How to delete Quick Access History in Windows 10 [Updated]

Quick Access is the option used to quickly access our favorite folders or files. But they hadn't

included an option that asks us is this files need to be displayed in quick access or not, atleast it

would be better for some if they had designed without quick access as well. But they hadn't done

that, instead they did a program inside windows which will automatically display the recently 

opened files in quick access of Windows 10.

So,if you wish to delete quick access history of Windows 10 or clear quick access history of

Windows 10 (i think both are same😕) here is an guide on how to do.. Remember you don't need

registry or gpo to carry out the following task.

How to clear or reset quick access recent files history in Windows 10

1) Press Windows + E Keys ( it's a shortcut for Opening This PC)

2) Click on the File tab, which will be on the top left corner

3) When you clicked it will display open new Window,Open command prompt,etc options..

Click on the Change folder and Search Options.

4) it Will open a new window, named folder Options.

On that,click on the general tab and find an option called Privacy

5) under Privacy, you can see two checkbox options

Show recently opened files  in quick access and show frequently used folders in Quick Access

6) Just uncheck the boxes and click Apply and OK.

That's it..