November 2019

ASUS ROG finally receives Android P (OTA) update [ How to check for updates]

"Update : Asus Rog devices start receiving Android P update"

Asus Rog one of the best gaming phone that got lot of impressions all over the world started failing when the manufacturers decided to postpone its update every now and then.Though we understand that in order to write codes to provide smoother experience it will take a little bit of long time its sad that when the other manufacturers are moving to Android 10, Asus is releasing android 9 only now.

Finally, Asus has announced that its releasing android P update to Asus Rog smartphones in its zentalk forum.

 Here is the complete changelog from the official site.

1. Upgraded system to Android P
2. Removed Page Marker, ZeniMoji, Report Location in Safeguard, weather animation setting, AI charging
3. Removed the Yandex cloud opetion of File Manager Application
4. Upgraded Game Center to Armoury Crate with whole new design
5. Added "Adaptive brightness", "Adaptive Battery", "New notifications", "Status bar icon manager", "Screen recorder", and "Local backup" in Settings
6. Upgraded Game Genie panel with new design and features
7. Added Android P "Swipe up on Home button" gesture
8. Support 24-hour forecast in Weather application
9. Revamped Mobile Manager, Contacts, File Manager, Calculator, Clock, Gallery, and Weather applications
10. Redesigned volume control panel following Android P

How to download android pie upate to Asus ROG.

Your device will automatically download this android 9 update, alternatively you can visit settings -> About -> System update makesure you connect your charger before downloading the update or ensure you have atleast 50% battery life and 2GB data.

The update will take some days for your device to receive (While some of you might have already received), as it was a standard roll out. So, kindly wait for one or two weeks maximum if you hadn't received the same. Your build number will become 16.0410.1910.91 after successfully installing the update.

Kali Undercover mode in Kali Linux 2019.4 - How to turn on or turn off (Get windows like UI on Kali Linux).

Kali Linux Undercover Mode - how to turn on or turn off that's what we're going to see in this post. Kali Linux 2019.4 was Officially released and there was a new mode called Kali undercover mode available for pen testers to change Kali desktop environment to Windows 10 desktop theme.

For pentesters there always been a challenge when it comes to public places like airport or any bus terminal, and it will be a big issue when someone sees that we're using Linux distro especially Kali Linux.  In order to overcome the challenges, the developer team has included a new theme / mode called Kali undercover mode. So, what it will do is when you turn it on, it will instantly change your desktop environment to the one like available in Windows 10. For example : If you are using files app, then that UI will now change to the UI like the one available in "This PC" or My computer, and with powershell being added to Kali. It will be pretty hard to detect for normal people. 

Enough said, let's see how to turn on undercover mode so that you can see it on your PC live.

Undercover mode in Kali Linux 2019.4  - How to turn on or turn off (Get windows like UI on Kali Linux).

Image credit :

How to turn on or turn off Kali Undercover mode in Kali Linux 2019.4

Pretty much easy..

1) Press Windows/ Super Key/ CMD Key.

2) On the search box, type  "Kali-undercover"

3) Select the first one.

That's it.. You can see the changes live.

Doing the same thing will turn off Kali undercover mode.


Go to terminal, type kali-undercover and hit enter.

You can enable or disable this in less than 10 seconds.

A note to remember : I tried this mode on different desktop environments, but it was working only on XFCE environment, so if you feel its not working, then change the mode to XFCE.

See : How to change desktop environment in Kali Linux if you need more help

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Forget your twitter account by December 11, Says twitter if you Haven't signed in at least once in past 6 months..

Twitter is notifying all the users who haven't signed in for the past six months to prevent account being deleted. If you have twitter account and is inactive for past 6 months then your twitter account will likely to be deleted as per new twitter inactive policy. This move will come into effect by December 11, 2019.

What does this inactive mean ?

Inactive doesn't mean you hadn't posted into twitter or liked/ retweeted the tweet. It simply denotes  you haven't signed into your twitter profile. 

So, what i have to do now to prevent twitter account deletion?

