September 2016

[Fix] File Download Security Warning popup when opening url files from Favorites in Windows 10 [Anniversary update]

Today,when i opened my favorites bar as usual to browse my favorites sites a new pop up appeared

on my device stating  a warning message File download security warning and prompted me to

choose whether to open or cancel.After doing some research i

finally found a way to fix that annoying pop-up.So if you too are looking for something that may fix

that pop-up then i hope this tutorial helps you.

let's see how to fix the annoying popup that displays warning message when we open .url files from favorites bar.

There are two methods to fix the issue...

One is uninstalling the update responsible for the error

and the other one is using CMD commands..

Let's see how to fix this..

Method 1 : Uninstalling the update KB3185319

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type View installed Updates

[Video tutorial]

3) Select the top most result,which will open the updates window.

4) Find and Click on the Update KB185319866

If you have this update installed,then you can uninstall the update in this window,else follow the method 2.

5) Select Uninstall.

Method 2 : Using CMD Commands...

1) Open CMD.

[See : How to open cmd in Windows 10]

2) When it opened,

The commands you need to enter are..


Type your user name in the (your user name field) for example : if your user name is logesh,then type logesh that it looks like C:\Users\logesh\Favorites,etc..

Hit enter.

The Second Command you need to enter is...


Hit enter when you done..

This will fix the error..

That's it.

Hope it is helpful.

The Best version of Microsoft Edge is gonna Come Soon - [News]

Microsoft has announced its new major update to Windows 10.

This time its for Security.

here is the news...

Inorder to tackle the ongoing and upcoming security treats,the Company had decided to run its best

browser Microsoft Edge in a virtual environment.

if you don't know about this virtual,then let me explain in one sentence.

Virtual environment are nothing but the thing used to run an application as in another state,like

 running an seperate OS inside the OS.

There will be no connection between those too ,they act  independent.

This concept is not a new thing as there are many softwares like VMWare,Virtual box  already

available in the market to create and run an virtual Machine.

Microsoft edge too is going to follow this concept.

So,the next question that may arise in your mind is how they gonna do it ??Right??

Well,here is an answer for that ques.They said,this virtual concept can be achieved by the app called

Windows defender application guard for Microsoft Edge.

So,what it will do is..

When we open our browser  it will  create an isolated environment (virtual area) on our

machine.Everything that comes and goes inside this are limited to this area,it

won't reach your OS,so our PC will not be infected.even if you visit any websites that injects

malware it will run continuosly till we close the browser,

After closing  the browser  this virtual area is destroyed i.e., when we close the browser,the

malware,virus,or other related files that are in the virtual area will be deleted and destroyed


This adds an extra layer to our PC's security.

It may also use our PC's hardware if available.

When its going to release??

Since,Microsoft has just announced about this, it will take some time to release.

As per the Confirmed Sources this feature will be available only for Windows 10 Enterprises at first

and the release to other editions will made available after that release.

They hadn't announced the date yet,but we can expect this feature very soon.

Google's 18th Birthday - Some little known facts about Google

The Party time for Google was arrived.! Yes,it's fourth birthday of the year for Google 

If you visit or or,etc google search domains or when you open

chrome browsers today you can see the official google doodle claiming it to be its 18th birthday.

Here are some things about google you probably mayn't know .

Google's 18th Birthday
Image used for Representation purpose only

#1) Google love for animals ..

Google has its dedicated field for caring animals.People working on google can take their pets like

dog to their office as google is dog friendly,

Though cats too are allowed,most people dont prefer it to carry with them as cats will irritates the


So if you are working on google,you don't need to worry as you can take your pet with you.

#2) Google Green

Google,this tech giant had several fields to tackle crisis.But to deal with the climate change and to

encourage towards green environment,google only cleans its company's grass with goats and

sheep,they don't use any machines or man power,making an impressions towards green


#3) 26

Google has domains that has all alphabets.The company had domains that start with characters of

alphabets,apart from that it owns the domain too.

#4) Google's love for Education & Work..

Yes,google promotes education and its free of cost.You only need to pay some money when you

wish to participate in exams to get certified and that's too lesser than other companies.

So,if you wish to gain some knowledge about something,then you can invest your time on free

google education.

The company also pays 50 % of the salary of a person to the children whose parents died

( while working on google) till they grown up and learn to survive themselves.

