Windows 10 Not opening WiFi login Pages [Solved]

Windows 10 Not opening WiFi login Pages [Solved]

Today, while i wish to connect to a hotspot on my locality i had came up with a strange issue, the 

WiFi adapters that worked fine suddenly started to mess up, i was unavailable to connect to any login 

pages of WiFi. Initially i thought the problem was with browser settings and did reset. But that 

went avail. I began to search for every possible solutions and found one setting as the culprit, which i 

like to share it here.

If you are experiencing similar issue, then try this option which worked for me.

Did i used any Special or third party softwares ?

No,i just changed an Option in settings.

What option do you changed ? and how ?

Just follow the below steps..

Cannot open WiFi login Pages in Windows 10 - How to fix

1) Press Windows + I keys.

2) Click on Network and Internet

3) It will open a new window, on that select WiFi on the left pane.

4) Now,look for an option on the right pane Hotspot 2.0 networks

Windows 10 Not opening WiFi login Pages [Solved]

5) Below, the option there will be a button to toggle "Let me use Online Sign-up to get connected"

6) click\tap on the right side of the option to set it to ON

7) Now,try it will work, if possible Restart your PC ( i had done that).

That's it..

I used the above steps, it worked for me so i shared here, if it doesn't help, then try disabling the Antivirus or  firewalls or  type the login  page address on your address bar.

Hope it helps.😐