February 2020

Google to shutdown "Google Stations" globally!

Google is ending its yet another service Google Station, the program where Google Offers WiFi to users for free in almost 400 big and medium railway stations of INDIA and all over the world. Google's Caesar Sengupta the Vice president of Payments announced this move stating the company is unable to find sustainable business model to scale up and also the rise of mobile networks like JIO being the Other causes, especially in INDIA.

The entry of JIO in Indian telecom made a huge difference not only to mobile phone users but also to many companies especially after the company announced free 4g internet and calls for a certain period of time. Though Google still said many companies had signed up even after the entry of JIO and other networks slashing the data price, now as the data price has got cheaper and more number of people started using their mobile data instead of the WiFi they think this Program was no longer necessary. 

Google winding down services is not a new one especially after it shutdowned Google Plus,Allo but if it continues then we missing the favorite friendly features/networks is certain and that is not far.

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Google releases "Emoji Kitchen" 

What's inside $1500 Moto Razr ?

Using Windows 10, Version 1809 ?Your end of Support is near..

Windows 10, version 1809 is getting ready to be the upcoming successor of Windows 7, as its going to reach the end of support on coming May 12, 2020.  So, if you are using Windows 10, version 1809 released on November 2018 then get ready for end of support message !

Because your Windows is going to start displaying this end of support notification on most of your system areas, especially on your Settings Application as Microsoft has now confirmed that, the buggiest OS is finally being retired .

What are the OS Editions that are reaching end of support ?

As of now, all Windows 10, editions of 1809 like Home, Pro, Pro for Education, Pro for Workstation and IoT core (to make it simple, i would say except Enterprise) every other OS editions of 1809 is reaching its end.

What will happen to them?

Nothing much to panic. Customers who contact Microsoft Support after this date will be directed to update their device to the latest version of Windows 10 to remain supported and you won't receive updates. Meaning, you will not get official support unless you install the latest version of Windows 10 and you have to install updates to keep your PC secure.

Do i have to upgrade ?

Upgrading from this OS to any other OS builds is always welcomed ! And its because of only one reason. Bugs ! If there exists a sheet which has data about which Windows 10 OS has lot of bugs?, then you won't be surprised this securing top 3 spot.  

And that's because of multiple yet to patch bugs exists in this OS.

So, upgrade your PC to the latest version.

Or Just download and install a fresh copy. If you are an beginner and wanna install without any errors, then you can follow the video i created for creators update, which will still work for this build. 

Youtube Video Link 

Microsoft halts and removes "KB4524244" tuesday Security update!

After several users complained On Microsoft support forum and various forums,that KB4524244 update released on Feb 11 is causing systems to fail, Microsoft halts the KB4524244 update being released to general public and removed the update from the Official servers.

 So, if you are experiencing the booting issues or System getting freezed often for the past three days, then your PC might also been affected because of this update.

This standalone security update has been removed due to an issue affecting a sub-set of devices. It will not be re-offered from Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or Microsoft Update Catalog. Note Removal of this standalone security update does not affect successful installation or any changes within any other February 11, 2020 security updates, including Latest Cumulative Update (LCU), Monthly Rollup or Security Only update - Microsoft said in its Post.

This update was released to fix and improve UEFI on third party boot managers, but instead it caused many issues on the users devices, making it Microsoft to Officially halt the Operation.

If your device is also affected, then you can follow the guide mentioned on this post to uninstall KB4524244.

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Uninstall KB4524244 on Windows 10, version 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903 and 1909: February 11, 2020 - How to guide

KB4524244 update released on Feb 11, 2020 is causing many issues like freezing, booting issues on most of the Windows 10 PC's. Though Microsoft acknowledged and removed this KB4524244 update from their Official servers, there are lot of people who had already installed this update through Windows update. If you are one of them then its time for you to uninstall KB4524244 update if you are experiencing hanging or booting issue on your PC.

What is KB4524244 update?

This update was actually released to fix third party UEFI security issue.

How to uninstall KB4524244 ?

You don't need to be a powershell or cmd guy to uninstall this update. Just follow the below instructions.

1) Sign-in to your Windows 10 PC.

2) Press Windows (logo) Key, it will open search option.

3) Type Update history on it and select the top most result.

4) Now, it will open view Update history option inside the settings App, click on Uninstall updates

5) Now, scroll down and find out KB4524244 on the installed updates section.

6) Click/tap uninstall and wait for Sometime.

That's it.

Windows will notify when the update is successfully uninstalled. Restart your device to get back your PC to previous state.