#5) No one knows google's true birthday,even google doesn't know about it!..

Yes,this is almost an funny fact,but the truth is google don't know about their birthday.this is because

google was founded on one day,domain registered on one day,etc..

that's why google celebrates four birthdays per year with 27th September as its main birthday all

over the world.

Well,that's the end of this post, i hope you loved it.

How to turn off Auto Update of Store Apps in Windows 10 [Anniversary Update Tutorial]

Windows Store is the most important thing needed by most of us for installing Apps.Since it became

an part of Windows OS'es all the developers and creators are redirecting their app to the Windows

store when we wish to download or install the app.But unfortunately the problem with that is auto

updating.If we hadn't turned off one option( Which we're gonna see in this tutorial),then our

Windows PC will starts to download the updates to the app whenever an update was released.Though

this option is loved by most of the people as regular updating will solve bug fixes,Some of us don't

like this Option especially they are in limited bandwith(mainly because they consume our bandwith)

[Also See : How to set your Connection as metered and make windows never download unnecessary things]

So,here is an tutorial for disabling or turning off auto update of store apps in Windows 10.

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows Key.

2) Type Store.

[Video tutorial]

3)Select the top most result.

4) Click on the Account icon which will be available as left side of search box.

5) Select Settings.

6) It will open a new window,on that find an option

"Update Apps Automatically "

The Above option will be available under App updates field.

7) Click on the left side/slide towards left side of the button that is below that "Updates Apps

automatically so that it looks OFF.

That's it..

It will turn off Your Auto update & download Of Apps.

Hope it is helpful.

10 Minutes with Google Allo- Here is Questions we asked it's reply Answers [Open verdict]

Google Allo was an application released by Google for ios,android and other operating

Systems....Though this app was described as google assistant preview edition it needs some couple

of improvements..

Check our review based on the questions we asked and its answers...

[Check the above video ]

Though most of the Questions were funny and general...

It still needs some improvements,as it doesn't answer for some questions like i'm on emergency,what 

it says is Hmm OK..! (is this the answer we will expect when we are in emergency???)i hope  they 

will keep an eye while releasing updates... 

Comment and share your favorite  questions with us...

Opera 40 got its new free VPN - Here is how you can enable VPN and change location

Opera the simplest browser had lot of fans all around the world.Though it operates on very low

speed when compared with chrome and firefox it has varies features that will make you to stick with

the browser.Its main advantage could be the data saver and turbo speed booster which will load more

page quickly in lesser time,this feature will be the most go to do thing when your network speed is

very low or you in 2nd generation networks.

Today,the browser got a new update Opera version 40.What's new in this update is it has an in-built

VPN function.

Yes,you don't need to waste more money on VPN's as this VPN seems to be very much good.It

Works with different servers all over the world,So users like us can watch our favorite content on any

time by bypassing ISP's restrictions.

Enough Intro..,let's see how to turn on this VPN.

To turn on this awesome feature..

[Video tutorial on how to install,enable,change location of VPN.]

1.To turn on you need latest version of Opera browser...

Click on this link to download from official site.

2. After downloading,install.

3.Now,open your browser.

To Activate just do the following..

Click on Menu

Go to Settings.

Now click on Privacy & Security.

Check the box "Enable VPN"

To Change location..

Click on the VPN icon.

Under Virtual location -> Change the country.

That's it you're done..!

You can watch all contents using this VPN,but the sad thing is you can't use this VPN

on Popular site Netflix because they had already banned all the opera's proxies

This browser is not a less known browser but it already lived in peak on its ages until the

development of more advanced browsers.

But one thing is certain,if the browser still adds some features apart from this VPN,in-built adblocker

and the most important battery saver mode then it will regain its spot on most powerful and trusted

browsers all over the world.

Source : Opera

Google Pixel launch event date revealed ..

Google the Tech giant is known for its creative ideas.The company have lot of expectations

surrounded when they announce something new..This time its about PIXEL(nexus 2016).Its the new

Mobile phone google is scheduled to launch on October 4.

The company had already said, that this

Mobile wouldn't be a regular mobile that comes out from Google.that's why they had renamed the

popular brand name Nexus into Pixel.

The event just got confirmed as google starts to tease with expectations how the new Mobile will

look like by making a different new concept.

