October 2018

WhatsApp Stickers !- Now you can send stickers on WhatsApp both on Android and iOS

WhatsApp is known for making chat Simpler. Today, WhatsApp introduced a new feature of sending Stickers in Chat Conversations. Though this feature is now available only for Beta users as of now, WhatsApp confirms that this feature will be rolled out to all the users in the coming weeks.

How to Send WhatsApp Stickers on Android and iOS?

Sending WhatsApp stickers is not a big task, all you need to do is to Open a chat conversation, click on sticker icon available near to the emoji tab. Once you found the sticker just tap the sticker you want to send, that's it, it will be sent.

When i checked as of now, WhatsApp has added only a few stickers like Coffee cup, heart,etc.. However WhatsApp has added a feature to add additional third party stickers. You can add that by clicking the link, which will redirect you to Google Play Store app.

WhatsApp has never forgotten to introduce a delete option, so nothing to worry, you can delete the stickers that you dont need anytime.

If you wanna try this features like me, you want to join for beta program of WhatsApp.  unfortunately, its already fill.

However, We still have an option, you can try the beta version of WhatsApp available for free to download on third party sites, as usual try at your own risk.

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