October 2017

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Official direct ISO links x86 bit and x64 Bit [How to download] [Updated]

Windows 10 Fall Creators update was released yesterday. As usual, the people who wish to download this Windows 10 fall creators update are redirected to the Update tool Page, where you can download windows 10 upgrade tool. After such installation then it will connect with Microsoft Servers and will start download the latest Windows 10 iso stored on the Microsoft servers.

But the problem, is it will take too long to download, also it will directly upgrade your PC, so if you regularly format your Windows 10 PC ( Of course you will do,when you play with registries, system files, :p) then we need to download this iso files again and again, which automatically consumes our bandwidth. The only way for those peoples are downloading media creation tool that downloads windows 10 fall creators update save the files and installing again and again. But there is an alternate way

You can use this method to directly download the latest version of Windows 10, which is Windows 10 fall creators update build 1709.

So, why you are been redirected to update tool, when you visit the ISO page..?

Its because Microsoft website is programmed to check the windows version we are using through user agent of our browser.

So, if we change the user agent, then it will display the Official direct links to download windows 10 fall creators update iso, whose link will change every 24 hours.

You don't need to do a vast process to change user agent of your browser to download this latest version of Windows 10, you need to just follow the below steps.

How to download or get Windows 10 Fall Creators update ISO?

1) Visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/software-download/windows10ISO from your Microsoft Edge browser.

2) Press F12 Key on your keyboard.

                                                        [Video tutorial]

3) It will display developer tools, click on enumulation tab.

4) Select Bing bot on the user agent string.
5) It will automatically refresh the page, where you can simply click on the Confirm icon to download the OS.

Do you think, if there is a video tutorial to show this, sure, you can view this tutorial on our channel using the below link..

Video guide link

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update : How to Disable apps like candy crush from auto installing on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update [Guide]

How to disable apps like candy crush installing/reinstalling on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, this is what we are gonna see in this post.

One of the most fearsome things, most of the Windows users experience is windows installing unwanted store apps when you install a fresh copy of Windows 10. Though most of the users hadn't experienced this issue, some users reported that windows installs the unwanted apps like candy crush without their permission after upgrading from previous Windows 10 creators update (Windows 10 automatically installs candy crush).

So, if you dont want your Windows 10 PC to install such apps, then you can simply follow the below steps to prevent windows 10 from installing candy crush.

Note : Inorder to stop windows 10 from installing candy crush on Windows 10 fall Creators update you need to make the change in registry, so proceed with caution.

1) Open registry editor.

2) Backup registry,

3) Navigate to the following registry..


4) Now,right click on the Windows folder and select New-> Key

name the key as CloudContent

and follow the remaining steps..

Create a new DWORD on the right pane and name it as DisableConsumerFeatures

Set its value data to 2 or 1.

2 will work in most cases..

5) Click OK to save changes, restart your PC.

That's it,

But, If the above method seems hadn't worked in your Windows 10 Build 1709 Fall Creators

update then try these below steps too..

1) Press Windows + R - > type Secpol.msc

2) Select Application Control Policies

3) Expand Applocker on left pane.

4) Click on Packaged App Rules

5) Now,on your right pane,right click and select "Create new rule"

6) When you clicked it will open a new window with Before you begin,Permissions
and some other options on left pane

7) Select Permissions tab.

8) On the right pane,you can find Action button select Deny on that and click Next.

9) On the next Window,select the dot Use an installed packaged app as reference.

10) Click on  "Select "

11) It will pop up another window,on that scroll down and check the box "Windows Spotlight"

12) Click OK.

13) Again click on Create.

14) Restart Your PC for Changes to take effect..

You can also check the video tutorial, which explains the same.

Nokia 9 leaked - This time Only renders!

Nokia 9 leaked ! yah!, after the success of its Nokia series, Nokia 6, Nokia 3, HMD global is making a new handset named Nokia 9. This Nokia 9 is in mind of most of the people as the much expected Nokia 8 was priced little bit high, and they have no other choices of atleast expecting only this new mobile Nokia 9 to be priced little bit lower.

So, as per the new leaks by Compare Raja (the popular leaking source), this new Nokia 9 handset is little bit sleek with some bezels around the display. There are also other rumors that this phone
could be powered by  the latest processor Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835, and the RAM to be around 4GB. The camera is also rumored to have the best in business with 12MP or 13 MP camera as it has dual camera with flash, and seriously there is no headphone jack for this mobile too.

