Get back Old paint in Windows 10 Creators Update [How to]

Get back Old paint in Windows 10 Creators Update [How to]

We all Know that Microsoft is gonna replace our paint with the new modern Paint known as Paint

3D. Since this paint preview 3D lacks some features like Ctrl+ Z ,Ctrl + V shortcut supports( we

don't know whether it will be included in the Original version of Paint 3D) and other notable features

we use in our Normal Paint App. Some of us may have an idea of going back to old paint if

possible,for those who wish to get the old paint app back again,here is an guide which i hope is


As usual you don't need any additional software for this to work,you just need to follow some simple


First you need to uninstall the Paint 3D app from your PC

1) Press windows + I Keys .

2) Click on System.

3) Click on the Apps & Features option on the left pane,now on your right pane scroll down and find Paint 3D app

4) Click Uninstall

Next,you need to do the registry tweak..

1) Press Windows + R Keys.

2) Type regedit

3) Hit enter.

4) Navigate to following Key..


5) Right click on the Paint folder(Key) you will see options like Collapse,New,find,etc..

On that select New - > Key

6) Name it as Settings

7) Now on your right pane,right click on the empty area and select New -> Dword(32-Bit Value) 

You need to choose the DWORD even though you are using x64 bit version of Windows OS.

8) Name it as,DisableModernPaintBootStrap

9) Now,double click/single click on it,it will open pop up on that change Value Data to 1 from 0.

10) Click OK.

That's it..

If you can't find the app Paint app,then you can install it by downloading from the link here...