How to disable Ink Workspace on Windows 10 [Updated]

How to disable Ink Workspace on Windows 10 [Updated]

Windows 10 have lot of features which will help us to get what we need is an well known thing.One

of such feature is Ink Space. Its a feature we can use to draw,edit and do lot more with,when we have

Pen device.But such useful feature is just a waste when we don't have an touch device or an pen

device,which will make us to automatically think about how we can disable it.

So,in this tutorial let's see how to disable the Ink Work space on Windows 10.

There are two methods available,to disable the ink work space on windows 10.

One is using group policy editor and another one is using Registry editor.

Since,group policy editor is not available on Windows Home and Pro editions,i here with share the

registry tweak for disabling the ink work space on windows 10.

which will work on all edition of Windows 10.

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type regedit

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to following Key..


5) Now,right click on the Microsoft folder( Key) it will display options like Collapse,New,Find,Delete,etc.. on that 

Select New - > Key.

How to disable Ink Workspace on Windows 10 [Updated]

6) Name it as WindowsInkWorkspace - > Hit Enter.

7) Now,on your right pane,Right click on the empty area,and 

select New - > DWORD(32-bit) Value..

Note: You need to choose DWORD even though you are using 64bit version of Windows.

8) Name it as AllowWindowsInkWorkspace

9) Now,double click on it and make sure set its value data is 0.

10) Close the Window.

11) Restart your PC.

You will see the Windows Ink Workspace was disabled now on your Windows 10.

That's it..

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