How to check whether your System will support x128 bit version of Windows- Upgrade tutorial

While Most of our PC's are compatible to install latest version of Microsoft's Windows 10,its very

important to check Whether it is x86(32 bit) or 64 bit version of OS. This is because most of our

Apps that were developed by third party will only support x64 bit version of Windows when it

comes to large applications.

We can take Vmware Workstation as an example for this,the company's latest version goes on above

12(When i writing this post) only available for only x64 bit version of Windows,while when we need

such application running on 32 bit OS,we need to install the old version like 9.0 which have very less

features then this,the same case applies to most popular applications like photoshop(Video edting)

and some great apps.

So,when you wish to install an Windows 10 OS,or Some edition of Windows its necessary to choose

whether you are gonna install x64 version of Windows or x86 bit version of Windows (32-bit)..

But there comes the main problem,we need to make sure whether our hardware supports it or not..

and also we need to ensure that there are drivers for that...

While,most of the new PC have this x64 bit processor as said earlier,the challenge comes when our

PC was little bit old.

OK,let's see how to check this..

You need to check this fresh installation or when you planned to upgrade from 32 bit version to 64

bit version of Windows 10.

1) Login to your Windows 10 PC.

2) When you are at desktop,Press Windows + I Keys

3) Pressing Windows + I keys will open settings,on that navigate to following

click on System.

4) Scroll down and click on About section.

5) Now,look on your right pane there will be info about your PC.

6) Look for an option System type

7) Note the type of your Processor whether it is x64 bit or x32 bit.

How to check whether your System will support x128 bit version of Windows- Upgrade tutorial

if it was x128-based then you are lucky,because you can install any bit version of Windows whether

it may be 32 bit or 64 bit you can install it and if x128 bit version of Windows was made,then it will

support that too..

x64-based processor then you can install 64 bit version of Windows 10,on the other hand

if it was x86 based,then you can only install 32bit version of Windows 10.

That's it..

Now,follow the steps in the below video to know how to install an Windows 10 OS.

Note: Backup your important files that were on the windows installed drive( in Most PC's it will be

on 'C' drive),because while performing the installation you may lose your files..

The steps are same for both x64 version and x32 bit version of Windows 10.

Hope it is helpful.