Enjoy :)

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File Explorer search box not working properly in Windows 10, version 1909 [How to fix guide]

File Explorer search box not working properly in Windows 10, version 1909 - How to fix guide.
Ever since 1909 build was released lot of users are experiencing issues with File Explorer they are unable to type or click on the search box on the file explorer. So, in this post let's see how to fix the file explorer search box not working issues in Windows 10.
Solution 1 : Restart Explorer.exe and SearchUI
i) Press Ctrl + Alt + Esc keys together, which will open task manager.
ii) Find and right click on Explorer.exe and SearchUi.exe -> End task/ Restart.
Now, try again it will work.
Solution 2 : Try Installing KB4532695
Microsoft has officially acknowledged this issue, and rolled out a fix in KB4532695. So try installing the update and try again it will fix the issue at most cases. One of the easiest ways to download KB4532695 is by checking on check for updates on Windows update option.
Solution 3: Try troubleshooting.
Press Windows (logo) key and R keys together.
Type CMD.
Copy/paste type the following and Hit enter and follow Onscreen instructions.
msdt.exe -ep WindowsHelp id SearchDiagnostic

Once its completed, Restart your PC

This will fix most of the issues.

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Github Cli might be your new developer tool - Download beta now available for Windows, Mac and Linux !

GitHub, one of the biggest opensource repository has launched a new beta program called Github CLI a new move that will help developers a lot. Yes, if you are a developer who prefers to use command line interface then github cli will be the one for you. Now, available in beta you can install this new terminal right on your Windows, Mac and Linux PC's and start programming, viewing and cloning right on your desktop. 

Here are the some features of the Github cli :

1) Filtering lists as per your needs - You can filter lists you wanted without leaving the terminal.

2) Details at your glance.

Running gh issue view "issue number" will display the details of the issue directly on command line.

3) Pulling the data as per you needs 

Running gh pr checkout (issue number) will pull requests 

4) Last but not least, viewing Status works - You can also view the Status of the work.

As always, if you are stuck, then run gh help

If you wish to contribute, to this project then visit https://cli.github.com/manual/ for more information.

You can read further more about GitHub CLI here on Official Site,

#MWC Barcelona 2020 now Officially Cancelled :(

if you are waiting for MWC 2020 Barcelona update or an news then here it is. MWC 2020 Barcelona is now cancelled Officially. 

One of the biggest mobile tech show Mobile World congress or #MWC is not going to happen as scheduled on February 22, 2020. GSMA has issued an Official statement after lot of companies like LG, Sony, Amazon, Nokia, NVIDIA has decided to skip the event which is because of Corona Virus that is getting spread day by day all over the world.

If you had booked your ticket for MWC 2020, then there is another bad news. There is no Official confirmation about whether you will get your refund back. GSMA has asked the registered persons to keep checking on mwcbarcelona.com for more updates.

Here is the Statement from Official site..

Since the first edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2006, the GSMA has convened the industry, governments, ministers, policymakers, operators and industry leaders across the broader ecosystem.With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has cancelled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event.The Host City Parties respect and understand this decision.The GSMA and the Host City Parties will continue to be working in unison and supporting each other for MWC Barcelona 2021 and future editions.Our sympathies at this time are with those affected in China, and all around the world.Further updates from the GSMA, are on our website and can be found on www.mwcbarcelona.com.
Credits/Source : MWC

I will update the post, when i have more information.

Activate New Calendar Preview app in Windows 10 Insider preview builds [How to guide]

Calendar preview app is now available...

Microsoft has debuted the all new calendar preview app on Windows 10 Insider preview build 19564.1000. This new redesigned calendar app attracted many users as it contained some new features along with an option to select nearly 34 themes as per user's wish. There are lot of users, who has contacted me and asked me how to turn on this new calendar app preview, so i'm writing this as a separate post.

OK, let's see How it is..

How to enable or turn on Calendar preview in Windows 10 [Guide] :

First, and foremost as this was released only as preview, you need to be in latest Windows 10 insider preview. i.e; Windows 10 Insider preview 19564.1000 or later.

You can check your Windows 10 version by running winver on Run command.

Once, you found you are using only the latest insider preview then its pretty easy.

1) Open calendar app.

Once you opened, it will directly ask whether you want to try this, if it didn't asked to you like for most users, then

Look for an option " Try the Preview".

Toggle it to Right side.

Activate New Calendar Preview app in Windows 10 Insider previews [How to guide]

That's it.

How to rollback to normal calendar app from Calendar preview ?

If you don't like the look of calendar preview app, then you can rollback to previous calendar app by simply toggling the above option to left side.

Hope it is helpful.

Windows 10 Insider preview 19564.1000 brings new calendar app and GPU option - Download Now !

Windows 10 Insider preview 19564.1000 was now available to fast ring insiders. This insider preview is the latest one released at the time of writing this post. As usual this insider preview has not one but two new features. One is a separate Application for GPU process and another one is a new calendar app similar to the one you can find on Outlook application. 

