How to Pin a Website to taskbar or Start menu of Windows 10 [Chrome and Edge]

If you wish to Open your favorite website by a simple click on the taskbar, then here is your guide.

What kind of Websites can you Pin to taskbar?

you can pin any website like google,Windowsexploredforu,bing to the task bar. And you can use it

with any browser like chrome.

Do you any need software to pin website to taskbar?

No,we don't need any software to pin website to taskbar in windows 10.

Then,how to do it?

Just follow the below steps..

1) Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

2) Open your Browser..

How to pin a website using Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 

1) Open Microsoft edge

2) Open the site you wish to add to taskbar ( for example :

3) Click on the ... icon in the Microsoft edge ( Which will be available below to X Mark ( Close Window icon)

4) It will display a drop down menu, on that select Pin to Start Option.

Now,Windows will display a warning " this App is trying to pin a tile to start" and Asking you to select "Yes" or "No" Option,Select Yes

5) Now right click on the Icon on the start menu and select Pin to taskbar

That's it..

How to pin a website to taskbar using Chrome in Windows 10 

1) Open chrome browser.

2) Open the site you wish to add to taskbar ( for example :

3) Now,click on the three dot icon available below to X mark ( Close window)

4) When you clicked,it will display the drop down menu, on that find and click on More tools Options

5) Click on Add to desktop option.

6) Click "Add" ,when it asks for confirmation

6) Now,visit your desktop,you can find the a the website's icon ( which you find on the top left corner above to the address bar) on your desktop icon ( Which when clicked will direct you to the website)

7) Simply right click the desktop shortcut and select Pin to taskbar (or) simply drag and 

drop to taskbar.

That's it.

To unpin a site from taskbar just right click on the icon and select unpin from taskbar