage you need to save..

2) Click on ... icon and select Print.

3) Select Microsoft Print to PDF.

4) Click Print.

5) It will prompt you to choose where to save(Since it asks to save ,we can use this for our use(offline use)

6) Select your favourite location

7) Click Save.

The files will be stored on your documents folder (by default & if you hadn't changed its location)...

Method 2 : 

The next way is by using Internet explorer feature..

1) Click on the ... icon and select Open With Internet Explorer

2) when it opened,press Ctrl + S Keys.

3) Choose save as type and select Webpage Complete

4) Click Save.

Like said,in the previous step.The downloaded files will be saved on your documents folder by


That's it..

Hope it is helpful...