How to Enable Virtual touchpad in Windows 10

How to Enable Virtual touchpad in Windows 10

Windows 10 Users can now use virtual touch pad on their PC.. What?? Yes,this option exists.. we

had seen this while using the insiders build of Windows.

With the development of day to day softwares everything seems possible, And the thing is Microsoft

slowly begins to include the options provided by third party Apps in its Windows 10 Editions.

One of such feature is Virtual touchpad. Virtual touchpad is an option which will create an touchpad

like feature on your computer screen.

But,the sad thing is it works only on touchscreen PC's and only when we connect to another monitor.

Though,such kind of options was available in third party apps we can use this now on our

Windows 10 PC's,but we need to wait for sometime we don't know when this feature will be

available for stable build but i guess it will be one of those option included on our Windows 10

Creators Update..

If you wish to know,how to enable this,then here is your guide..

1) First,you need an updated edition of Windows 10( i seen that in insider build 14965),may be it

will be included on Creators Update..

2) Right click the mouse button and select Show touchpad button.

"Show touchpad button" will be available/visible next to Show touchkeyboard button..

3) After selecting you can find a new icon  on your taskbar

4) Click/tap on it..

That's it..

Now,you can use that as your touchpad..

What do you think about this Virtual touchpad?? Will it replace our traditonal touchpad's??

Let me know in Comments...