How to disable "Like what you See" on Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Whenever i switch on my PC,i'm tired of seeing the "Like what you see option and "Get rewards

from the Microsoft" Options. I begin to search what triggers it,and found one option that was the

culprit which is the Windows Spotlight.

Though Microsoft sent a very decent colorful beautiful Pictures to  color my lock screen the like

what you see option made me very much annoyed.So i done the below steps to disable the

features..If you are searching for disabling this "like what you see options",then i hope it will

be helpful..

i want to disable only those option,not those pictures that impressed me,what to do ?? i tried some

registry tweaks in the content delivery management but it went in vain..

As i always say,everything has an alternative way for accomplishing things,i tried one idea(Which i posted in this post) and that worked

What i did...

1) First i saved the windows spotlight image..

I had already showed the steps required to find and save those pictures in our previous article...

[You can check it here..],follow the first 6 steps of that article to save the spotlight image..

You can refer the below video too for the first 6 steps..

2) After saving your favorite spotlight image,press Windows + I Keys.

3) Pressing Windows + I Will open Settings,on that click on Personalization.

4) Click on the Lockscreen option which will be available on that left pane..

5) Now,on your right pane, there will be an Option called Background

Click on it and select Picture ..

6) Now,Click on Browse under choose your Picture

7) Select the spotlight image you saved on Step 1...

8) Turn off  "Get fun facts,tips and more from windows and Cortana on your Lock screen"


That's it..

Now,we got our favorite spotlight image without those annoying " Like what you see" boxes 😝.

Hope it is helpful.