Since Nokia 8 featured the camera app, using which you can take photos with rear and front camera at the same time, we can expect this phone to feature the same kind of software with latest Android Operating system.

Remember, this is just a leak and the actual handset may differ while they release officially.
Source : CompareRaja

How to checksum or verify File Integrity of downloaded Kali Linux using Windows without any software [ Beginners' Guide]

How to check and verify the Kali Linux you downloaded was original or not, this is the
question that may arise in mind for most of the beginners who wish to learn Kali Linux.
This could be because, the official documentation states, always download Kali Linux from Official sources. But, the link that they provide also contains the Torrent link, which most of them use for faster download.

So, what is checksum ?

I dont want to confuse you by explaining such a concept, but let me tell you in a simple words.

Checksum is a kind of digital signature which is used to check whether the file is altered or not. When you download files from Torrents, there are possibilities for the files could be altered. But, when even a single bit was altered in a file, then it would produce different checksum value.

So, its safe to assume that, the file you downloaded was 99.9% unaltered when the checksum value that was generated in your PC matches the value given in the official website.

OK, but how can i check that ?

Checking the file integrity of Kali Linux using Windows was pretty much easy.

Though there are many tools available to check the file integrity, you can check file integrity using the inbuilt tools that are available in Windows 10 or Windows.

Just follow the below steps.

1) Open powershell

2) Navigate to the folder where you downloaded Kali linux.

For example if your Kali is in g drive, then you can navigate to that directory as follows.

For example : cd\

cd g:

cd kali-linux-2017.2-amd64

7) Type certutil -hashfile followed by the ISO name and -sha256 at the end.

For example :

certutil.exe  -hashfile kali-linux-2017.2-amd64.iso -sha256

How to checksum or verify File Integrity of downloaded Kali Linux using Windows without any software [ Beginners' Guide]

8) Hit Enter and Wait for sometime,

It will display the checksum value, for example :


check whether its the one as mentioned on the official


You can also check that using the file provided/downloaded in the same folder.

You will see an file kali-linux-2017.2-amd64.txt.sha256 or something, just right click and open with notepad, you will see the Checksum value.

If it matches with value generated on step 8 or website, then use it, or else kindly delete the file.

That's it.


Note : The checksum value used in this post was retrieved from kali-linux-2017.2-amd64

So you can verify checksum of kali-linux-2017.2-amd64 using the above steps.

OnePlus found to be collecting your Personal data without your (user) permission - Here is how to turn stop that!

OnePlus, the popular smartphone manufacturer is again back in the news, this time its for
collecting the user information without user's permission.

The smartphone manufacturer was under attack last time, when a group of people from xda found, oneplus manipulating the ROM of Oneplus 5 for higher scores in benchmarks. That issue happened almost three months ago, when the team decided
to check the rom with a new benchmark tool. They tested the OS with the regular benchmark kit and after that they decided to test it with another new benchmark tool, but what they found of kind of Surprising as Oneplus ROM was designed in a way to give high scores for benchmark when we test with the standard popular benchmark tools.

And now again, it was under attack because of this issue.

It was one of the user Christopher Moore, who unearthed this much serious issue while checking the incoming and outgoing data requests made by his phone. He found Oneplus transmitting a quite sensitive information that includes

IMEI number,

Mac Address,

User's behaviors like when an application is opened,

When your phone is unlocked, and lot more.

to open.oneplus.net

As soon as the netizens took this issue to Oneplus via twitter, Oneplus tried to escape
from this remark by saying, they are collecting this only for after sale Support and to tune the software for user behavior.

Here is the response from Oneplus, when Android Authority reached them ,

"We securely transmit analytics in two different streams over HTTPS to an Amazon server. The first stream is usage analytics, which we collect in order for us to more precisely fine tune our software according to user behavior. This transmission of usage activity can be turned off by navigating to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Join user experience program’. The second stream is device information, which we collect to provide better after-sales support."

I don't know whether the new mobiles will also feature such kind of things, as there is no official confirmation from Oneplus regarding this, as of writing this post. But if you are a OnePlus user, and want all your information not to be sent to Oneplus, then you can turn off this Kind of keylogger by visiting Settings -> Advanced ->" Join user experience Program", without rooting your phone.

You can read the complete post of Christopher Moore using this link[link]

This post was last published and updated on October 11,2017.

India vs Australia Live, 2nd T20 October 10 2017 Cricket - Live Streaming & Live Score [Where to watch] Online free

India vs Australia, 2nd Twenty 20 is going to start today, October 10 2017  in two hours, so

here is how you can watch live cricket score and live streaming of India vs Australia second

T20 online today for free.

