Restore trusted installer as default Owner in Windows 10

When we need full control over something,we just need to do take ownership of that file or folder

which is the usual task we do while changing permissions.But sometimes it won't work as expected

and we will change our mind to restore the trusted installer as owner,there comes the actual trouble

we won't able to replace it as,there will be no such names,even when we tried check names it won't

show up..

So,if you are searching for a way to restore the trusted installer as default owner then here is an

guide which may be helpful for you..

How to do it?

Just follow the below steps..

1) Right click on the folder you had changed/taken ownership for example : C

2) Select Properties.

3) It will open the properties window of that drive/folder,with general,Tools,etc tabs,on that Click on the security tab

4) Click on the Advanced option,which will be straight to "For Special permissions or advanced settings,click on Advanced" text

5) Now,it will open the Advanced Settings for the.... Window,on that click on Change option.

6) It will open "Select user or group",on the Enter the object name to select(Examples) option,there

will be an box,on that type the following line ..

NT(Space)Service\TrustedInstaller i.e., NT Service\TrustedInstaller

Restore trusted installer as default Owner in Windows 10

Note : leave a single space between NT and Service of the above line.

7) Click on OK -> Apply - > OK.

If it prompts to select Yes or No to change the Permissions,select 'yes' or 'no' which depends on your wish.

Now,visit your Previous window,you can see the default owner was now changed to TrustedInstaller

That's it..