Cortana - Sync Notifications on Windows 10

Cortana - Sync Notifications on Windows 10

Windows 10 Anniversary Update,sports a collection of new features is well known, Everyday we are

exploring some of the great features and some common errors that happen in our PC like shutdown

issue, blutetooth option missing,etc. in this post let's see how to Sync notifications on Windows 10

using cortana.

What you need ?

First, You need to turn on cortana on your device if you had turned off.,then if you planned to sync

notifications between your android phone and Windows 10 PC, you need to install the Cortana apk

from Playstore for this to work.

Also your PC must have latest build of Windows 10 ( Windows 10 Anniversary Update build, while writing this post)

How to do it ?

Just follow the below steps..

Open Cortana on your PC( Which you can find by clicking on the search box)

Find the Settings gear icon and click it,it will display some options like your Microphone Option

turned on, Let Cortana respond to "Hey Cortana",etc options

Scroll down and find Send notifications between devices option.

If you wish to disable sync notifications between devices ,then click on the left side of the option to

turn it off.

Also,if you wish to turn on cortana sync with android phone, then turn it to ON by clicking/tap right

side of the option.

In order to mirror your notifications (Cortana notifications mirroring) or cortana Sync with your

Phone, then you need to turn on an option on your android phone to sync cortana with android.

How to get android notifications on windows 10 using cortana..

1) install the cortana app on your mobile phone

2) Sign in to the App

3) Click/tap on the settings

4) It will open the same Hey Cortana option on your android device, scroll down and find the

"Sync Notifications" option, tap it.

5) It will show the list,  choose the options which you wish to sync. for example : if you wish to sync

missed calls,then enable by tapping  "missed calls notifications" on your android device.

6) In the same way,if you wish to sync whatsapp notifications of your android device to 

Windows 10 PC, then click on the App Notifications Sync Option  and choose WhatsApp on 

the list of devices.

7) On the other hand, if you wish to disable sync notifications of cortana, then simply turn off the

options by a simple tap over the options ( a tick mark shows it is enabled and if there is no tick mark

on the box then, it is disabled)

That's it.

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