India vs Australia Live, 2nd T20 October 10 2017 Cricket - Live Streaming & Live Score [Where to watch] Online free

With India already won the first match, and Australia in the mood to win the remaining

matches, this series would be great to watch.!

Expected playing ..

From INDIA :

  • Rohit Sharma, 
  • Shikhar Dhawan, 
  • Virat Kohli(captain) 
  • Manish Pandey, 
  • MS Dhoni(w), 
  • Kedar Jadhav, 

  • Hardik Pandya, 
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 
  • Kuldeep Yadav, 
  • Yuzvendra Chahal, 
  • Jasprit Bumrah, 
  • Dinesh Karthik,
  •  Axar Patel,
  •  Ashish Nehra, 
  • Lokesh Rahul

From Australia :

  • David Warner(c),
  • Aaron Finch,
  • Glenn Maxwell, 
  • Travis Head, 
  • Moises Henriques, 
  • Daniel Christian, 

  • Tim Paine(w), 
  • Nathan Coulter-Nile, 
  • Andrew Tye,
  •  Adam Zampa, 
  • Jason Behrendorff,
  •  Kane Richardson,
  •  Marcus Stoinis
The match was scheduled to start at 7PM [IST]

Ok, how to watch this India vs Australia 2nd T20 Online [Oct 10,2017] ?

Since, Star sports has took the rights for this match, you can live stream India vs Australia 
2nd Twenty twenty,2017 free of cost on hotstar.

India vs Australia 2nd t20, live stream. :

1) To watch, simply click this [link], which it will take you to hotstar.

2) If it asked you to sign in, then you can sign in using any social media accounts,

3) After signing in, it will give you two options,

Getting hotstar premium or continue free watching.

If you select free watching, there will be some delay in live stream, however you can watch the full match in high quality for free.

On the other case, you can also go for paid membership of hotstar, to get instant video.

But, if you have only limited bandwidth, then you can live cricket score for this match on google, cricbuzz,cricinfo,etc sites.


 Updated and Published on 10/10/2017.

Groove music to Spotify - How to move from Groove music pass to Spotify in Windows 10

How to move my Groove music pass to spotify ? this is the question probably, that may rise

in mind of most of the people  as Microsoft had announced that, its migrating to better

music service "spotify" by ending Groove music.

I have a groove music pass account, so what will happen to my account and my Music?

All your stuffs that you had in groove music can be still used after migrating to spotify.

You can move from Groove music to spotify by following the below steps:

1) Open groove music app, you can open it by, pressing windows (logo) key -> Type groove

-> select the top most result

2) Once, groove music app opens, sign in using your credentials.

3) After signing in, you will see popup notification from Microsoft,

Stating that,

Important News..

Groove music has partnered with Spotify to bring you the World's largest music streaming

service. Spotify is the World's leading free and premium music streaming service, with

millions of songs, expertly curated playlists, podcasts, and more.

As part of this Partnership, the Groove music pass service will be discontinued on

December 31, 2017. After  that date, Groove music Pass Content won't stream or play.

Select the "Move my music" Button below and sign in to spotify to get started moving your


So, Click on "Move my music to Spotify" button.

4) After selecting the option, you can see " Connecting to a Service, Spotify" popup.

You will see two options on the popup, Login to Spotify or Sign up for spotify

If you are an existing spotify user, simply enter your spotify username and password after

selecting Login  to Spotify option.

but, on the other case, if you dont have spotify account, simply tap Sign up for spotify 


(It will ask you some questions for signing up, simply follow the onscreen instructions.)

5) You will see next window, "Move My music", with some text like "We are ready to move

your playlists, songs,etc...", Click/tap on Move Music button.

6) All other things will be taken care by the system, you will receive another popup stating

that "All done" and you will see "Launch Spotify" option.

Simply, click on the Launch Spotify option.

That's it, you had successfully switched from groove music to spotify.

So, when will you receive the update to move from groove to spotify and whats the last deadline to move from groove to Spotify?

As per the statement released by Microsoft,

The Groove Music app update for Windows 10 and Xbox One devices will roll out broadly the week of October 9, 2017 and will enable Groove Music Pass customers to move existing music collections and playlists to Spotify. Groove Music Pass content will be available to move to Spotify until at least January 31, 2018

So, you can migrate till January 31, 2018 and hope Microsoft will extend the deadline after that...

This post was last published and Updated on October 3, 2017.