How to disable or enable dark theme in Microsoft Edge [ Tutorial]

Dark theme in Microsoft edge.! You may had already known about this when you use Microsoft

Edge for most of the times.It will make/change our browser color to black when we changed one

option that we are gonna in this tutorial,since more number of people are asking about this,i decided

to make this  is an separate post..

If you looking for the tutorial to change the Microsoft Edge theme to dark,so if you wish to change

its theme to back normal,then here is your guide which may be helpful..

Just follow the below steps..

1) Launch Microsoft Edge.

you can do this by pressing windows key-> Typing Edge -> Select the top most result " Microsoft Edge".

2) Click on the ... dot icon located on the top right.

3) Select Settings.

4) When you clicked,you can see the change in screen..

It will display various options like Open Microsoft edge with,Open new tabs with,etc..Options

on that,find the option called "Choose a theme"

How to disable or enable dark theme in Microsoft Edge [ Tutorial]

6) Below to the choose a theme text,there will be a box with light text in it..

Click on it and select dark to set dark theme on your browser.

if you wish to revert/disable or turn off the dark theme then,simply select the option  and set it to light by clicking light..

7) Restart the browser if prompted..

That's it..