June 2016

How to open and clear temp in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

In this tutorial let's see how to open and clear temp files in Windows 10.

Though this tutorial was created on Windows 10,it works on Windows 8.1,8,7,Vista and XP.

Hope it is helpful.

[Fix] Microsoft Update Catalog error in IE of Windows 7.8,8,1,10

Check the Following steps to fix the issue.

Official link:


Running those steps will reset internet explorer add on's,its Problems and others..

Hope it is helpful.

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How to disable CHKDSK(Check disk) that runs on Startup of Windows 10 [Tutorial]

When we power on our PC,and the time of Windows Starts a window will pop up Stating checking

drive C/D,etc...We need to Press Any key before the period it asks us to do( Usually 10 Seconds)

else it Will enter into desktop only after completing the check.

Though this process helps in Smooth running of our PC it may be little bit frustrating,as it loads and

loads after everytime we restart our PC.So here is an tutorial for disabling it permanently.

As usual i had created a video to show the steps .

Just follow the Steps in the below video..

Note : If you need only C drive to skip then your value must be like

autocheck autochk /k:C * (leave space after autochk)

Similarly,for D,E drives...

autocheck autochk /k:C /k:D /k:E /K:F*  (leave space after each drive letter i.e., After completing 

/k:D Press space one time and type the next value..

Hope it Works.

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Find build number in Windows 10 - How to [Guide]

How to find build number in Windows 10? that's what we're going to see in this post. I decided to write a separate post on build number because they are very important. So, what exactly is build number ? Build number's are nothing but the version of windows you are using.Knowing about it is an much needed knowledge as most of the problems are based on version of builds,When a new update (with major bug was fixed) was released your build number will also change.We need to update our system to new build to get improvements and fixes if that was the statement given by an insider then you need to first know whether you are at latest build or not right?, So enough said,let's see how to find out...

How to find build number in Windows 10 [Any Version]

I had created a video to show the steps,So check the below video or else follow the below steps.

Actually, there are many ways like using msinfo command, using settings App and many more, but i guess the following will be very easy way.

1) Press Windows logo key and R key at the same time.

2) Type Winver

3) Hit enter.

Thats it you can see the build number and version of Windows 10 you are using.

Comment if you find any difficulties..

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How to solve certificate error in any browser running on Windows 10

The certificate error happens when we try to connect to https website which provides best security to

you by encrypting your information thereby making your Connection private.

But When you try to Connect this Sites,especially when we upgraded from previous version of

Windows (Say Windows 7) this error happens.

So What is the cause ?

It's because your Computer's time is not same as the Website Server's time.

So how to rectify it ??

We need to Change the system time to work with this sites,but if you have the right time and that

error still pops out,then here is an tutorial to solve the problem.

Just follow the Steps in the below video.

Thank you.

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[Fix] The publisher has been blocked from running software on your machine in windows 10

Today when i was installing an app this error "the publisher has been blocked from running software

on your machine"  pop-upped. initally i thought smart screen filter was preventing it from running,so

i switched it off and re ran the program again,but the same error pop upped.Atlast i found a working

way to fix the issue which was running the program as Administrator.If you had faced with similar

issue then here is an way to fix it.

i had shown the steps i followed in the below video,So just follow the same steps in Your PC.

Plz do comment if it works for you (or) not,As it may help somebody from wasting their time

Thank you.

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How to install and enable Widevine for Chrome in Windows 10 [tutorial]

Recently,Chrome made headlines for its exploit bug in Widevine (The plugin using which we can

record and save video in our desktop for later use,While it plays in browser) .

So if you are interested to install,but don't know how,you are in a right place.

Just follow the steps in the below video..

The steps are same for all Windows editions(10,8.1,8,7,etc)

Hope it is helpful.

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How to convert doc to pdf using Microsoft Word 2016

How to convert .Doc to .pdf file using Microsoft Word, that is what we're going to see in this post.

What is DOC file ?

Windows or any OS will classify the files based on the extensions, which are nothing but the file format type. There are so many file types available depending the file format. Example : .DOC, .PDF, .PUB, .ZIP, .RAR,etc..

.doc file format is nothing but the file that represent the given file is of document type. 

What is PDF file ?

.PDF or pdf file is also similar fimilar type which won't change unless we edit, and is much safer than DOC file when we have to share some info. The full form for PDF is portable Document file (much similar, right ?)

So, how to convert doc to pdf using MS word ?

Just follow the steps mentioned on the below video to convert doc or word file to PDF file in Microsoft Word.

No Extra tools/softwares needed,we can do in MS Office 2016 itself.

Just follow the above steps...

Don't forget to leave Comments if you have any doubts..

How to find your User Account is local Standard Account (or) Admin account in Windows 10

How to find your user account is local admin account or not? that's what we're going to see in this post. The reason i wrote this guide is because it was one of the critical thing that you need to know to operate Windows 10 Smoothly, the reason why i used the word critical is because most of things in Windows 10 usually begins with Admin. So, you have to check if user is local admin before installing any apps, else you will be forced to do by Windows.

What is Standard user Account in Windows 10 ?

Standard account is nothing but the local user which doesn't have any additional permissions to make changes to PC. For example. You can use all the apps, listen to music and so on but you cannot install new apps nor make changes to your system.

What is Admin account ?

Admin account is an exact Opposite to standard account so it means you have access to all the parts (except the Super Administrator powers) of your system,. I.e' you can make changes to your settings, install new apps, asssign time restrictions to user and much more.

Hope you now got the reason why i informed that it was a must option.

OK, but how to find user account is local admin or not I'm just a beginner ?

You don't need to be an expert to find out the option. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned on the below video.

That's it..

Comment if you have any doubts.

Hope it is helpful.

