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How to Open Device Manager in Windows 10 [Guide]

Open device manager and update your drivers, that's what we suggest when we have errors related to

drivers, but we fail to say how to open device manager. While Opening device manager is like

turning on light switch for most of the regular users( that much simple). there are still people who

find difficulty in accessing device manager. Whether if you are novice or new to Windows don't

worry, here are some easiest ways to

open device manager in windows 10.

What is device manager in windows 10 ?

Device manager is the place where all our device's components will be registered, which means its the link for executing the program codes ( that's we call drivers), Windows will use the device manager feature (an application) to check the available devices inside the PC.

If you insert a USB to copy or transfer files, then it would first get regsistered on this device manager,then only we are notified like " a new device was detected,scan to fix,etc.. message"

Ok,Where is device manager located in Windows 10 ?

Device manager and other components are located inside the Windows directory usually System32 folder.

How to access or open device manager in Windows 10 ?

there are many ways available as said earlier, but here in this post let's see the easiest ways to open device manager in windows 10.

Method 1 : Using Run Command

1) Press Windows + R Keys simultaneously

2) Type devmgmt.msc

3) Hit enter

It will Open device manager,

Pretty simple huh ?

Method 2 : Using search 

1) press Windows Key

2) type device manager

3) select the top most result

It will Open device manager,

If you wish to open device manager only through CMD,then here is the way.

1) First, open CMD.

[See : How to open cmd in different ways]

2) type devmgmt.msc

3) Hit enter.

That's it,,

This are the easiest ways to open device manager in Windows 10 ,and the great thing is this method

will work on any edition of Windows 10 and also in previous version of Windows like Windows 8.1

and Windows 8.

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