At first,there will be a search box appearing on the page and after sometime it would slowly changes

its size( height and width) to become a smart phone..

[Image Used for Representation purpose Only]

Here is a link for viewing

It also has a date October 5 which could be the possible sales of that device..

The company also posted a video on their official youtube channel confirming there would be a

launch event on October 4.

we could expect the event to be live on at 9am Pacific time.

How the device would look and what configuration does it sport???

Well,we have to wait till the launch event for answers...

How to turn off Sync in Windows 10 Anniversary Update [tutorial]

While,Most Organizations have this sync function which helps to access our

settings,notes,etc...anywhere,anyplace it has some added problems..Particularly if you have two or

more machines with same account.The Settings you had set on one machine will also change in

another PC's this is because of this Sync.So here is an tutorial that will help you to solve the problem.

There are two ways to solve this Sync problem...

One is completely turning it off and Other one is turning off this Sync partially,like turning off sync

only for themes/passwords/ease of,etc...

OK,let' see how to do this ...

Do you need any software ?? is an built-in function so you don't need any softwares..

How to do it..?

Just follow the upcoming steps..

[Video tutorial]

1) login to your Windows .

2) Press Windows key

3) Type Sync your settings

4) Select the top most result

Clicking on the sync your settings will open sync menu in settings,on that follow the remaining


To turn off sync Completely...

Click on the left side of the option sync settings.

"Sync settings option will be available as first option under sync your settings..."

To turn off only for particular item..

Scroll down the field..

Click on the left side of the option you want to off.

for example : if you wish to turn off sync for themes then click/slide to the left hand side of themes


In the same way,if you want to turn off sync for intenet explorer settings,passwords,preferences,then

simply click on the left side of those options,so that it shows OFF.

5) Close the Window.

That's it..

How to remove/disable/turn off Material design of Google Chrome

Google Chrome 53 has some new improvements it has some new UI(User Interface ) which is

nothing but design and some performance improvements.

Things they had changed...

1) A new colorful new tab.

2) Small bookmark icon

3) Downloads page design.

4) A new orange color based logo that replaces the google chrome's default logo.

5) A new icon for customizing and control. and much more...

[Check this link to find complete things]

Well,some of our blog's followers contacted me and asked me to create a video tutorial to show how

to remove this Material design of google chrome.which is nothing but method to remove chrome


So in this post i herewith sharing the video created for them,if you too wish to know the way of

disabling the material theme then just follow those steps..

[Video tutorial]

Works on all latest version of chrome running on Mac,Windows 10,8.1,etc..

1) Open google Chrome

2) On the Address bar,type Chrome://flags -> Hit enter Key..

3) Scroll down and find Material Design in the browser's top chrome

You can use Find option to get that option which can be done by Pressing Ctrl + F keys simultaneously.

4) Click on Default,clicking on it will result in appearing of some options like Non-material,Material,Material Hybrid,etc.. 

5) On that select Non-Material (or ) Change it to Non-Material.

6) Scroll down and click Relaunch Chrome.

7) Clicking on it will restart Chrome..

8) After restarting process you can get your old chrome back..

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

Office Lens comes to Windows 10 - Here is how you can get / install it..

Office lens the app used by most of us got a new look and was released now for Windows 10 Users.

This App became famous (at the time of its launch year) for its simplicity and scanning powers.

So what we can do with this App??

If you're not sure what this app is all about,then let me give you a simple intro...

This Application was like an another Application ( like Google drive App) which can be used for

scanning your Pictures,enhancing it and converting them later into PDF format,.PPT (Power point)

files,and especially all other word documents.You can also save those images on Onedrive or on

OneNote.(Preety similar to Google drive right??)

OK,if you are a fan of this Application that was available for

Mobile(iOS,Android),Holographic,HUB,PC's then here is how you can install it on Windows 10 PC.

Requirements :

1) You need an Windows 10 PC( You can use both x86 bit and x64 bit OS).

That too with an build version above 1024.0

[See : How to check build number in Windows 10 ]

2) An Integrated Camera

How to install ??

Installing this App is an easy process,all you need is to just follow the upcoming Steps...

1) First Visit this Official Link.

Which will open in Windows Store.

2) Read System Requirements

3) Click on Get button.

Office Lens comes to Windows 10 - Here is how you can get/install

Wait for sometime,it Will Start downloading and will notify after finishing the installation Process.

