Error Writing the values New contents in Registry - How to Fix on Windows [Tutorial]

Error Writing the values New contents in Registry - How to Fix on Windows [Tutorial]

When we create or alter registry keys we will be sometimes faced with an error "Cannot edit (the

name of the registry key) : Error Writing the value's new contents. Though this issue can be rectified

sometimes with running Registry editor as Administrator,it won't work every time,as Windows Will

automatically restrict us when it knows we are changing its key components.

We can still gain the permissions by using the following method..

Just follow the steps..

1) Press Windows + R Keys

2) Type Regedit

3) Hit Enter.

[To Assist you better i had created the above video tutorial,check it if you need help,Thanks..]

Backup Your registry first,refer below link for doing how to...

(Now,go to the registry key you wish to change)

4) Right click on the Key(folder) which are available on the left pane. for example: Microsoft

5) When you right clicked,it will display Some options like Expand,New,Delete,etc. On that Select


6) When you clicked it will Open Permissions Security window ( Which will have texts like System,Administrator,etc) . Now,click on the Advanced Option button,which will be straight to "For special permissions or advanced settings click on Advanced tab "text .

7) Now click on the Owner tab and select Change.

8) It will open "Select User or group window",under Enter the Object name to select there is will a box,on that type your user name..

9) Click OK.

10) Now,go back again to your permissions for "" window(You seen on Step 6),Click on Users tab (under Group or user names)

11) Now,Check the allow   "Full control" Box.

12) Apply -> OK.

Now,go back again to change your edit registry settings and you may see it works now..

Please note: Now,you had taken full permissions,windows won't notify you even if you had entered

the settings incorrectly,so makesure you do things right..

That's it..

Hope it is helpful.

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