Using this new GPU option (Settings ->System -> Display -> Graphic settings) you can actually control and assign on which GPU your apps needs to run. The list will be pre-populated, but you can also add the item to the list. This redesigned Calendar preview app will have new interface with support for 30 themes. 

Windows 10 Insider preview 19564 brings new calendar app and GPU option
Image Credit : Microsoft

Apart from that there are lot of bug fixes, like fix for IMEs that were missing on keyboard switcher, fix for clipboard issue, fix for wheel UI crashing when using Surface Dial,etc.. 

But existing issue with Narrator not being working, update process hanging for longer duration when attempting to install new build, issue with battle eye software continues to exists on this build too.

So, if you are a fast ring insider then go and grab your copy of this Insider preview 19564 you won't be disappointed.

And Don't forget to give feedback to Microsoft, that's how they fix issues.

As always, Keep hustling !

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Google releases "Emoji Kitchen" to Gboard Android beta users!

Emoji Kitchen is now available for GBoard Android beta users.

If you are a lover of Gboard (Google's Keyboard app) then there is a good news for you. After introducing the Gif Support last year, Google is back again with a new feature "Emoji Kitchen". 

What emoji kitchen is all about ?

Simple concept, but worth! If you had felt to send your emotions as emoji but thought you don't have a proper emoji then now you no need to worry, because you can do that in all new Emoji Kitchen feature.

Its just a way of combining two emoji's to form a perfect emoji that you can love to send to your loved ones.

Google releases "Emoji Kitchen" to Gboard beta users!
Image credit : Google

All you have to do is just tap the emoji, One you tap that, Google will display the emojis that you can mashup with. And it works with all the apps like WhatsApp, Messenger,etc and not only to Google products like Gmail.

But the bad news is, this feature is currently only available for beta users. So, if you wish to try this feature then you can sign up today on this link.

Chrome 80.0.3987.87 fixes 56 security bugs including arbitrary code execution ! Update your chrome to Chrome 80.0.3987.87 + Now

Google Chrome 80.0.3987.87 contains fix for 56 bugs including a fix for arbitrary code execution vulnerability CVE-2020-6399 Google confirmed in its blog. So, if you are using Google chrome prior to 80.0.3987.87 then its time for you to update your application. 

How to check your chrome version ?

Open Chrome browser -> In the top right corner side you will see three vertical dots , click/tap that -> Help -> About Google Chrome.

That's it you can update your chrome from there, the updated chrome is available for all three Windows, Linux and Mac.

Update : Chrome 80.0.3987.100 will be available soon in the next few days/weeks, so you can install that by skipping this if you have limited bandwidth.

Update 2: Bug CVE links are removed from the post because of security issue. Check the Official blog for more info.

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Motorola Razr 2019/2020 got tear down - Look what's inside this $1500 Foldable phone!

Motorola's foldable Razr phone launched on 2019 was in center of the news past week for its durability test . Various Media reported that it wouldn't last longer than 27,000 folds but later it was proved wrong by Official Motorola, as they released their own video of how long it actually lasts!. While that happens on one side,  tear down video of this $1500 Smartphone was now posted on one of the YouTube Channel named "PBKreviews".

Here we go, What's inside Motorola Razr 2019/2020?

The teardown actually required lot of efforts to be done, particularly you have to heat the back side to remove the glue part followed by lot of screws, said the Youtuber on the video.

Its nearly a 15 minute video, but worth to watch, Watch and let us know what you feel!.

Credits : PBK

Key Specifications of this Motorola Razr at glance :

Screen size :  6.2 (when unfolded)


Storage  : 128GB

OS : Android Pie

Camera : 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

Battery : 2510 mAh

and support for eSIM 

It's Safer Internet Day 2020 Today ! - Here is how you can help yourself to Make yourself Safer on internet !

              Every year, in the second Tuesday of February, search giants like Google raises awareness to make Internet Safer for everyone. And this day is known as "Safer Internet day". Though those big companies took pledge to build Internet Safer, it is not possible without your Help. Of course, Internet is a nasty place where both good things like up to date information can be found, as well as bad things like human trafficking, Stealing personal information happens. And you know what is the worst part ? people who are aged between 8-20 becomes a victim for both cases.

Information about you is very precious, and that's why lot of efforts are being undertaken all over the world to protect your privacy. Privacy is Dead ! argues many individuals who knows internet a little bit better than everyone. Privacy is Of course dead, but not Officially. Like the bad guys out there , good guys do exists ! And they put lot of effort day in and day out to safeguard your privacy.  

Here is what you can do that will keep you a little bit away from the bad guys. 