Proven Easiest way to fix 100 % disk usage in Windows 10 [Guide]

I had shown the steps in the below video,check it...

Hope it is helpful.

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How to fix DHCP start up problems in Windows 10 [Guide]

Works on Windows 10,Windows 8.1,Windows 8,Windows 7..

Check the below video for detailed steps...

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How to reset password for user account using admin account in Windows 10 [Tutorial]

If you had forgot password for an user account,you can reset your password in many ways like using

password reset disk,using command prompt and much more..Here is an another easiest way to reset

password for your user account when you can login to admin account.

Here is how it is...

Just follow the below video,where i had shown step by step things you need to do...

Comment if you have any doubts...

Thank you.

Side by Side configuration is Incorrect Error in Windows 10 [Fix]

Today,While i was installing an game i got this error message "Side by side configuration is

incorrect" I thought this happens, because of running an older version game(Released a while ago)

on this Windows 10 OS,and found a solution to fix the issue. If you are facing Such an error then i

hope this post may help you.

Things i tried....

At first,I tried Troubleshooting and tested to run the program on windows 7 OS,but the same error

message popped out.Later i thought of clean boot windows 10(Which will load only neccessary

drivers at startup),but that too resulted in vain.Finally,i found a solution which is uninstalling and

reinstalling "Microsoft visual C++.....".S

I Had shown how to perform the above process in the below video.

Just follow the steps in the above video in your PC.

I Hope it works for you too.

Don't forget to let us know if you have any doubts...

Thank you.

Here is how we can enable and disable text prediction in Windows 10's Onscreen Keyboard [OSK]...

OSK or On Screen Keyboard is useful in many ways.Though they are designed especially for touch

PC's they can be used in other PC's too.Though it has a option had called text

prediction which will predict text when we speak/touch, they won't correct misspelled words

automatically,Which Made our blog reader Anderson to contact me.He was in a mood to disable

OSK Permanently cause' of that one function which frustrated him a lot.Likely there is an option to

enable and disable text prediction which i explained him.So if you are the one who is experiencing

similar kind of issues,then don't worry herewith i'm sharing the steps which i told to him to enable

and disable text prediction On OSK of Windows 10.

What you need to do is to just follow the steps i showed on the following video.

Also don't forget to leave comments if you have any....

Thank you,

Change the position of taskbar in Windows 10 [Guide]

Change the position of taskbar in Windows 10 that's what we're going to see in this post. Taskbar is one of the most important thing that both makes our work easy as well as messy. Sometimes, we don't like the position of taskbar or sometimes accidentally taskbar position might be changed in our Windows 10 or sometimes you might have even seen the taskbar appearing on top of Windows 10, right side of Windows 10, on left side of windows 10 and so on somewhere and just want to change on your device as well as it gives a different kind of look. 

Whatever it may be the reason, If you wish to change the position of taskbar from bottom to somewhere like on left side or right side or even to top then here is an guide for you.

Although this was created on a machine running Windows 10 OS,it still works on previous editions like Windows 8.1,8 and 7 editions.

How to change taskbar location in Windows 10 [Guide]

Just follow the steps,you see in the upcoming video its simple, if you want to place taskbar on top just click on the taskbar and drag it to top, sameway to left for left/ right for rightside..

Hope it is helpful.

Plz,do comment if you have any doubts..

Here is how we can reset Wordpad's default settings in Windows...

Had you Set Anything to wrong  in Wordpad,which disturbs you a lot ? then here is an tutorial,that will help you in restore defaults to notepad.

Works on all Windows editions like Windows 10,8.1,8,7,Vista,XP,etc...

Check the below video for steps..

Hope it is useful...

How to turn off Windows defender in Windows 10 [Guide]

Windows defender is an inbuilt antivirus that comes with Windows 10 which is helpful in detecting and blocking malwares.There is no need to stop this protector until you have any problems with it .

So,here is an tutorial that explains how to turn off windows defender in windows 10.

Check the below video for detailed steps.

Hope it is helpful.

Here is a way to fix "an app default was reset " pop up in windows 10

Check the below video for detailed steps..

To Copy the things i had told in the video

Visit the below link ( or )Watch the above video's description part on YouTube..


Hope it is helpful.

Thank you.

Disable start up services in Windows 10 like Pro [Using this]

Disable start up services in Windows 10 like a pro - that's what we're going to see in this post. Start up programs cause some worries to some Windows users (including me).Those services consume our RAM and other resources by running in background from the time of system starts and the sad part is those background services will restart when Windows restarts. Even though i had tried disabling them in start up of task manager,i Still find some services are running as background process but they are not found in start up tab.

So i decided to stop them permanently and accomplished using msconfig.

If you are the one experiencing similar kind of issue,then check the following video where i had shown,how i disabled that services.

How to stop programs from running at Start up in Windows 10 [Video Guide]

Don't forget to Share your result after following the steps in the above video,which might help some body.

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Install WhatsApp desktop on Windows 10 [How to guide] [From Installing to exploring its features ]

How to install WhatsApp desktop app in Windows 10 that's what we are going to see in this post.

What is WhatsApp desktop App?

WhatsApp is one of the application which has became the top social network and acquired by Facebook has launched its Desktop version. You can use the same kind of features (Except some) available on the Other versions in this desktop app as well.

For a change and as per request of our blog reader.Here is an tutorial for installing Whatsapp desktop App on Windows 10 PC.

How to install WhatsApp desktop App in Windows 10 [Guide]

Check the below video for detailed steps.

Hope it is helpful.

Don't forget to leave comment if you have any doubts,

How to hide and unhide smiley face on Internet Explorer [Video]

Check the below video for detailed steps...

Don't forget to let us know,if it failed to work...

Thank You.