Disable Suggested Apps in Windows 10

Disable Suggested Apps in Windows 10

When we upgraded our PC to Windows 10 from previous version of Windows are if we installed a

fresh copy of Windows 10,then what i seen as an normal user is an great change is start menu.Yes the

start menu was full of Ads,initailly i thought it was because of the free upgrade but i later found it

was the predefined option and those ads are served for even persons who bought the license..So if

you are the one who sees "advertisements" like Candy crush soda" then here is your guide to disable

those suggested apps.

There are two methods available to disable this..

Method 1 : Using Registry editor..

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type regedit

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to following Key..


5) Now,right click on the Windows (folder) it will display options like Collapse,New,Find,Delete,etc.. on that 

Select New - > Key.

6) Name it as Cloud Content - > Hit Enter.

7) Now,on your right pane,Right click on the empty area,and 

select New - > DWORD(32-bit) Value..

Note: You need to choose DWORD even though you are using 64bit version of Windows.

8) Name it as DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures

Disable Suggested Apps in Windows 10

9) Now,double click on it and set its value data from 0 to 1.

That's it..

Method 2 : Using Settings..

1) Press Windows + I

2) Select Personalization

3) Click on Start on the left pane.

4) After clicking you can find various options on right pane..

Find this option " Occasionally show Suggestions in Start"

5) Click/tap on the left side of that option so that it changes to OFF.

That's it.. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