How to Back up registry on Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 8 and Windows 7 [Tutorial]

Backup Registry on your Windows 10 PC .! That's the statement i say when we are doing something

in registry.Most of the users said they don't know how to do it,and they ask do i need to use third

party Softwares especially for this Simple backup process ? While the answer is no.More number of

people are going for third party apps even though they are aware of everything is available inside

windows itself.More number of people are asking how to do it,so i decided to write a separate post

on how to do it without any third party apps..

Just follow my steps.

Works on Windows 10 including Windows 10 Anniversary Build(Of course it will work on

upcoming Windows 10 Creators update build OS too),Windows 8.1,Windows 8& Windows 7..

1) Login to your Windows PC.

[Video Tutorial]

2) Press Windows + R Keys,simultaneously.

3) Type regedit

4) Hit enter Key.

If UAC Pops up,select "Yes".

[See : How to turn off those UAC Pops to disable it]

5) It Will Open registry editor,on that do as follows..

6) Click on file tab

7) It Will display several sub menus like Import,Export,Load Hive,etc..

8) On that select Export

9) It Will ask where to save those files,select your favorite location,for example: on D drive.

10) Provide a file name for your backup example: registry copy

11) Click Save.

Make sure the save as type is .reg file.

That's it..