Clear Event Viewer in Windows 10 [Tutorial] [Updated]

Clear Event Viewer - Works on Windows 10,8.1 and other Windows Editions.

Event viewer is the option we can use to trace the common errors happen in our PC. Whenever we
ask some questions in forums,then we are requested to send the copy of message in the event
manager.This is because it is the app like option which windows uses to track everything happens in
our PC. The thing it note will be anything right from what we launch and what the error happened
when it ran and if the error doesn't happened then that too will be registered,that's why everyone will
ask the details shown on the event viewer.

The sad thing is they never think about how an user like us will open event viewer,they fails to show
the steps,which made me to write this Post.

In this post,let's see how to launch event viewer and how to delete or clear event viewer in Windows 10.

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type event viewer

3) Select the top most result

Method 2 : 

1) Press Windows + R,it will display Run Command

2) Type eventvwr.exe

3) Hit enter.

How to delete or clear event viewer ?

1) Click on the Event log you wish to clear on the left pane..

For example : If you wish to clear Event log of Windows,then Click on Windows Logs

2) Expand it.

                                                      [ Click on the image to view full size]

3) When you clicked,you can see some changes On your middle pane,you will the see list of

Subkeys like Application,security,setup etc..

4) Double Click on the log you wish to delete..

Clicking on that,will now open the events,Now on your right pane there will many options like

Open Saved Log.Create Custom view,etc..

On that find and click on Clear log..

[Video guide]

It will pop out an window what you need to do?? whether you need to save and clear or just clear..

Click on the Clear Option.

Now,follow the same process on all logs and delete the necessary logs of your Wish..

That's it..