That's it..


Don't forget to leave comments if you have any doubts..

Hope it is helpful.

How to disable Low Disk space popup Notification in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Popup Messages are common in Windows particularly in Windows 10 where Popup notifications

appear for everything we do on our PC whether it is for scanning using Windows defender,Playing

Song,or UAC,whatever tasks we run we got a pop notifications.Here is an tutorial for disabling one

of the Pop up " Low disk Space"

"You are running out of Space on disk (Something) Click here to see if you can free space on 

this drive"

,which will appear when your disk has very less amount of Space.Though this is an usual feature to

keep an eye on free up disk space,it may be very much annoying when we're doing some tasks that

will clean and renews/rewrites files ( especially in Nvidia's replay).So here is an tutorial which when

followed will disable the low disk space popup warning in Windows 10.

So do you need any software ??

The Answer is No.but you need to follow the steps very carefully as we're gonna edit some registry

keys which when done wrong will cause system instability.

OK,how to do it??

Just follow the upcoming Steps..

Works on all Windows editions,but tested working on Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 Build.

[Video tutorial]

1) Press Windows + R key.

2) Type Regedit

3) Hit Enter Key/Select OK.

If UAC Pops-up select Yes.

4) It Will open Registry editor,

on that Navigate to following location ....


"If there is no Explorer folder under Policies,then create it as follows...

Click On New and select Key - > Name it as Explorer."

5) Now,right Click on the empty area of right pane.

6) Select New -> DWORD(32_bit value)

Select DWORD even though you use x64bit of Windows 10.

7) OK,after creating name the DWORD as NoDiscSpaceChecks

8) Set its value to 1.

9) Now,restart your computer..

You can see those pop-ups never appear..


Hope it is helpful.

How to fix Blue Screen Of Death on Windows 10 if you're Novice [Tutorial]

Blue screen of death [BSOD] is common in all Windows editions,the sad thing is it still exists even in latest edition of Windows 10.Here is some good news if you care about not installing third party Software to fix that error.Yes,you can troubleshoot blue screen of death without any third party utilities if your PC have Windows 10 anniversary Update edition which have several new features included and served as update.

[See: How to check for Anniversary Update..]

Everyday we are listing some new features one by one.Today in this tutorial i'm gonna show how to fix the blue screen error if your novice to PC.

OK,let's see how to do it..

[Video tutorial]

Just follow my steps..

1) Press Windows + R Key.

2) Type Control.

3) Hit enter key/Select OK.

4) It will open control Panel. On the top right corner of the control panel( below to X(close window) mark,) there will be an search box

5) Type troubleshooting

6) Select the result " Troubleshooting"

7) On the left pane,Click on View All option.

8) It will open a new screen,on that click on Blue Screen.

9) Clicking on it will open Blue screen troubleshooter.

10) Click on Advanced and make sure Apply repairs automatically is checked.

11) Click On next

12) Wait for sometime,it will fix if there is any error.

13) Restart if needed.

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

How to hide email address displaying on login screen in Windows 10

People Worrying about Privacy tends to increase day by day whether its for servers being hacked and

their information are made public..! or some other things that may affect privacy(including the one

that's shown in this tut..) whatever it may,they feel bad when it comes to personal information.If you

are using Windows latest versions then you may had seen your email address being displayed on the

login screen,which may pave the way for your privacy to risk,such things happen when we use/open

our PC(mainly laptops) on public places,as the person near you, can spam your email address when

s/he knows your email ,anyone can send a mail when he/she knows other persons e-mail id right??

So here is an tutorial which will prevent your email id from displaying on login screen or sign-in


Do i need any software?? 

Well,the answer is No.! but you need an latest or updated build of  Windows 10.(like 1607)

[See: How to check for upgrade.]

[See : How to manually install an latest Windows 10 OS if you are a beginner]

How to do it ??

Just follow the upcoming steps.

[Video tutorial]

1) Login to your PC.

2) Press Windows + I which will open you Settings app instantly.

3) Select Accounts

4) Click on Sign-in options tab which will be available as three option on the left pane.

5) Scroll down and look for an option "Show account details( address) on sign-in screen"

Which will be under Privacy field.

6) Click /Slide towards left side so that it becomes OFF.

That's it.

Now,visit your login / sign-in screen you may find email address not displaying there..


