Empty Recycle Bin on a Schedule in Windows 10 [Guide]

Empty Recycle Bin on a Schedule in Windows 10 [Guide]

Recycle Bin would seems as the one which was an useless thing for many of us,but it was the one

that occupies most of  our Spaces then others do if we don't take a note on it..

You May ask how this happens,let me explain..Normally what as an normal users like us do was just

deleting a file using delete option,we may forget some times such little things which are saved in the

recycle bin will become a biggest part when it has more number of files,so its necessary for us to

keep an eye on recycle bin (if you are the user who don't use Shift + Del) While deleting things,else you can leave it to windows to do the task for us(like i do😊) So,in this tutorial let's see how to

create a task for windows to automatically delete the Recycle bin items in Windows 10.

Just follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows Key - > Type task scheduler -> Fire up the task scheduler by selecting the top most result.

2) It Will Open the task scheduler click on the Action tab.

3) Select Create Task ( Which will be below to Create Basic Task)

4) It will open a new Window,on that provide any name..for example : Empty recycle Bin

5) Check "Run Only When User log-in" if its not checked.

6) Click on the Triggers item

7) In the bottom you can find New,Edit,Delete ,select New

8) Set Begin the task : On Schedule

Select weekly or monthly depending on your schedule..

Check the boxes Monday.tuesday,wednesday,thursday,Friday,etc... according to your wish

Select the start time..

Empty Recycle Bin on a Schedule in Windows 10 [Guide]

Click OK,

9) Now,on click on the Actions tab and select New

10) Set Action : Start the program

11) On the program script box -> Type CMD.exe

12) On the arguments tab type this

/c "echo Y|PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -Command Clear-RecycleBin"

Empty Recycle Bin on a Schedule in Windows 10 [Guide]

Note : if your Windows was installed on 'd' drive,then replace the letter d for it to work as expected.Normally such things will not happen unless you had installed Windows on your Own.

13) Click OK.

14) Close the Window..

Sit back and relax now your Windows will do the empty process on the schedule you created..

That's it😌😌..

If you need more info like running using powershell,then refer the official link below.