How to delay the installation of Windows 10 Creators Update [Guide]

With Microsoft Already confirmed that we can get the Windows 10 Creators update on March

2017,we are still clueless how it will completely change the way of using our PC for example : In the

earlier builds of Windows 10 released before Windows 10 Anniversary Update build we have an

separate option to turn off Cortana,but such scenario was replaced as we cannot disable Cortana

using the way we used before resulting in finding the new way.

Though Microsoft already started to replace our traditional Explorer to new Windows

Explorer(UWP) and couple of new features in the insiders build served to us for testing,we cannot

assure that Windows 10 Creators update will be 100 % safe till the release after some days( As

Windows 10 Anniversary Update broke Camera's).

[Video Tutorial]

So its better to delay the Windows 10 Creators Update for some time,so in this video let's see how to

do it..

Follow the below steps..

1) Press Windows + I which will open Settings

2) Click on Update & security

3) It will open Windows Update page,now on your right pane  under Update settings look for an option Advanced Options..

4) Click on it..

5) Now,it will open new window,and will display Options like Choose how Updates are delivered

6) Under that,there will be an option called Defer Feature Updates

7) Check that box.

That's it..

Now,Windows won't download the creators update edition on your PC.

If you planned to install the Creators update,then simply un check this box "Defer Upgrades" and check for Updates,Creators Update will be served if it was available on your region.😑