February 2021

#WhatsApp Starts sending Message to Agree their Privacy Policy by May 15, 2021

WhatsApp Starts sending inapp Message alert to Agree their Privacy Policy by May 15, 2021?, Yes! You read that right. After sending a Separate Status to WhatsApp users in the past month following the controversy of data sharing with parent company Facebook, WhatsApp is back again.

How to find PC Manufacturer information, Device Model number, Architecture,etc on any Kali Linux Latest version [Beginner's guide]

Long story, Short! today i actually forgot the way i used to check device model and processor related information of my Kali linux machine, that made me to write a separate post for this (at least i can refer this when i did on the next instancešŸ˜‚). 

Now you can Pay for Parking, using Google Maps..!

Pay for Parking that through Google Maps? Yes, its possible now, as Google launches its new Map App with Google Pay integrated.

There was a time, when we used to search space for Parking, and then came another time, (this past year) to explore options of being contact less, whether its with machines or with People. Thanks to Covid! it actually started changing our everyday life through tech industries who constantly work harder to build new inventions.

Will your Metadata Shared when you share Picture on WhatsApp ? (or) Does WhatsApp Send photo Metadata ?

Is it possible to know the actual date of a picture taken received via whatsapp? Can you tell the date of a picture someone texted you in WhatsApp? or How to find out when a picture was taken that was sent to you through WhatsApp? in Other words, if someone sends you a picture can you tell where it was taken a question? and the question goes on, but the answer is Simplee..

How to check Kali Linux version on any Latest version of Kali linux.[Beginner's guide]

How to check Kali Linux version i'm using or How do I know which version of Kali Linux is installed? through terminal/cli ? a text popped in my mail box from one of our blog reader. The question is a good question because we have to be always be latest when it comes to the Security operating systems and with Kali 2021.1 now going to be released anytime soon..(Currently the OS is available as part of Weekly build, so feel free to try if you are experienced user)