Bring Back Old User account Control in Windows 10

When we update our system to latest build of Windows 10 we see lot of improvements in the User

Interface (UI),Some gets more improved but some are spoiled than that was one before.

One of such things some of our friends said about was,they hate the new UI of the  Windows 10..

So,i decided to check where it resides and how to change it,and found an way with the help of

registry tweak.

If you are searching for how to get back the old User account Control then here is your guide..

Follow the steps below..

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type regedit

3) Hit enter.

[Video tutorial]

4) Navigate to following Key..


5) On your right pane,you can see "XamlCredUIAvailable" double click/single click on it..

Bring Back Old User account Control in Windows 10

6) It will Open a popup on that under the value data field,there will be the number 1.

7) delete that and type 0

8) Click OK

9) Close the window

That's it..

Now,whenever you run something that needs administrative privileges you will see the old UAC popup..