June 2018

Now you can Measure your entire house using Google Earth- Google introduces Measure Tool !

Google, the tech giant is known for its innovative ideas is back with another useful tool. After being successfully predicted the day we die using AI, today it introduced measure tool for google earth which will run now on Chrome(Starting Today) and for Android this week.

In a blog post, published today. The team explains how this feature can be actually useful. Suppose you are gonna buy a land, and if you might wanna know how many acres, it covers then you can use this tool to do the job for you. 

Measure Tool for Google Earth on Chrome and Android
Image Credit : Google

All you need to do, is to just select the area you want to calculate,for example, if you want to know the area of your home, then on google earth, just select the starting point and the end point, the Machine learning will let you know the results.!

This feature is available for Chrome starting today, and it will be rolled out to Android this week, and for iOS, it was expected on upcoming weeks.

This post was updated on June 25,2018.