You don't need to login and post a tweet to prove your account is active, all twitter wants is you to visit your profile on twitter site, accept the new terms and conditions and sign in if you haven't in the past 6 months that's it. If you have a twitter bot, then you don't need to worry twitter says as long as the bots are active. 

Twitter confirmed the news to verge, but never said whether the old fancy names will be available for new users or not.

We will update more info as soon as we have more info..

Update : Twitter clarifies that, this deadline might be extended till it finds a way to memorialize accounts of the deceased in some way and this inactive policy will be focusing mainly only on GDPR countries as of now in order to compliant with local policies.

[Watch Live] Catrosat-3, 2019/ PSLV- C47 INDIA Satellite launch

Live Streaming of Catrosat-3 aka PSLV-C47 is here.

What is this stream about?

India is all set to launch the PSLV-C47/ CATROSAT-3 from Sriharikota, India. The launch will take place at 9.38AM (IST) with another 13 USA satellites, as per NSIL agreement.

The total weight of Catrosat-3 is 1625Kg, this satellite will be launched to take high resolution earth images from the space which will significantly boost INDIA's Military presence. This satellite will operate for 5 years and will continuously send images whenever we ask.

Enjoy the stream.

Windows 10 Insider preview build 19033 now released for Slow ring and Fast ring at same time.

Windows 10 Insider preview build 19033 was released for Windows 10 insiders this time for both slow ring and fast ring insiders. Released for slow ring also means it will have very less bugs that means rare bugs.

This build doesn't have new features instead they had fixed the common issues that arouse in previous builds but issues with battle eye software still goes on, that means you will encounter some issues when you play games like COD modern warfare 2019.

Can i download Windows 10 insider preview 19033?

Yes, as this was released for slow ring, so you try this build its nearly a final build of upcoming windows 10 build.

Don't freak out when you see the version 2004 when you install this build as Microsoft says, 20H1 will Officially shows its version only as  version 2004.

You can read the change-log for Windows 10 insider preview 19033(20H1), version 2004 on this Official page.

Other articles.

Windows 10 Insider preview 19028 is now available with latest fixes.

Windows 10 Insider preview 19028 was now available for the fast ring insiders. This Windows 10 build 19028 doesn't have new features instead it have fixes for many things. Microsoft has fixed many things in this build, the fixes includes settings getting crashed when we dock or undock our system, and photo's app crash when we open HEVC file format.

Even though there are lot of fixes, issues with  battleeye anticheat software and settings app being missing outside URI still continues to exists but Microsoft says, its working on this. Hence we can except fix for those two soon.

Windows 10 Insider preview 19028 ISO files

As it was more or less a stable insider build, you can try the Windows 10 Insider preview 19028 right now on your PC. If you are an insider visit the Settings and check for update. It will automatically download this 19028 build to your PC.

Official Windows 10 Insider preview 19028 iso file is not available Yet. And no trusted links are available on public forum when i last checked. So, i will update the post when i found One.

In the mean time, if you have one of the trusted link to download insider preview 19028 iso file, then let us know in comments.

--LW :)

Also Read... might be the future Social Media Network you can trust and use now to fight fake news.. this is the Social network that was silently launched by Wikipedia Cofounder Jimmy Wales to fight against fake news being spread across social networks especially Facebook and Twitter.

This Social network promises to provide only verified news from different sources with an option for you to flag the inappropriate posts, edit the headlines then and there✌.. The biggest advantage was it being running only like Wikipedia model which means, it will be running on Donations. Hence the Site is adfree as well.

The founders promises that they will never share the information with any third party and there will no need for that too as the advertising won't be there on this Social network as said before.

Signing up process is Still free, but you have to wait on the waitlist, there was also an option to get the access right away by paying around $12-13 as per sources. 

This site has around 58000+ people and is still growing, It will be a reboot/ modified version of Wikitribune..