.Net framework Offline installer official links are here...

With an steady rising in development of apps the installation of .Net is becoming mandatory for

every app to work.So herewith i'm sharing links to the official .Net download.

What is .Net ??

If you don't know what that .Net means,then let me explain in simple words....

It is an application developed by Microsoft Corporation for easy developing and deploying apps.

Developers use this app to create their apps faster.They just write program(their application) to refer

some conditions that can be initialized at run time which will help them to save their typing

effort,faster and some accurate coding and other stuffs that will help them to complete their program

in time without many errors.That's why when we install an application then we are prompted to

install the .Net which can auto downloaded when our PC was connected to internet.

But if you are in a suitation where you can't wait for windows to install that or if you have internet

connection that may disconnect at any time then its best to download offline standalone .net

installers instead of using web installers.

But the thing is,offline standalone installers are not available for every .net versions even in

Microsoft servers where they provide web installers.luckily we got some official links which will

download .net offline installers and i'm sharing those links...

Image result for this program requires .net framework 2.0
Image Used for Representation Only...

Just click on the link on the version you need..

32 bit =  x86 bit

64 bit = x64 bit

.Net 4.5 Setup

Download link( 32bit & 64 Bit)

.Net 4.0 Setup

Download Link (32Bit,64Bit)

.Net 3.0 Setup

.NET Framework 3.5 Setup Service Pack 1

.NET Framework 2.0 Setup

Hope it is helpful..

How to watch iPhone 7 launch event live...

Well,the Most awaited thing of apple fans is here.. Yes its  iPhone 7 2016 launch event.! The event is

ready and there are only couple of hours left to start.One of our youtube channel's subscriber had

asked me how to watch the iPhone 7 live launch event of 2016??

To answer his question i had written this tutorial.if you too are searching for an answer to this same

question then i hope this tut may be helpful for you too.

OK,let's see how to watch it...

1).First If you have Mac or iOS devices then you can watch the live event by visiting 

link there you can watch the event live.

Image used for representation purpose Only...

If you don't own a apple device,then don't worry there are lot of options available for you too.

2) If you have an Windows 10 OS running device then you can watch the event using edge browser,to do that open your edge browser and visit this link

there you can start viewing the launch event of iPhone 7 starting at 10am Pdt(Pacific time).

You can find the time of your country by simply googling the time for example : search google 10am PDT to IST if you are in India. You can find your time displayed on google.

If you don't have Windows 10 OS then you have another two options.

you can either watch the live event on free to watch video streaming sites especially on where someone will stream the event live,else simply google or bing iPhone

launch event 2016 live you can see various links,simply click on one of the link you will be directed

to the event video..

And at last if everything fails we have another option to watch,which is a trick that worked on

previous events,and we hope that works on this year too.

(Simply download and install vlc if you don't have) open your vlc media player stream the link

This link may had blocked,don't worry i will post some links that may open the live event in some time.

Update : The launch event ended..!

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

Will jio work on all areas especially in rural areas ??? here is our review based on personal experience..

Jio  alias reliance jio is an 4g LTE sim launched by reliance infocomm. It gaining popularity because

of their cheap plans and unlimited data and unlimited voice LTE calls for free for a period of 3

months as a launch offer. Today my friend who living in rural area called me and enquired whether

the sim will work on their area,(as there are only few network that have good coverage in rural

areas).I searched for online but most reviews are based on City based usuage.i Can't decide with that

right ???  i started thinking and decided to make a trip to his area with my 4G data enabled

device,and presenting my opinion/review based on that travel.If you have the same question as my

asked then i hope this will be helpful.

i traveled nearly 82 km from city to forest areas..

i found data worked fine even though i was travelling at the speed of 70 km/hr with YouTube

streaming on.

i also found the internet speed remained same even though i have  only 2 percent as signal strength

near villages which need to be appreciated,

[See : The above video if we need to prove that with the help of tech]

but i also found one thing which could be their drawback..

 there are some issues with voice LTE as i can't hear their voice clearly when someone calls on some

areas especially near villages.....

i can say Jio can be a better alternative to airtel 4g(which i used sometime before) in the way of

faster internet speed and more coverage (than airtel)

What could be another possible drawback is...

What made me questioning this product and their company is..

why this jio plan which worked perfect when i was near to his village named Bannari(which is surrounded by forest ) failed when i was near suburban areas???

