Windows Subsystem for linux(Beta) Missing on Windows 10 - [Solved]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update have the new feature which will allow linux developers to execute

their commands on Windows 10 using the simple tool named "Bash".While Most of us are searching

for the tool to install,some of us are not able to install it on our Windows 10 because of the feature

"Windows Subsystem for linux(Beta)" was missing on Windows Features.Here is an guide to fix


What you need to do ?

You need to turn on developer Options which will automatically fix that error..

How to do it?

Just follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows + I Keys,which will open settings.

2) Click on Update & Security

3) Now,you can see different options like Windows Update,defender,etc..,there will be an Option For developers at the bottom..

4) Click on it..

5) When you clicked you can see varies options on the right pane,select "Developer Mode" (Install

any signed app...) Option,which will be under "use developer features"

Bash on Windows 10 - How to Install [Windows 10 Anniversary Update tutorial]

Click  'Yes' if it pops out a message whether you need to turn on developer Mode..

Restart your PC.

Follow the remaining steps,shown in this guide...

Hope it is helpful.