We're not asking you to follow things like using VPN or to use tor browsers. We are just asking you to safeguard you from being exposed online by following, following simple things...

1) Whenever you are browsing something on the internet, always verify whether the website connects you through https (which becomes security standard for most of the sites). Ya, i know even https is not that much secure, but it is more secure when compared with the http protocol. 

So, what if the information i'm seeking is not found on https site? well, then its upto you to browse or not. You can still browse because not all sites are bad sites, but proceed with caution.

2) Always use secure passwords !

Data breach is happening every day all over the world.  If you had signed up on one of the site whose data is breached, then i guess i don't need to explain about Consequences! All your login and password credentials will fall to the hands of Malicious persons. And if you are like most people who use same passwords for all the sites then you're gone :(

So, always use different passwords on different sites and Remember to use standard Password policy. An ideal Strong password will have minimum 15 Characters with a combination of 1 Uppercase, lowercase, symbol and a number.

Remember, Longer the password, you will evade for long ! 

Your Passwords are now replaced with facial recognition, and finger prints but those things can be faked too. A new research says your phone with facial recognition can be unlocked by your identical twin or by using technologies like deepfake. So, remember they are not secure too..

3) Always, review the information you Share on websites..

Whenever, you visit an website some information about you like your IP address, the kind of device/ browser you are using will be shared with the web server/ the website you are viewing, and that's how internet works. ! But if there is a ad column/survey asking you to fill the details about you to get a free coke/dinner delivered at your doorstep, then think thrice before giving your personal information.

It can be easily shared with third party companies, who might misuse those data. So, always use your judgement and skip those activities at most cases.

4) Never Share very much information about you on Social networks !

Your social network page like Facebook and twitter profile is enough to understand about you and all you are doing through out your life. So, Share very much less information on those, you don't need the strangers to know about all you :)

Facebook and other social networks have an option to automatically share your profile information to search engines, consider turning it off.

Don't stop there, remember to keep your personal information like email address and phone numbers private.

5) Change Passwords now and then !

Keeping secure passwords is not enough, you have to keep changing passwords now and then. We are not asking you to change your passwords everyday. Atleast change it once in 30 days or 90 days this will make your account secure.

Apart from the above, always review permissions you had given to your android apps that are installed on your device, those things will automatically share your information to other parties.

What permissions do i have to give to app or how to review android app permissions? 

Always use your judgement like this. Consider you are using browser like chrome, do you think a browser needs to access your contacts to operate? No right? then turn it off.  Why ? Nothing is 100 % secure, if there is a bug that was left unpatched on the app, then when you visit malicious site hackers/the site owner can use the bug to steal your information. It not affects you ! It affects everyone you are surrounded like your wife/ friend/ girl friend and family. So review those now and then.

Last but not least ask everyone to follow simple safer habits like the one mentioned above because you might follow those things, what if the other person (like your friend) didn't follow ? Simple, information about you will be leaked when their device is hacked/infected.

So, let's build internet safe for everyone with the help of everyone. 

Together we can :)

Linux Kernel 5.6 RC1 now available for Download [ Official Download Link is here]

Linux 5.6 kernel prepatch or release candidate/RC 1 is now available for download on Official kernel servers. 

In case, if you don't know what Kernel is..

To say in layman's terms, Kernel is just a piece of software which will interact with the Hardware and OS. Whenever you switch on your PC then this kernel will be loaded into memory(RAM). Then this kernel residing inside the OS will always reside in the memory and will continously translates and takes care about the communication between your hardware and Operating System. So is attacking kernel means our system is gone? hmm.. yup but it wasn't the easiest job for any malicious files. Because Kernel itself will have security mechanism which will prevent any attempt to access it other than operating system. And that was the reasons developers try very hard to keep kernel bug free.

What's new in Kernel 5.6 ?

This Kernel has lot of new additions like the fix for Y2038 problem, Wireguard ( the revolutionary upcoming Opensource VPN which might replace many existing VPN technologies), Support for USB4 (Upcoming USB version using which we can transfer upto 40 Gbps data per second), in addition to new hardware drivers and Experimental support for F2FS.

"The rc1 tag has been pushed out, and so the merge window for 5.6 is closed. think that what happened is simply that the holiday season impacted. This was actually a slightly smaller merge window than usual, but I expected, but seems to instead have caused 5.6 to have slightly less new development. It impacted the 5.5 rc series less than I had development than normal commits (11.5k if you count merges too). So it's not like it's tiny, Of course, "slightly less" is just that - we still have more than 10k and it's still _way_ too big to post full shortlogs or anything like that. So below is my usual "mergelog" that shows my merges and who they came from". -Linus Said in its Mail.

You can read the complete history here.

You can Download Linux Kernel 5.6 from here