I'm looking for answer for this question,this is because i found some signal drops for 3 to 5 sec on

sub urban areas which cannot be unacceptable especially when you are on important call..!I hope they improve this ASAP.

OK,here is my conclusion...

if you are OK with some drop of signal and voice LTE calls ( which may occur rare) you can go for

it,else stay on your network (which you usually in )until they rectify the issue.

Note : The Above review is based on my personal experience.If you are using jio sim,then

take a second and do Comment and help others about its working status on your 

location,as it may 

Help some one from wasting their time in buying this sim if they are in your 




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Windows 10 editions -Which one will you get when you upgrade using media creation tool [Explanation]

A lot of people are more interested in upgrading and installing windows 10 as they were attracted by

Microsoft which claims windows 10 to be the best OS of all time..We already showed how to install 

be more confused and posting questions about which edition of OS will they upgrade to when they 

do an upgrade from earlier version of Windows like Windows 8.1,8 and mainly windows 7 using 

windows 10 media creation tool which made me to write a seperate post on this.

If you are using

Windows 7 Starter 
Windows 7 Home Basic 
Windows 7 Home Premium 
Windows 8/8.1 
Windows 8.1 with Bing 
Windows 10 Home

then you will be upgraded to Windows 10 Home..

[Click on the image to view full Size]

If you are using 

Windows 7 Professional 
Windows 7 Ultimate 
Windows 8 Pro 
Windows 8.1 Pro 
Windows 8/8.1 Professional with Media Center 

Windows 10 Pro

then you will be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro

If you are using 

Windows 8/8.1 Single Language 
Windows 8 Single Language with Bing

then you will be upgraded to Windows 10 Home Single Language

 If you are using 

Windows 8/8.1 Chinese Language Edition 
Windows 8 Chinese Language Edition with Bing

then you will be upgraded to Windows 10 Home China

If you are using earlier build of Windows 10 Home ,Windows 10 pro then you will remain in same 

edition of windows 10 even though you switch to upgrade.

Hope i had covered most of editions,if i had missed anything (or) something needs to altered let me 

know in comments,which will help somebody ..!

Incoming search results....

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Betabot malware backs again ! with an extra force..

We all know that, Cybercrimes are constantly emerging but here is one addition to that which takes cyber crime to another level. which is nothing but the return of

What is Betabot??

Betabot is a trojan that has been in the cyberspace for many years in various forms.
i said various forms this is because it has the capabilty to work as banking trojan,a password stealing malware and more other fields.

what it will do??

This trojan when arrives  will not only start infecting our computers but also will attempt to prevent users like us from accessing security related websites.

It is also evidenced that it disables our computers antivirus,Malware scanners and all related softwares that provides security.

So the next question that will arise on your mind is how it can be possible when you have antivirus, right???

Here is some thing that was evidenced. This bot will create a fake windows message box
with our familiar user account control as heading and will prompt users to allow the windows command processor Which when allowed by you by clicking yes, it will begin its work on making administrative changes. After that  it will start its work on stealing login credentials and data related to our finance.
[Image used for representation purpose only]

it is reported that it will work with various strategies to make approved by users other than the one listed above..

So what's new with this???

The new thing that unearthened as per the research done by Invincea security researcher Pat belcher is, in addition to password stealing capabilities,this
malware also install Cerber ransomware as a second-stage attack in the machine.

As this malware cames as an updated edition, it will start serving ransomware in an effort to make more cash than nearly $200 that passwords may fetch.

So why it is difficult to identify??

Since this malware disables security,virus/malware detection apps at first, it weaks the system,but the real thing is this malware is believed to be even aware of
virtual-machines and are capable of using sandbox techniques to evade detection, which makes it to difficult to identify.

So how they spotted..???

According to Belcher who identified this, this betabot was spotted on document attachments which are delivered to victims inbox in the name of resumes and other names that may make the user to click. So when you click on those items it will starts its work as said earlier..

OK how to protect yourself and avoid this..??

Since it will disable our security system when runned we can't do anything except one thing , which is nothing but the one all usually says never click unknown
links, and never ever open any software without performing a virus scan. also keep an eye on your user account control what it says before clicking yes...

So,it is clear that the security of our system lies in our hands.! So its up to you to decide what you do.!