How to change or clear Clipboard text in Windows 10

How to change or clear Clipboard text in Windows 10

Clipboard is such a great feature included in Windows PC. It helps us to recall the things we last

typed things and save them for feature, it may be invisible but it's purpose can't be taken simple. But

the problem is, since it is invisible we won't know what we had typed, especially when we are in a

hurry and so if you are a person who wish to change your clipboard details or if you want to view

what your friend copy pasted,then you can get your job done by running the dedicated following


Do you need any software ??

No,you don't need any special software,However you need to follow the Steps as it is as shown


OK,let's see how it can be done..

1) Open Powershell

[See : How to Open Powershell]

2) When your Powershell was opened,type the following command there..


3) When you typed then it will display the last saved thing in that clipboard on your Powershell

If you wish to change the text...

then do the following,simply type

set-clipboard followed by the text inside the quote mark..

[Click on the image to view full size]

For example: if you wish to set the clipboard text " Hey follow me on Google Plus or Subscribe to

Our channel" then, type the following

Set-clipboard "Hey follow me on google Plus or Subscribe to Our channel"

Now,re run the get-clipboard command you can see the new text that you set on the previous step.

That's it..

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