The new Wikitribune is a completely unique and slightly crazy idea: a collaboratively editable social networking new platform. As before, we will have no advertising and no paywall (There is a short waiting list to join the new site to help us with scaling up, but you can skip the waiting list if you invite people or if you become a paying supporter), Jimmy Said in its Wikitribune post..
Whatever it may, fake news will be always there till we circulate the news without verifying it first ! So, we request you to contribute to curb fake news by just taking a small pledge today that we will be verifying the news before sharing !  

Good day :)

The Dog Aging Project is ready but University of Washington needs your help to delay aging of your dog

Dog aging project ? 

                                Ya you read that right ! There was a project that was getting developed by university of Washington to study about the aging of dogs, especially for the people like us who treat dogs not only as a best friend but as a family.

University of Washington wants your help to study about why our beloved dogs are dying early due to diseases and to develop a new technology which will delay the aging of dogs/ extend lifespan of our dogs by two or three years which they say its within reach.

The team has now decided to carry out the test by two phases one by using drug named rapamycin, which was used to treat various rare disease and proved to delay aging on organisms like mice and another one about the studying the various aspects like why various dogs die early or getting diseases.

The university needs your help, you can nominate your dog using the below link.

Link to nominate :

What do you think about this project ? let us know in comments..

How do you pronounce quokka ? - Google will now tell whether you pronounced right or Wrong.!

Google, is One of the search giant coming up innovations now and then. Today, it debuted yet another feature for people who find difficulties in pronouncing things. Earlier, if you had searched How do you pronounce quokka ? then Google will simply show you some random audio clip that will speak the word that we requested. But as an upgrade to the existing technology, Using Machine learning technology Google will now let you practice the pronunciation directly on the search result.

So, from now on if you search How do you pronounce quokka ? then Google will display the audio clip. and will ask you to pronounce (there will be a microphone icon, which you can tap), if you misspelt some letter for example "kka" part, then it say you did it wrong, and will ask you to try and you can use this feature, as its really cool to learn different words, and its exact pronoun cation.

 Starting rolling out today, when you look up the translation of a word or its definition, you’ll start seeing images that give you additional context. This can be useful with words that have multiple meanings like “seal,” or words like “avocado” that aren’t commonly used in all languages or regions. Since not all words are easily described with an image, we’re starting with nouns and plan to expand from there. Images in the dictionary features will be available in English today and across all language translations, Google added in its post..

 The earlier version which will display the meaning of the word will also be there, which is an added advantage..

Source : Google.

What is apt in Kali Linux and what apt command will do in Linux ?

What is APT in Kali Linux ? this is the question i had in my mind when i first started using the command to update Kali Linux to latest version. I even don't know the full form at that time, and started blindly using the command at that time as my goal was just to start using the Kali linux for the purpose it was designed for.

Then later, i realized and as always say, Basics are important particular when it comes to master the Kali Linux to use what it was intended for. So, as part of the learning series let's see what is APT in Kali Linux in this post. As usual in simple terms...

What is apt command in Kali Linux ?

APT stands for Advanced Packaging Management, as the name says it was just another package Management tool. We all know that Kali Linux is based on Debian. So, like normal Package system Debian has its Own Packaging System known as Debian Packaging Management System, which is nothing but the one we normally see in running commands. You guessed it right. Its dpkg.

What's this APT will do is, it will interact with the dpkg file and will install the particular file on our system. i.e., if dpkg is the lower version, APT is the advanced version which combines all the available packages from all the sources and will do the job we asked it to do.

The one file that it will use at most cases is /etc/apt/sources.list because it contains all the source files. Just open it once you can find the all links it uses to update the sources.

Remember, it is not recommended to edit this directly if you want your system to be stable.

What is Sudo apt in Linux ?

Sudo is just a keyword we use for super user privileges. So, running sudo apt-get upgrade will upgrade your system to latest version of Linux using administrative privileges.

As, apt deals with management of sources, its always recommended to use sudo before running apt commands.

Apt also has different set of commands like apt-get.. So, run man apt on your terminal on your free time to learn the complete list, or Stay tuned, i will post those in other posts..

Hope it helps :)

Windows 10, version 1909 Bluetooth connectivity issue - Unable to discover or connect to Bluetooth devices using some Realtek adapters

Windows 10, version 1909 aka Windows 10 November 2019 update users are reporting Bluetooth connectivity issue. They are Unable to discover or connect to Bluetooth devices.

If you are one of the person experiencing this Bluetooth connectivity issue in this latest Windows 10, 1909 update, then there is a good news as well as bad news for you. The good news is Microsoft is aware of the issue, but the bad news is we don't know when the fix will be available.

Microsoft has identified compatibility issues with some driver versions for Bluetooth radios made by Realtek. To safeguard your update experience, we have applied a compatibility hold on devices with affected driver versions for Realtek Bluetooth radios from being offered Windows 10, version 1903 or Windows Server, version 1903 until the driver has been updated.
Even though Microsoft has temporarily paused the Windows 1909 update to the devices that are not compatible, there are still users (like me) who has installed the update using different ways like Media creation tool.

There is a Workaround for this issue. All we need to do is to install the latest drivers from Official Site. The Realtek driver version should be greater than 1.5.1011.0 as per Microsoft.

If the version is not available then we request you not to upgrade it to this OS else wait for an Official fix.

I will update the post once we have more information.

#Facebook Pay might arrive to your WhatsApp and Instagram Very soon - Launching today in US.

Facebook, the social network that once dominated tech industry and every person has slowly started to recover from various issues. 

Today, the company announced that, its rolling out Facebook Pay the feature that will allow you to send and receive money to everyone. Though this is not a new feature as there are various companies like Google, Samsung, etc.. offering this feature, Facebook might succeed considering the fact that users doesn't need to leave the app, and they can send the money as soon as someone requested him/her to send money. 

This feature is backed by Paypal which is an added advantage.

With Data collection and Breach being the primary concern of people quitting Facebook and moving to different networks like WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook will still continue its mission of developing new features despite criticism as the above two top social networks are also owned by Facebook.

You can read the complete post in this Official Page.

Google Plans to introduce Slow Website Badge to make Websites load faster through Google Chrome - #Moving towards Future?

                 Google's chrome team is planning to introduce the badging system to help users identify whether to stay on the website or to leave it. Whenever we visit website, it might cause a little bit frustration for users like us to wait till the particular site loads to find the information we need even when we have Super fast internet Speed 😐😐 . Though Website owners justify that the website is loading slow only because of the background codes that will run once you load the page, Google disagrees !

Google says, User experience also includes the fast loading speed, and if its slow then its really a bad user experience. Inorder to make this clear to website owners, Google is developing the future chrome App to display the badge to the visitor that this website will usually load slow and the visitor like us can wait for sometime for the site to load, indirectly blaming Website owners.

Our plan to identify sites that are fast or slow will take place in gradual steps, based on increasingly stringent criteria. Our long-term goal is to define badging for high-quality experiences, which may include signals beyond just speed, Google said in its post.

I guess introducing such features will atleast make half of the websites that exists on this world fast that are loading very slow even in super fast internet connections and Google and Other search giant has to develop more features like this in future to make internet faster, What do you Say?

Windows 10 insider preview build 19013.1122 reaches Slow ring with fix for Settings crash - Download Now !

Windows 10 Insider preview 19013.1122 is now available to Windows 10 Slow ring insiders. So the wait to move from 19H2 is now Over for Slow ring insiders. And the best thing is Microsoft has released this new 19013 build with an fix for the settings app which will crash when you clicked on Ease of Settings or System option in existing builds.

Whats new in Windows 10 insider Build 19013.1122 ?

There are lot of new features in this build 19013 20H1 Edition when compared to 19H2, some options are changed too.

 You can see the complete features in this Official post (Link opens in new window).

How to download Windows 10 Insider preview 19013 ISO file?

If you wish to download Windows 10 Insider preview 19013 iso, then you don't need to worry about genuinity  of the ISO file this time, as the ISO files are now available directly on Microsoft Servers.

All you need to do is to visit the below link, and select the edition to download the ISO.

Install it and enjoy..

Good day :)